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Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on Mac Gets Support for Vulnerability Assessment

The vulnerability assessment tool for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on Windows is now coming to MacOS enterprise machines.

China’s Quantum Computing Breakthrough Raises Questions regarding Security

Chinese researchers have achieved quantum computing supremacy, but what does the future of cybersecurity look like in a quantum world?

Ransomware, Zero-Day, IoT, and Connected Car Attacks All on the Threatscape Horizon in 2021

A new report details some of the expected major cyber threats in 2021, some of which are already a problem and others that are new.

Microsoft Windows Zero Day Exploit Now in the Wild Says Google Project Zero

Google Project Zero has disclosed a Windows vulnerability just seven days after it was first discovered by the team.
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Microsoft Gets Patch Assists to Stop Zerologon, One of the Most Dangerous Windows Bugs...

0patch is sending out a micropatch to supplement Microsoft’s Zerologon fix, while Samba is patching its own services against the vulnerability.

Microsoft Defender Warns of Security Risks of Blocking Windows 10 Telemetry with HOSTS Edits

Microsoft Defender is sending security warnings when Windows 10 users try to block telemetry by editing the HOSTS files.

Windows BootHole Vulnerability Could Give Attackers Near Total System Access

The BootHole vulnerability effects Windows and Linux systems at a Secure Boot level, making it a critical flaw that could give wide system access to attackers.
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Microsoft Project Freta Promises to Stop Azure Malware

Project Freta is a Microsoft Research “technology demonstration” that is a virtual-machine (VM) forensics platform that stops malware.

Microsoft Office 365 Safe Documents Arrives as an Extension to Protected View

Safe Documents in Office 365 allows files opened in Protected View to be scanned by Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection before editing.

Microsoft Threat Protection Intelligence: Holmium Group Cloud Attack Gained Full Network Access Within a...

A Microsoft Threat Protection Intelligence blog points to attacks from Holmium that get from compromised passwords to network access in a week.
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WhatsApp Click to Chat is “Leaking” User Phone Numbers Online

A researcher has found 300,000 WhatsApp user phone numbers through Google Search and says the leak poses a major identity theft risk.

Microsoft Windows Defender Gets Direct Protection Against PUAs

Microsoft says Windows 10 20H1 will give users easier access to Windows Defender protection against potentially unwanted apps.

Windows Defender to Become Microsoft Defender Through Windows 10 20H1

The Microsoft Defender branding is finally replacing Windows Defender, a year after it was first used for Mac computers.
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Microsoft Fixed an Azure Security Vulnerability before Researchers Could Report It

A bug in the Microsoft Azure portal's javascript parsing let security researchers steal the access tokens of an external organization. The tech giant managed to fix the issue before there were any public reports.
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Researchers Say 98 Percent of IoT Devices Are Exposed to Attack

Researchers at Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 says 98 percent of IoT devices are unencrypted and could be attacked easily.

Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Protection Coming to Android and iOS

Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is coming to mobile at the end of the year, on Linux right now.

Security: 500 Nefarious Google Chrome Web Extensions Were Downloaded Millions of Times

Security researchers says hundreds of Google Chrome web extensions were used as part of a large malvertising campaign.

Apple Says FBI Shut Down Plans To Encrypt iCloud Backups

Apple says it had plans to allow users to encrypt iPhone backups on iCloud but the FBI objected and the project was closed.
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Apple Stands Firm: Won’t Unblock iPhones For Terrorism Investigation

Apple is once again standing against FBI requests to help release data from iPhones related to a recent shooting.

Microsoft Developing Office 365 Tool to Combat Reply-All Mail Storm Attacks

Microsoft says its Reply-All Mail Storm Protection tool will be available on Office 365 during the third quarter of 2020.


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