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Microsoft Outlook Web to Get Speech-to-Text Dictation

The latest Outlook feature enables users to draft, reply, and set tone in emails using voice commands.

Microsoft to Introduce Native Translation in Outlook Web

Microsoft's newly introduced native translation feature will allow users to effortlessly translate their email content.

Google Calendar Now Shows Outlook User Display Names in Attendees List

Google has updated its Calendar application to improve compatibility with Microsoft Outlook. This change will now show Outlook user display names.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Releases Security Updates for Teams, Outlook, While Fixing Long-Standing Windows DirectX...

Microsoft Patch Tuesday for August brings fixes for one zero-day vulnerability and seven critical flaws across major products.
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Microsoft 365 Users Face Hours of Downtime across Outlook, Teams, and OneDrive Due to...

A network issue triggered a major outage for Microsoft’s cloud services on Monday, affecting Microsoft 365, Teams, Outlook, and OneDrive users.

Microsoft’s Authenticator Lite for Outlook Is Now Generally Available

Microsoft Authenticator Lite for Outlook brings identity verification – including multi-factor authentication – to Microsoft’s email app.

New One Outlook for Windows Gets .ics Classic Calendar Style

On the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, Microsoft is discussing a new .ics classic calendar for the new One Outlook on Windows.

Microsoft Authenticator Lite Debuts on Outlook in Public Preview

Authenticator Lite taps into Microsoft Authenticator to provide passwordless sign-in for the Outlook email client.

Microsoft 365 OneDrive Changes Result in Unsent and Unreceived Outlook Emails

Microsoft 365’s recent OneDrive file storage changes are causing havoc for Outlook users who cannot send/receive some emails.

Microsoft 365 Copilot in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook Gives Core Office Apps an...

Microsoft 365 Copilot is bringing OpenAI ChatGPT AI to Microsoft’s core Office apps, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Mac Users Now Get Microsoft Outlook Free without a License

Outlook for Mac is now available for free on macOS without an Office license or Microsoft 365 subscription.

Microsoft Teams and Outlook down amid Major Microsoft 365 Outage

Microsoft Teams and Outlook were down for hours as Microsoft 365 suffers a second major outage in less than a month.

Microsoft’s New Outlook Feature to Support Gender Inclusivity

Outlook is the latest platform to embrace gender diversity with an upcoming new pronoun option for the profile card.

Microsoft 365 Goes down, Outage Affects Teams, Outlook, OneDrive, and More

Microsoft 365 has been down for much of Wednesday morning in Europe, the Middle East, and parts of Asia due to a network configuration bug.

Microsoft’s One Outlook Comes Closer to Replacing Native Windows 11 Mail App

Microsoft is now offering a direct link to One Outlook on the Microsoft Store from the native Windows 11/10 Mail app.

Microsoft Seeks OpenAI GPT Integration in Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint

Microsoft is extending its support of the OpenAI GPT AI model and is integrating it into Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

Outlook on Windows Gets Fix for Calendar Bug

Microsoft is rolling out an update for Outlook on Windows that solves an issue with incorrect scheduling in the Calendar.

Microsoft Halts Its Outlook REST API Depreciation Plans

Microsoft says it is delaying the deprecation of the Outlook REST API but will still stop supporting the package in 2023.

Microsoft 365 Personal and Family to Store Data from Outlook.com and OneDrive

Microsoft 365 Family and Personal users will get an additional 50GB cloud storage to store app attachments in OneDrive.
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Microsoft Outlook Is Now Previewing Link Unfurling

Microsoft Outlook is now getting the link unfurlings feature from Microsoft Teams, allowing richer linking experiences.

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