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How and where to buy a Microsoft Office license

Microsoft Has Now Blocked Office VBA Macros by Default

After a pointless will they, won’t they game during July, Microsoft has now blocked Office VBA macros for Windows Office apps.

Microsoft Will Still Block Office VBA Macros by Default Eventually

The decision to reverse a block on Office VBA macros is only temporary says Microsoft, with a block still coming in the future.
How and where to buy a Microsoft Office license

Microsoft Won’t Be Blocking Office VBA Macros After All

Microsoft has decided to roll back a decision to block Office VBA macros by default for Microsoft 365 customers.
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Microsoft Office “Follina” Flaw Is Being Used for Fancy Bear Phishing Campaign

Fancy Bear is using the fear of nuclear war to install malicious stealers by using the Microsoft Follina one-click vulnerability.
Cybersecurity Lock Notebook Keyboard via Pixabay

Microsoft Office 365 Users Are at Risk from Ransomware Warns Researcher

Proofpoint argues Office 365 “auto-save” and cloud backups have a weakness that allows threat actors to deploy ransomware attacks.
How and where to buy a Microsoft Office license

Microsoft Office Apps Get New Dictation Toolbar Experience

Microsoft is launching a new Dictation toolbar for Office apps on Windows, Mac, and the Web, currently in preview.

Microsoft to Decrease Recruitment Across Windows, Office, and Teams

Microsoft recruitment in Windows, Office, and Teams will now only be possible with approval from the leadership team.

Microsoft’s One Outlook Launches in Preview for Office Insiders

One Outlook is now available for Microsoft 365 and Office 365 business/education users on the Insider Beta channel.

Microsoft Planning Office 365 Government Secret Coming This Year

Microsoft’s new Office 365 Government Secret provides Impact Level 6 (IL6) work support for U.S. government agencies.

Microsoft Defender Flags Office as a Virus, Prompting Microsoft to Tackle False Positives

Microsoft is rolling out a guidance for preventing false positives in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint following Microsoft Office incident.

Microsoft’s Office.com Overhaul Is Arriving Soon

Microsoft’s planned Office.com/Office for Windows overhaul is maturing and will reach all users by the end of this week.

Microsoft’s Office 365 Price Hikes Are Causing Controversy

Microsoft partners are concerned about Office 365 price taxes being put on short-term customers when price increases come into effect.

Feedback for Microsoft Teams Debuts in Preview for Office Users

Microsoft is launching Feedback for Microsoft Teams, which is available now in preview and offers users a first-party feedback solution.

Microsoft Confirms Office 365 Password-Spraying Attacks

Over 250 customers of Microsoft Office 365 were targeted with password spraying attacks by a threat group from Iran.
How and where to buy a Microsoft Office license

Microsoft Office 2021 Launching Alongside Windows 11

Office 2021 will launch with Windows 11, while Microsoft’s Office LTSC latest release is now widely available.

Little-Known but Useful Microsoft Office Features

Knowing special Microsoft Office features will greatly help you be more efficient and productive with your paperwork. Here are the useful features you should know.
How and where to buy a Microsoft Office license

Microsoft Office Insider Update Brings Voice Note Transcription to iOS

The latest Office Insider preview on iOS also adds the ability to quickly delete files and provides access to the premium content library.

Microsoft Ditches Office Apps on Chrome OS

Starting from Sept. 18, Chrome OS users will no longer have Office apps, with Microsoft pointing them to the web version.

Office 365 Backup Solutions: Why Businesses Need Them

On May 19th of 2019, it happened. Caused by a faulty migration from legacy DNS to Azure DNS, Microsoft's most important enterprise services were...

Microsoft Brings Windows 11 Design Changes to Office Apps

The latest Office Insider Preview adds design elements to Office apps borrowed from the new Windows 11 aesthetic.

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