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Gears of war Windows Official

Microsoft Slammed by Epic Games CEO over Universal Windows Platform

The CEO of the studio behind the Gears of War franchise, which was created in partnership with Microsoft Studios, has attacked the company and accused Redmond of seeking to monopolize the market.
Windows  Microsoft e

Microsoft Explains Desktop Bridge to Convert Desktop Apps to Windows Universal Platform

An extensive blog by Microsoft details the Desktop Bridge process. The company also announced support for auto detecting shell extensions from desktop to AppXManifest.
WinZip Windows Store

WinZip Latest to Launch Universal Windows App for Microsoft’s Windows 10 Platform

File extraction tool WinZip is now available across all Windows 10 devices in the form of a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app.
Desktop App Converter Logo Microsoft

Microsoft Rolls Out Preview for Desktop App Converter (Bridge Win32 Apps to Windows Universal...

A week after announcing the Desktop App Converter at Build 2016, Microsoft is sending out a preview of the tool to Insiders.

Microsoft Promises Windows 11 Performance Improvements in 2022

Users experience sluggish performance on Windows 11 will need to wait until the 22H2 update to see improvements.
Microsoft Store Not Working? Fix It with a Re-Register or Uninstall It

Microsoft Releases Full Windows App SDK Stable Build

Windows App SDK – formerly Project Reunion – is now fully available as version 1.0.0 with a wide range of new features.

Windows 11 Makes It Increasingly Difficult to Choose a Third-Party Default Browser

Windows 11 is now not showing third-party browsers in the UI in an attempt to push users to the default Microsoft Edge browser.

Microsoft Debuts Windows 11 SE and $249 Surface Laptop SE

Both the Windows 11 SE operating system and new Surface Laptop SE are targeting education users and Google’s Chrome OS.

Microsoft Details Migration Method for UWP to Windows App SDK

While Microsoft is helping developers migrate from UWP to Windows App SDK, the company says Windows apps can still be built with UWP.
Featured - How to bypass the Windows 11 TPM 2.0 requirement

How to Install Windows 11 without TPM / with unsupported CPU

We show you how to completely bypass the Windows 11 TPM check during installation/upgrade or how to bypass the TPM 2.0 / CPU requirement if your PC has an unsupported CPU or just TPM 1.2.

Microsoft Releases Windows 11 IoT Enterprise

Windows 11 IoT Enterprise is now available with support for GUI application. However, this is not the LTSC release, which will stay on Windows 10.

Microsoft Store Windows Subsystem for Android Page Points to Windows 11 App Support

A page for Windows Subsystem for Android for Windows 11 has been found on the Microsoft Store, with system requirements included.

Microsoft Confirms Windows 11 Launch on October 5, With Android Apps on Day 1

Microsoft says Windows 11 will begin a phased launch on October 5, with support for Android apps available immediately.

Windows 10 Gets 64-Bit Version of OneDrive

Microsoft is now rolling out the 64-bit version of OneDrive to Windows 10 users, four months after announcing it in preview.

Windows 11 Favors Microsoft Edge Through Complex Browser Default Process

Microsoft is controversially burying the process to switch default browsers on Windows 11 behind a more complex system.

Microsoft Brings Universal Print to OneDrive

Universal Print is now integrated with OneDrive for Microsoft 365 users, allowing direct printing from within the app.

Microsoft Store for Business and Education Not Coming to Windows 11

Windows 11 will not support the Microsoft Store for Business and Education, which will shutter entirely in early 2023.

Microsoft Confirms Windows 11 LTSC Will Arrive but it Could Take Years

Microsoft says Windows 11 LTSC will be available next after the upcoming Windows 10 21H2-based LTSC release.

Microsoft Promises More Windows 11 Features During Preview

Answering critics of Windows 11, Microsoft points out more features are planned for the new OS, with some arriving in preview.

Microsoft Store Developer Tools on Windows 11 Include PWABuilder 2 and WebView 2 Support

In a special developer event, Microsoft has explained how the new Microsoft Store on Windows 11 will make it easier for developers to build apps.


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How to Disable Window Snapping in Windows 11

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