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Microsoft and Nvidia Team to Boost Minecraft Graphics

Microsoft and Nvidia have announced ray tracing support for Minecraft on PC, which will improve graphics on the game.

Mojang Cancels Minecraft’s Super Duper Graphics Pack after Two Years of Hedging

Minecraft's Super Duper Graphics Pack was 'too technically demanding' for Mojang to implement, and won't be launching on any platform.

Microsoft Offering Free Game of Thrones and Shazam Xbox Avatar Items

A free giveaway of new Xbox Avatar items is underway, also including items from Mortal Kombat and Borderlands.

Xbox Avatar Costume Items Now Available in the Microsoft Store

Xbox Avatar items can now be downloaded in the Microsoft Store and edited in the recently launched Xbox Avatar Editor.

Xbox Avatar Editor Now Available to All Windows 10 Users

The Xbox Avatar Editor has left preview on the Microsoft Store ahead of the launch of Xbox Live Avatars later this month.

Report: Revamped Xbox Avatars to Launch next Month after Significant Delay

Sources familiar with the matter say new Xbox avatars will be launching in April, with alpha testers first receiving access this month. The update introduces completely new models, as well as more customization and accessibility options.

Xbox Head Phil Spencer: Sony Won’t Commit to Cross-Play

After months of talks, Phil Spencer says Xbox’s Minecraft Cross-Play will not be coming to PlayStation as Sony is not moving on its decision.

Microsoft Approves New Original Xbox ‘The Duke’ Controller

Nostalgic gamers will be able to play with The Duke from the Xbox on their Xbox One soon. The new take on the peripheral is close to release and has Microsoft’s approval.

Xbox One X Available for Pre-Order as Microsoft Expands Xbox One Enhanced List

A couple of days after Walmart leaked Xbox One X standard edition pre-order information, Microsoft has officially opened the door for its new console sales.

Xbox One and PS4 Together in Cross Platform Sessions, Has Sony Changed its Mind?

After saying it would not allow cross-platform gaming, Sony may have softened as Xbox One and PS4 cross play sessions seem to be working on Epic Games’ Fortnite.

Xbox One X Second Pre-Order Sales Information Leaked by Walmart

Retail heavyweight Walmart has leaked information about Xbox One X pre-order information that will start on September 21.

Microsoft Says Talks with Sony About Minecraft Cross-Play are Ongoing

Sony originally said it would not embrace Microsoft’s Cross-Play for Minecraft, but talks between the two console rivals have been confirmed at Gamescom.

Microsoft Reveals Xbox One X Migration Path, Pre-Order Availability, and Project Scorpio Edition Details

At its Gamescom event, Microsoft announced three easy ways for users to transition from the Xbox One/Xbox One S to the new Xbox One X.

Xbox One X Pre-Order Information Coming Today?

Microsoft teases information regarding Xbox One X for today. The most likely announcement is the reveal of when the console will be available for pre-order.

Minecraft Cross-Play Coming to PS4? Microsoft’s Talking to Sony

With the release of Minecraft Better Together Update in beta, Microsoft says it is in discussions to bring support for the PS4. Sony had previously refused to participate in the cross-platform gameplay.

Minecraft Beta Coming Soon With 4K and Cross-Play Capabilities

Microsoft is close to testing its updated engine for Minecraft, which will introduce 4K gameplay and cross-play features.

Report: Xbox One X is Too Expensive, Allowing Sony to Control Sales

An analyst believes Microsoft has overpriced the Xbox One X. While that is debatable, the $499 cost and a market strategy from Sony, probably means Project Scorpio will not be a monster-selling console.

Microsoft Drops Big Update for Minecraft on Xbox

The latest update for Minecraft on Xbox One and Xbox 360 introduces plenty of new animals and items, while Mojang has also tweaked the interface for improved performance.

Microsoft Makes Xbox Live Avatars Gender Neutral in System Overhaul

In a push for freedom and diversity, Xbox Live avatars can now be created however the user likes. Microsoft has also made the characters look better and has introduced a myriad of new customizations.

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Defends Cross-Play Against Sony’s Claims of Child Safety

A day after Sony’s Jim Ryan said the company would avoid cross-play to protect users, like children, Xbox chief Spencer has hit back and defended Microsoft’s Xbox Live service.