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Telstra Data Hub Arrives with Azure Backing to Improve Data Tracking

Telstra Data Hub is a new data monitoring and management solutions developed to run on Microsoft’s Azure platform.
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ServiceNow Extends Microsoft Cloud Partnership and Will Launch its SaaS on Azure

ServiceNow says its upcoming service-as-a-service solution will be available through Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.
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Australian Intelligence Agency (ASIO) Tabs Microsoft Azure for Tech Transformation

Microsoft Azure with be the service provider for the Australian Security Intelligence Organization as it develops a top secret ETP.
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Microsoft and Dell EMC Launch Azure-Based Tactical Edge Solutions

Microsoft has teamed with Dell EMC to launch Tactical Microsoft Azure Stack and Azure Data Box, two services aimed at bringing cloud infrastructure to remote and mobile environments.

Microsoft Expands Azure Availability Zones to Two New Regions

As well as the Azure Availability Zones expansion, Microsoft also announced support for ExpressRoute in Azure DevOps.
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Microsoft Caught up in Bribery Probe Involving Hungarian Government

Microsoft is accused of selling discounted software to middlemen, who then sold it to government agencies at a higher rate. The additional money may have been used for bribery, with four employees fired since.
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Thales Group Announces Azure Stack Integration to Drive Cloud Adoption in Armed Forces

Thales Group has announced the Nexium Defence Cloud, which uses Azure Stack to create a secure cloud platform for global armed forces.
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Microsoft to Provide US Intelligence Agencies with Azure, Windows 10, and Office

The contact allegedly sits in the hundreds of millions and is a big win for Microsoft. The clear trust from intelligence agencies may give it a better chance of winning such contracts in the future.
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Microsoft Opens Signups for Azure Confidential Computing Preview

The Azure Confidential Computing introduces security measures like Intel SGX and Virtualization Based Security to protect the data of important organizations and public services. Microsoft expects the technology to become the new norm for data processing going forward.
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Azure Machine Learning AI Drives Program to Engage School Dropouts

A local Indian government has used Azure Machine Learning to identify school drops outs in the region and why they decided to leave education.
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Microsoft Azure Active Directory Back Online after Authentication Issues

Azure Active Directory was inaccessible for several hours due to a portal authentication issue. It's still unclear what caused the issue, but users may be entitled to compensation.
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Microsoft Issues First Azure App Service Update on Azure Stack

Azure App Service for Azure Stack is gaining several new additions, including highly available deployments, .NET Core 2.0 support, and deployments in existing virtual networks.
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Azure Analysis Services Expanded to Four New Azure Regions

Azure Analysis Services, Microsoft analytics processing engine, has been released in East US, West US, USGov-Arizona and USGov-Texas.

Microsoft Confirms Two New Azure Regions in Australia

The company is expanding its cloud reach in Australia. The new Azure regions will handle unclassified and protected government workloads.
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Satya Nadella and Other Tech Leaders Invited to White House to Discuss Modernization of...

Satya Nadella, Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook and more have been invited to attend an American Technology Council meeting but are yet to respond. All three have been vocal critics of the administration's policies.
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Steve Ballmer: Azure “Has a Lot of Work to Do” as Amazon Maintains Cloud...

In an interview with CNBC, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said Microsoft faces challenges to compete with Amazon Web Services, but Azure is moving in the right direction. He also briefly discussed the success of the Surface hardware brand.
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Microsoft Updates Azure Traffic Manager with Support for Geographic Routing

Azure Traffic Managers new feature lets users direct traffic depending on the physical location of the request, allowing admins to more easily follow data collection laws and localize content. The feature is now available to all public cloud regions.
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Microsoft Is Testing a Custom-Built Windows 10 OS for Chinese Government

Microsoft has confirmed the creation of a custom built OS image for Chinese government infrastructure following a collaboration with CETC. The Windows 10 build will contain China-specific anti-virus software and other security features available to governments across the world.
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Microsoft Azure and Windows 10 to Drive DoD Technology Revolution

The Department of Defence (DoD) will use Microsoft’s Windows 10 on 90 percent of its operating systems and continue to use Microsoft Azure to drive its push towards the cloud.
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Microsoft Launches Azure Automation in West Central US Regions and UK

The Azure Government service was introduced last December and now Microsoft has made it available to more locations.