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Fitbit App Windows Store Official

Fitbit UWP Windows 10 App Available on HoloLens

A new update for the Fitbit app on Windows 10 has brought the service to HoloLens through the Universal Windows Platform. The application is also showing up on the Xbox One.
hololens microsoft

HoloLens and Missing Person App Lead Hackathon Projects

Microsoft’s //oneweek Hackathon is underway. Two early projects include a HoloLens implementation that helps the brain make connections. Another is an application that helps refugees locate missing loved ones.
HoloMeasure App official Windows Store

HoloMeasure App: Microsoft Hololens Gets Holographic Measuring Tape

HoloMeasure allows the user to set two points with an air-tap by gazing towards objects or just by using the clicker. Then, it instantly...
Microsoft Actiongram video screenshot

Microsoft Demoes HoloLens Actiongram App for Holographic Storytelling

To allow non-technical people create awesome holographic stories, Microsoft has announced a new app, called Actiongram.
Microsoft HoloTour app official windows store

HoloTour: Microsoft Publishes Hololens Virtual Sightseeing App

Microsoft´s HoloTour promises a cinematic mixed-reality experience using the HoloLens headset. The first two locations that can be visited with HoloTour are historical places in Rome and the Machu Picchu Inca citadel in the Andes Mountains of Peru.
Microsoft HoloLens HoloStudio app official

HoloStudio: Microsoft Releases HoloLens 3D Creation App on the Windows Store

Microsoft has published HoloStudio on the Windows Store and prepares the delivery of first HoloLens units at the end of the month. HoloStudio offers a point and click toolset for creating holograms for Microsoft´s 3D headset.
Apple CEO Tim Cook free use

Apple to take on Microsoft Hololens and others with its very own VR headset

After acquiring several VR related startups and adding VR industry experts to its payroll, Apple is reportedly using a secret research unit to work on bringing a new VR headset.
Hololens official Microsoft

New Hololens Video: What Developers Need to Know to Build Apps

Microsoft has shared a new video about Hololens with statements from developers that have participated in the company´s Holographic Academy.
hololens candy crush Youtube shot

Microsoft Employees show off Hololens in videos, playing with Universal Apps at home

Videos shared by internal testers from Microsoft show how they Hololens at home, running Windows Apps on walls of their private homes.

Microsoft Unveils OneNote App for Apple Vision Pro Mixed Reality Headset

Microsoft's OneNote app launches for Apple Vision Pro headset, offering familiar note-taking features with hands-free gesture control.

Microsoft Announces Office and Teams Integration for Apple’s New Vision Pro Headset

Apple's Vision Pro MR headset gets Microsoft Office apps! Word, Excel, and PowerPoint go 3D with voice controls and immersive Teams meetings.

Apple Vision pro Launch Excludes Top Streaming Apps: Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify

Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify snub Apple's Vision Pro launch. No native apps planned, but web access via Safari still available.
Azure Remote Rendering Service HoloLens 2

Microsoft Partners with Space Force to Develop HoloLens-Powered Augmented Reality Simulations

The US Space Force is blasting off into the future of astronaut training with Microsoft's help. Their new "Immersive Intelligent Environment" (I3E) system uses Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft to Continue Development of Army’s HoloLens-Based IVAS Despite Windows Mixed Reality Deprecation

Despite discontinuing Windows Mixed Reality, Microsoft's IVAS project for the U.S. Army soldiers is full steam ahead.

HoloLens Technology Adopted by China’s PLA for Augmented Reality Training

Chinese military uses Microsoft's HoloLens 2 for jet maintenance training, raising questions about US tech exports and global AR adoption.

Microsoft Hints at HoloLens 3: Patents a Futuristic Modular Virtual Reality Headset

A new Microsoft patent points to a modular AR/VR headset, suggesting a more versatile HoloLens 3 could be coming.

US Army Extends Microsoft HoloLens Partnership, Brings Updated IVAS Headsets

The Army has authorized Microsoft to advance with this potential $22 billion HoloLens initiative.

An Analysis of the EU’s and Other Data on iOS and Android Usage Finds...

iPhone users spend 7.4x more on apps than Android users, study finds: Apple attracts high-spending users with premium apps.

Meta and LG Collaborate on MR/AR Headset to Compete with Apple Vision Pro

The joint venture aims to introduce a device that can compete head-to-head with Apple's Vision Pro offering.

Apple Unveils Vision Pro SDK and Developer Labs

The SDK is available at least half a year before the headset officially goes on sale in the U.S.

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