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Microsoft Teams GIF Attack Bug Receives New Fix

Microsoft says it has fixed a vulnerability in Microsoft Teams that allowed attackers to steal data through an infected GIF.

Microsoft Explains Microsoft 365 Personal Integration with Microsoft Teams

In a new video, Microsoft says Microsoft Teams in Microsoft 365 Personal will be the enterprise app with some consumer-focused tools.

Skype Receives Microsoft Teams’ Custom Background Feature

Microsoft’s custom background tool for Microsoft Teams is now available in Skype on Windows, Linux, Mac, and web.

Microsoft Teams Now Has a Yammer App – and It’s Called ‘Communities’

Yammer for Microsoft Teams is now available under the name 'Community', allowing for easy announcements and polls.
Skype Teams Graphics Microsoft

Microsoft Teams’ Latest Ad Highlights Security as Zoom Credentials Leak

Microsoft Teams has highlighted its foothold in healthcare, police, and universities as its competitor is hit with major security concerns.

Microsoft Teams Is Doubling the Number of People You Can See in Video Calls

You'll soon be able to see up to nine users in Microsoft Teams' participants view at once, with further upgrades in the coming months.
Microsoft announces Microsoft Teams global availability

Microsoft Teams Custom Background Tool Coming This Month

Microsoft has confirmed the Microsoft Teams custom background feature announced last year will launch by the end of April.
Microsoft announces Microsoft Teams global availability

Microsoft Positions Microsoft Teams as a Better Choice Than Zoom

Microsoft has published privacy and security information for Microsoft Teams as it seeks to compete more directly with Zoom.

Slack Now Allows Microsoft Teams and Zoom Calls

Slack has announced its integration with Microsoft Teams, while also adding support for direct Zoom calls within the app.

Microsoft Tweaks Cloud Services Like Microsoft Teams to Keep Up With COVID-19 Demands

Microsoft says services like Microsoft Teams have been streamlined to keep up with the demand of people working at home during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Microsoft Teams Was Down in Europe Due to Strain of the COVID-19 Outbreak

Microsoft Teams was down this morning across Europe as millions work from home during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Slack Reportedly Working on Microsoft Teams Call Integration

Slack could soon allow users to cross-call with users of Microsoft Teams as millions work from home amid COVID-19 outbreak.

Microsoft Teams Mobile Gets Live Captions, PSTN Hold Music, and More

Microsoft Teams for Android and iOS has received several major features as its usage increases dramatically due to coronavirus.

Microsoft Teams to Get Real-Time Noise Suppression and Offline Mode

Microsoft Teams now has 44 million daily active users and is planning to release several major features over the next year.

Microsoft Teams Is Now Free of Charge for the UK’s NHS Workers

NHS workers can now tap into Microsoft Teams free of charge to help them conduct virtual assessments, organize shifts, and offer symptom-checking bots.

Microsoft Teams Suffers Under the Strain of At-Home Workers During COVID-19 Pandemic

Microsoft Teams saw several features fail in Europe as many workers in the continent went remote during mass lockdowns.

Microsoft Teams and Skype to Become Connected in April

Starting next month, Microsoft Teams and Skype users will be able to call and message each other through a new integration.

Microsoft Teams Will Soon Let Doctors Conduct “Virtual Visits” with Coronavirus Patients

Microsoft has announced a host of recent and upcoming healthcare improvements, including ones that could aid in the treatment of coronavirus.

Microsoft Responds to Coronavirus Outbreak with Free Premium Microsoft Teams Tier

Microsoft is lifting restrictions on premium Teams features to help people stay connected during the coronavirus outbreak.

Microsoft Teams Adoption Soars amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

Microsoft says adoption of its Microsoft Teams collaboration platform has skyrocketed in February as coronavirus spreads.