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Microsoft Announces Bookmarking for Power BI Desktop

Aside from Bookmarking, Power BI Desktop gets several new improvements with the October Update. Bookmarking is currently available in preview.

Microsoft Announces Visio Custom Visual for Power BI

Power BI users can now create Visio diagrams and manage data within them. The integration also allows the linking of data to diagrams hosted on SharePoint and OneDrive for Business.

Microsoft Brings Facebook Pages Management to Power BI

Power BI now supports Facebook Pages, allowing users to gather data from multiple pages and view posts and comments from the last 90 days.
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Microsoft Power BI Now Supports Interactive R Custom Visuals

The latest update to Power BI brings full support for interactive custom visuals in R, enhancing the platform’s use of the popular language for data analytics.

Microsoft Power BI June Update Brings New Reporting, Accessibility, and Connector Features to Desktop

The Power BI June update brings data bars to the new table view, as well as high-density line sampling, map themes for Bing, and five new connectors. It's available today for all members.
Power BI app official Microsoft

Microsoft Confirms General Availability of Power BI Premium

A month after announcing Power BI Premium, the service is now widely available to all customers. It comes with new features for reports, storage, and embedding.

Microsoft Expands Power BI Twitter Solution to 15 Supported Languages

Power BI users of the Twitter solution can now use the analytics tool in four fully supported languages, and an additional 11 in preview.
Power BI Apps

Microsoft Releases Power BI Apps, Updates Power BI Mobile Applications

Power BI Apps is released in preview and is available for iOS, Android, and Windows 10. The latest update to the Power BI Mobile apps brings several new features, including the “Shared with me” view.

Microsoft Releases Office 365 Adoption Content Pack for Power BI

The content pack brings insight tools which administrators can use to see how users in their organizations use and adopt software.

Microsoft Announces Power BI Report Server Preview

The Power BI Report server lets users pull in data from SQL Server, Teradata, Oracle and more to publish reports and view them online. The service will come out of preview in the late second quarter of 2017.
Power Bi Microsoft

Microsoft Announces New Power BI Premium Service

One of the key changes of the Power BI Premium service is that is now hide the ability to share private dashboards behind a subscription.
Power BI View Related Content feature

Microsoft Announces ‘View Related Content’ Feature in Power BI

The new feature helps users easily jump between related dashboards, reports, and datasets, thus getting faster results with fewer clicks.

Microsoft Brings New Power BI Mobile Features to Android and iOS

Power BI Mobile on iOS now supports Apple’s 3D Touch, allowing common interactions without opening the app. On Android, users can now connect up to five different SSRS servers at the same time.

Microsoft Moves Power BI Custom Visuals to the Office Store, Will “Kill” the Gallery...

The company has explained that all new submissions will only go to the Office Store, clarifying that all custom visuals that were ever downloaded from the gallery will continue to work.
Microsoft Adobe

Microsoft and Adobe to Announce First Set of Joint Solutions for Azure, Power BI...

The two companies will announce the availability of three solutions at the Adobe Summit, today. In addition, they will announce their collaboration on an industry standard to define and unify the language for marketing.
Power BI Theme Gallery Feature

Microsoft Releases Report Theme Gallery for the Power BI Community

The gallery will act as a space to share and find new themes for use in Power BI reports and its release is a follow up on the new theming feature added to Power BI Desktop in the March Desktop Update.
Power Bi Microsoft

Microsoft Power BI Gateways March Update Arrives with UI Improvements

The focus of the Power BI Gateways March Update is on UI enhancements, including settings additions, network finding improvements, and new diagnostic tools.
Microsoft releases Power BI Desktop March update

Microsoft Releases Power BI Desktop March Update

The update includes several new features such as a numeric range slicer, textbox font color, and report theming preview. It also brings several visual improvements.

Microsoft Introduces Bing News Search Template in Power BI

The Bing News Search template was developed by Microsoft Research and uses Azure services technology. Power BI customers can use the solution to improve article and topic searches and have content data from searches presented visually.
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Microsoft Power BI given 2017 Esri New Technology Integration Award

The Esri New Technology Integration award recognizes Microsoft's achievement in bringing ArcGIS mapping tools to a wider market. The accolade signals a healthy partnership between Esri and Microsoft, and highlights their shared vision.

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