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AMD Ryzen AI 300 Series Processors official

AMD Introduces AI-Focused Ryzen AI 300 Ryzen CPUs and Fastest Consumer Processor

Ryzen AI 300 Processors are available in two models: the twelve-core Ryzen 9 HX 370, operating between 2.0GHz and 5.1GHz, and the ten-core Ryzen 9 365.

Amazon Fire TV Integrates AI for Improved Content Search

Amazon has unveiled a new AI-powered search feature for its Fire TV devices, aiming to improve the search experience for users. This new functionality...
Artificial Intelligence AI

Google AI Introduces AGREE to Improve LLM Grounding

Google AI has unveiled a novel machine learning framework named AGREE, aimed at reducing inaccuracies in large language models (LLMs). These inaccuracies, often referred...
News Corp Publishers official

OpenAI to Utilize News Corp Articles for AI Development

This includes current and archived material from outlets like The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, MarketWatch, Investor’s Business Daily, The Times, The Sun, and others.
TSMC Headquarters

TSMC Struggles to Keep Up with AI Processor Demand

The company faces such high demand that it does not anticipate meeting production needs, even with plans to doubling capacity.
Google News home

Google Threatens to Stop Newsroom Funding Over California Bill

Google is concerned about the possibility of similar legislation being adopted in other states, potentially affecting its broader operations.

Intel Plans Lunar Lake Processors with Microsoft Copilot+ for AI-Enhanced Notebooks

Intel is positioning Lunar Lake to compete with Qualcomm Snapdragon X processors to power Microsoft's Copilot+ PCs initiative.

Microsoft Introduces Customizable Proteus Xbox Controller for Disabled Gamers

Microsoft unveils Proteus Controller, a modular gamepad for Xbox gamers with disabilities.

Anthropic AI Appoints Instagram Co-Founder Mike Krieger as Chief Product Officer

Anthropic has been making significant strides, including the launch of Claude 3 in March, which the company claims is its fastest and most powerful AI model to date.

Microsoft’s Record €4 Billion Investment to Propel French AI Industry

Microsoft invests €4 billion in France for cloud, AI, and upskilling, aiming to be the biggest tech provider of AI.

Apple Apologizes for “Creativity” Misstep in iPad Pro Advertisement

Apple apologized for an iPad Pro ad showing creative tools crushed by a press. The ad, meant to show the tablet's power, was seen as downplaying traditional creativity.

Apple Launches M4 Chip, Enhancing iPad Pro’s AI Capabilities

Apple's new M4 chip boasts a powerful NPU and efficient CPU/GPU combo. Built on a 3nm process, it features in the new iPad Pro.

Microsoft Bolsters Cybersecurity Measures by Integrating Security Chiefs into Product Teams

Microsoft creates deputy CISO roles to strengthen product security after cyberattacks.

Eight Newspapers Sue OpenAI and Microsoft Over Copyright Infringement

Eight newspapers sue OpenAI and Microsoft claiming their AI tech uses copyrighted articles without permission.

Qualcomm Challenges Intel and AMD with New Snapdragon X Series Processors

Qualcomm unveils new Snapdragon X laptop processors aiming to challenge leaders like Apple with better performance, battery life, and AI capabilities.

Microsoft and OpenAI’s Relationship Escapes EU Merger Probe

EU approves Microsoft-OpenAI partnership despite initial scrutiny. Regulators in other countries are still reviewing the deal.

AMD Unveils Ryzen 8000 pro Series as Microsoft Reveals Pluton Integration

AMD's new Ryzen 8000 PRO processors bring AI power and Microsoft's Pluton security to business PCs

Adobe Premiere Pro Enhances Video Editing with Four New AI Tools

Adobe adds AI magic to Premiere Pro! New tools let you add/remove objects, extend clips, and create videos from text.

Intel Unveils Lunar Lake Processor with Groundbreaking AI Performance

Intel's Lunar Lake laptop processor boasts over 100 TOPS AI performance, tripling its previous gen.
How to stop apps from running in the background on Windows 10

How to Stop Programs from Running in the Background in Windows 10

Struggling for battery life? We show you how to stop apps from running in the background in Windows 10 using both privacy and system settings.

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