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From Windows Hello to Azure: Microsoft’s Ambitious Facial Recognition Expansion

Microsoft patents new AI that recognizes faces and groups photos based on relationships, aiming to improve photo management

Azure Introduces Innovations to Secure Generative AI Applications

Microsoft unveils new AI safety tools for its Azure platform to address risks like manipulation and misinformation in AI models.

Microsoft Announces Limited Public Preview of AI-Powered Copilot for Azure SQL Database

Microsoft's Copilot AI is now in limited preview for Azure SQL Database. It helps users write queries in natural language

Microsoft Announces Elimination of Azure Egress Fees, Enhancing Customer Flexibility

Microsoft stops charging data transfer fees (egress fees) out of Azure, following similar moves by competitors.

Microsoft Unveils Azure Sphere OS 24.03 for Public Evaluation

Microsoft releases Azure Sphere OS 24.03 for evaluation, fixing bugs including the one causing 23.10 recall.

GitHub Copilot Chat Joins Microsoft’s Azure Migrate for Enhanced Code Assessment

Microsoft improved their .NET migration tool by integrating GitHub Copilot Chat. This provides developers with personalized advice on migration issues

Azure OpenAI Expands with On Your Data for Improved Security and Customization

Businesses can now use Microsoft's AI models (like GPT-4) on their own data with "On Your Data."

Azure IoT Central Remains a Key Component of Microsoft’s IoT Strategy

Microsoft clarifies: Azure IoT Central NOT shutting down despite misleading alert. Message sent in error

Microsoft Announces Retirement of Azure IoT Central Service by 2027

Microsoft retires Azure IoT Central in 2027, leaving developers scrambling. Existing applications safe until then, but future projects halted.

Increase in Microsoft Azure Account Compromises Raises Alarm Among Corporates

Phishing campaign targets Microsoft Azure, compromising accounts & exfiltrating data. CEOs, CFOs, and Sales Directors most at risk.
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Azure Stack HCI 23H2 Update: Microsoft Embraces Hybrid VDI Solutions

Microsoft strengthens its VDI play: Azure Virtual Desktop now runs on-premises with Azure Stack HCI 23H2.

Microsoft Addresses Critical Azure Pipelines Vulnerability with Urgent Patch

Microsoft issues patch for critical Azure Pipelines flaw affecting open-source projects.

Azure AI Credits Up for Grabs: Microsoft Widens Startup Eligibility

Microsoft has opened up its arsenal of AI resources to a wider range of promising startups through a revamped Founders Hub program.

Microsoft Announces End of Support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1 on Azure Storage Accounts...

Microsoft is making Azure more secure! By November 1, 2024, all Azure storage accounts and services must use Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 or later.

Microsoft’s Azure AI Health Bot Copilot Enters Private Preview for Streamlined Healthcare Services

Microsoft's new AI Health Bot Copilot uses Azure AI tools to empower healthcare organizations to build custom assistants
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LinkedIn Halts Full Shift to Microsoft Azure, Opts for Hybrid Cloud Approach

LinkedIn's ambitious cloud migration to Azure hit obstacles, forcing a shift to a hybrid cloud approach.

Microsoft Expands Azure OpenAI Capabilities with GPT-4 Turbo with Vision Public Preview

Microsoft's Azure OpenAI Service gets a vision upgrade. GPT-4 Turbo, once a text-only marvel, now analyzes images with GPT-4 Turbo with Vision.

Microsoft Announces Preview of Azure Confidential AI with Nvidia GPUs

Microsoft is partnering with Nvidia to bring confidential AI capabilities to Azure, using encryption technology to protect data and models during execution.

Microsoft Unveils Complimentary Azure Expert Assessment for Cloud Migration

Microsoft offers a new Azure Expert Assessment service to help organizations plan and cost their cloud migrations.

Microsoft Sets Retirement Dates for Azure ACS and SharePoint Add-Ins Services

Microsoft is deprecating Azure ACS and SharePoint Add-In, recommending customers migrate to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)/Entra ID.

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