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Skype Preview Resurrects Notifications When Contacts Come Online

A new old feature is landing on Skype Preview. The return of contact notifications let you know when someone on your list comes online.

Microsoft Tests Screen Sharing during Video Calls on Skype for Android and iOS

Skype for Android and iOS users can share their screen during a call with a couple of taps, displaying documents, webpages, and more to their friends.

Microsoft Updates Skype Desktop with New Chat Window Location

Users of Skype on Windows and MacOS will now see the chat Window open on the right and be size customizable for easier access to conversations lists.

Microsoft Teams Rooms Arrives as Rebranded Skype Room Systems

Skype Room Systems is now Microsoft Teams Rooms, with plenty of new features ahead of new device launches.

Skype Will Soon Support Live Captions and Subtitiles on All Platforms

Skype will soon be able to provide live captions in one-to-one and group conversations, greatly improving the experience for those hard of hearing. The feature will roll out over the next few weeks.

Microsoft Is Skype Calling Windows 10 Insiders for Detailed Feature Feedback

Microsoft is requesting Skype calls from users to get feedback on its upcoming light theme, with 10-minute anonymous sessions. The users may also be asked to join a customer research panel.

Major Skype for Web Update Brings HD Video Calling, Call Recording, and More

The Skype for Web preview puts its much closer to its desktop counterparts, introducing a number of useful features and HD video calling.

Skype’s Paypal Money Sharing Rolls out to All Windows 10 Users

Skype for Windows 10 users can now send and receive money to friends across the globe in a new preview. Unfortunately, it comes with a few caveats, including Paypal's fees.

Microsoft Announces Skype for Alexa Devices as Amazon Bond Strengthens

The Skype integration will let users call friends from their Echo devices regardless of their platform, allowing for both voice and video across PC, mobile, and Xbox.

Microsoft Brings Call Recording to Skype on iOS, Android, and Desktop

Call recording on Skype is not yet available through the Windows 10 app. The feature is hosted in the cloud, so works across platforms.

Microsoft Rolls Back Skype to Previous Design Amid Update Failure

The decade-in-the-making Skype update launched last year was an utter failure and Microsoft has said it is returning to a “simpler” UI.
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Skype Imitates WhatsApp with Read Receipts to Let You Know Who Read Your Messages

Using pop up heads, read receipts on Skype are available in preview, arguably with more power than WhatsApp thanks to group separation.

Skype for Android Update Brings Call Intent Support

Users on Android can now click phone numbers in apps and browsers and make direct calls with Skype thanks to this latest update.
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Microsoft’s AI Bots Can Now Predict Pauses and Human Speech Patterns for Improved Conversations

AI bots from Microsoft are receiving a breakthrough in human speech recognition and prediction. The development is heading to some AI now and will eventually reach Cortana.

Microsoft Optimizes Skype to Work on Older Fragmented Android Devices

Microsoft wants to put Skype in as many hands as possible as it faces up to competition from WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. On Skype for Android, the company has introduced a new update that will enhance its goal.

Microsoft Brings Recent Skype iOS Design Tweaks to Android

The company has also rolled out a new feature called SuperComposer to Insiders. The changes are available through build 8.13 on Android.

Azure Bot Service and language Recognition Solution Reach General Availability

Azure Bot Service and Language Understanding Intelligent Service are leaving beta and will be available to customers on Azure cloud.

Skype UWP Gets Fluent Design Elements through Insider Update

Microsoft’s Fluent Design for Windows 10 has reached the Skype UWP app, with Insiders seeing their first signs of the UI overhaul.
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Chinese Censors Kick Skype out off App Stores For “Failing to Comply with Local...

Skype has been removed from app stores following a crackdown on foreign apps. Paying subscribers have been unable to download it to access the service.

Skype for Desktop Gets a Beautiful Redesign on Windows, Mac, and Linux

The Skype for Desktop redesign has come to all platforms, bringing with it a slew of new features, more customization, and a unification across devices. It's available now for all users.