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Microsoft Releases Visual Studio 2019 Preview 2

Visual Studio Preview 2 brings a number of important features, from automatic IDE updates to improved CMake integration and C# 8.0 additions.

Microsoft Launches Azure Blockchain Development Kit

The new Azure Blockchain Development Kit gives developers tools to efficiently create blockchain-based applications.
Microsoft Garage

Microsoft Garage’s Earth Lens Brings AI Enhanced Aerial Imagery to Your iPad

Earth Lens lets developers quickly build AI-driven Aerial imagery apps for use in disaster relief, conservation efforts, and more. The solution was created by a team of interns.

Windows Community Toolkit 4.0 Launches with Fluent Design Elements

Microsoft has launched version 4.0 of the open Windows Community Toolkit, also adding two new Microsoft Graph controls.
Skype Official Microsoft

Microsoft Switching Skype UWP to Facebook’s React Native

While it may seem the move of Skype from UWP to React Native is Microsoft burying UWP, the company has previously discussed integrating the two frameworks.
Microsoft Logo Microsoft Official

Microsoft Announces $7.5 Billion GitHub Acquisition

A new report suggests Microsoft’s rumoured interest in GitHub has reached an advanced stage and an agreement has been reached for the transaction.

Microsoft Announces Insider Dev Tour 2018, Coming to 41 Cities around the World

The Insider Dev Tour will give participants a look at Microsoft's latest technologies, including Progressive Web Apps, Mixed Reality, AI, and more. It will debut in London on June 1 and will visit different cities throughout the month.
Android emulator running side by side with Docker

Build 2018: Microsoft Is Bringing Android Emulator Support to Hyper-V

An Android emulator is finally available natively in Windows due to support in Microsoft's Hyper-V. The tool can be run in tandem with Docker, VMs, and other tools.
Visual Studio 2017

Microsoft Debuts Visual Studio 15.4 with Preparation for Fall Creators Update

Among the other new additions to Visual Studio 15.4 are ASP.NET Core support for Docker and Xamarin Live Player.
NET Microsoft Official

Microsoft Launches .NET Core 2.0 and Reveals F# Integration

.NET Core 2.0 and .NET Standard 2.0 are available for download now. Developers will get improved performance and an increase in available APIs. Microsoft has integrated F# support deeper into the service.

Microsoft Announces XAML Standard and .NET Standard 2.0

XAML Standard is the company’s effort to unify XAML dialects across XAML-based technologies such as UWP and Xamarin.Forms, while .NET Standard 2.0 is a set of APIs which work in all .NET implementations.
Visual Studio 2017

Microsoft Releases Windows Template Studio to Help Developers Create UWP Applications

The new Windows Template Studio engine uses a wizard to guide Universal Windows Platform developers through four steps of app creation.
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Microsoft Updates Visual Studio Mobile Center with UWP Support

As well as introducing Universal Windows support, Microsoft announced several new features for Visual Studio Mobile Center at Build 2017 today.
Visual Studio 2017

Build 2017: Visual Studio 2017 Moves to Version 15.2 and Debuts on Mac

The latest version of Visual Studio 2017 is now generally available. Microsoft also used the Build 2017 conference to announce VS for Mac is now also widely available.
Azure Mobile Apps Official MSDN

Microsoft Introduces New Azure Mobile Apps Quickstart Method

Azure Mobile Apps developers can now access quickstart projects through GitHub repositories, an alternative method to accessing downloads through the Quickstart blade.
Visual Studio for Mac

Microsoft Updates Visual Studio for Mac with Improved .NET Core Support and More

The latest update adds support for C# 7, a new web editor, and allows users to publish their applications directly to Azure from within Visual Studio.

Microsoft Launches .NET API Browser for Easy SDK Discovery

Microsoft's .NET API Browser will provide a single place for documentation of all .NET APIs. The site features IntelliSense-like search, adjusting content tables, and contributions via markdown.
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Visual Studio 2017 Gets Windows 10 Creators Update SDK Support

The latest update brings the version number to 15.1 and adds support for Xamarin Workbooks for C# 7. It also brings several performance improvements.
microsoft MVP program microsoft official

Microsoft Celebrating MVPs with Channel 9 Video Series

The company has kicked off a new video series that focuses on the stories of its MVPs. The series will run on Microsoft’s Channel 9 website.
Visual Studio for Mac

Microsoft Announces Visual Studio for Mac Preview 4

Visual Studio’s new preview brings several new features such as updates to the Xamarin and .NET Core workloads, as well as many bug fixes.


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