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Microsoft Introduces Chromium Edge Dev Channel on Older Windows Versions

Dev channel testing for Chromium Edge is now available for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1, with weekly updates.

Google Earth Launches for Most Major Browsers, including Chromium Edge

Google Earth is now available for Chromium Edge, Firefox, Opera, and more, thanks to a WebAssembly port. The app offers much the same functionality, with varying degrees of performance.

Microsoft Chromium Edge Now Available on Windows 7/8/8.1

Microsoft is stepping closer to bringing its Chromium Edge preview to as many desktop platforms as possible, with only Linux remaining.

Chromium Edge Could Receive PWA Integration That Allows Native Uninstalling Capabilities

A new Microsoft commit for Chromium Edge points to an upcoming feature that will place PWAs into Windows Settings and Control Panel.

Microsoft’s Chromium Edge Receives Media Overlay Controls

Users of Chromium Edge can now use the Windows 10 media overlay controls within the browser to control YouTube videos.

Microsoft Rolls Out WebView2 SDK for Edge

WebView2 is now more widely available and Microsoft says it will update the developer tool through Microsoft Edge to ensure uniformity.

Microsoft Joins Hyperledger to Further Open Blockchain Standards

Microsoft has announced it is now part of the Hyperledger Linux Foundation community that works to create blockchain standards.

Reddit AMA: Microsoft Hints at Linux Chromium Edge, Promises Not to Remove Adblockers

In a Reddit AMA, the Microsoft Edge dev team talked about its plans for its Chromium-focused future, including Linux, privacy features, and more.
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ARM64 Build of Microsoft’s Chromium Edge Leaks Ahead of Official Release

An ARM64 compatible version of Chromium Edge has leaked online, giving users an alternative to the Edge HTML variant or Firefox.

Google’s Chromium Manifest V3 Ad Blocking Plans Mean Confusion for Microsoft Edge

Manifest V3 replaced webRequest APIs for ad blocking tools on Chromium. Microsoft is caught in-between and could either be forced to embrace it or differentiate.
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Microsoft’s Chromium Edge Stops Working with the New Youtube

YouTube's latest design has suddenly stopped working with Chromium Edge. The high degree of issues with Google services in recent times have led some to speculate that it's intentional.

Chromium Edge Makes Its MacOS Debut via Preview Build

Chromium Edge for MacOS brings unique features such as Touch Bar support, trackpad gestures, and more. It also features subtle changes in design to fit the OS.

Microsoft Chromium Edge Beta Channel Leaks for Download

Microsoft’s Beta development channel for Chromium Edge has leaked from the company’s own servers but remains unofficial.

Microsoft´s Chromium Edge Now Available for Mac, Might Get Linux Version

Microsoft’s Chromium Edge browser preview is now available for Mac through the Canary channel, with Linux support like to come later.

Build 2019: Microsoft Details What to Expect from Chromium Edge

Microsoft revealed at Build 2019 what it is working on for Chromium Edge, including a feature called Collections and an upcoming Internet.
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Microsoft and JPMorgan Chase Partner for First Blockchain Ledger on Azure

Microsoft will offer JP Morgan Chase's Quorum Blockchain ledger via Azure, simplifying deployment while using its significant enterprise reach to get more enterprises building on the platform.

Chromium Edge Canary Improves In-Private Browsing Design

Chromium Edge Canary subtly adjusts the color scheme of InPrivate browsing, moving it further from the EdgeHTML browser but increasing contrast.

Chromium Edge Gets a Back Button for PWAs, Spell Checker

Microsoft's Edge Canary now includes a robust spellchecker with dictionary support, while PWA users have new options for navigation.

Google Meet Conviently Stops Working on Chromium Edge

A month after Microsoft blocked Skype for Web for Chrome OS users, Google has cut off Chromium Edge from Meet. It's unclear if the change is malicious.
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Microsoft Chromium Edge Preview to Arrive on Mac Before Windows 7/8.1

The Chromium Edge preview seems to be heading to macOS 10.12 before it comes to Microsoft’s own Windows legacy builds.


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