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Microsoft Discusses Upcoming Dynamics 365 Applications for Mobile and HoloLens

Microsoft has several new Dynamics 365 apps prepared for iOS, Android, and HoloLens. Four new apps will come to users in the coming months.
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Dynamics 365 to Receive Microsoft Remote Assist and Layout AI Tools

Remote Assist and Layout were announced at Build 2018 and have been tested in Dynamics 365 since then, including a successful trial with Chevron.
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Microsoft Discusses Dynamics 365 October Update Details

The company has published details of the first twice-annual update for Dynamics 365, including improvements across all apps.
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Moves to Windows-Like Twice-Annual Update Schedule

Dynamics 365 will now be updated with new features every April and October, with smaller performance and security tweaks during the year.

Microsoft Brings Dynamics 365 Integration to Outlook

Available on web, smartphones, and PC, Dynamics 365 on Outlook allows users to access data directly within the email client.
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Microsoft Introduces Dynamics 365 AI Solutions at Ignite

Dynamics 365 AI Solutions allow organizations to digitize more easily from a smaller base, and will debut with Dynamics 365 for Talent: Attract and Dynamics 365 for Talent: Onboard.
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Microsoft Adds New Adoption Services to FastTrack for Dynamics 365

FastTrack for Dynamics 365 has added three new services, including adoption services for customer engagement, onboarding for project automation, and more. The program is available across time zones via remote workshops.
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Microsoft to Shut down Parature and Migrate Users to Dynamics 365

Parature users have until May 15, 2018 to migrate their data over to Dynamics 365 or they will risk data loss. Microsoft is working on an automatic tool to aid this, which will launch 'in the coming months'.
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Microsoft Integrates LinkedIn into Dynamics 365

With LinkedIn integration, Dynamics 365 customers get access to the business social network’s 500 million strong enterprise user data for empowering sales.
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Microsoft and Adobe to Announce First Set of Joint Solutions for Azure, Power BI...

The two companies will announce the availability of three solutions at the Adobe Summit, today. In addition, they will announce their collaboration on an industry standard to define and unify the language for marketing.

Microsoft Will Announce Dynamics 365 for Operations On-Premises Support This Week

At the launch of Dynamics 365 for Operations last year, Microsoft said an on-premises version will arrive. The company will announce the support at the Dynamics 365 Tech Conference this week.
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Can Now Run with SQL Server 2016, Leading to Performance and...

The tandem lets users run Dynamics 365 on-premises with SQL Server 2016, and increases efficiency by disabling lock escalation depending on the number of locks present.. Microsoft is also evaluating the use of native compilation of tables and stored procedures and In-memory Columnstore.
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Microsoft Announce FastTrack Previews for Windows 10 and Dynamics 365

In addition, the company has introduced its customer success service to Microsoft Teams, bringing along new resources to the chat-based workspace. FastTrack for Office 365 has also received several enhancements.
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations is Now Available

Alongside the general availability of Dynamics 365, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations services makes its full debut to give customers a business management solution.
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Microsoft Launches Dynamics 365 with Roadmap and Swipe at Salesforce

With Dynamics 365 now widely available, Microsoft says customers are getting the best SaaS deal, arguing it is much more affordable than Salesforce. The company has also talked about future plans for the cloud-based solution.
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Microsoft Announces Dynamics 365 for Marketing, Business Edition

Dynamics 365 for Marketing, Business Edition will be released during spring, 2017 and replaces Dynamics Marketing, which will not be sold from Nov. 1, 2016.
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Microsoft Confirms Dynamics 365 for November 1

Dynamics 365 will launch in 135 markets and in 40 languages when it is made generally available next month. Today, Microsoft is hosting a demo event to walk through the new CRM and ERP SaaS cloud platform.
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Dynamics 365 Launching Oct. 11 Confirms Microsoft

Dynamics 365 is the company’s latest cloud-based CRM SaaS. It will be made available on October 11 and will be accompanied by a live online demonstration by Microsoft Executive Vice President Scott Guthrie.
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Dynamics 365 Prices and Licenses Leaked

A partner to Microsoft leaked the price of the company’s upcoming Dynamics 365 service. The CRM/ERP merging tool will be launched at the start of October in Enterprise and Business Editions.
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Microsoft Announces Dynamics 365 and Officially Launches AppSource

The previously rumored AppSource has been launched, while Dynamics 365 will provide business customers with dedicated applications with Cortana Intelligence and Power BI integration.