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Microsoft  October Event Paint D

Microsoft Reveals Five Paint 3D Features

Paint 3D was announced last week. Microsoft discussed key features at the launch and has now written about some other features in the tool.
Windows  Mobile Microsoft Official

Microsoft’s Strategic Play with Windows 10 Mobile Was the Company’s Long Game

A decision to pull back from mobile hardware coupled with tumbling market share led many to predict the end of Windows 10 Mobile. However, Microsoft has confirmed one of my long-term beliefs, that Windows 10 Mobile will be maintained as a strategic platform.
Microsoft  October Event Windows  Creators Update

Microsoft Developing Open Source 3D Formats Platform

Extending the company’s plans for 3D through the Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft is joining 3D Formats, an open source platform to develop GL Transmission Format.
Microsoft  October Event

Microsoft Video Explains Developer Opportunities for Windows 10 Creators Update

With a focus on 3D, virtual reality, and gaming, Windows 10 Creators Update takes the platform in new directions. Microsoft has published a video to discuss how developers can take advantage of the upgrade over the coming months.
Microsoft  October Event Paint D

Microsoft Paint 3D Arrives in Windows Store

Windows 10 Creator Update users on the Windows Insider Program can now test out Paint 3D in preview form ahead of its full launch next year.
Microsoft  October Event

Microsoft Reveals Paint 3D for Windows 10

As suspected, the company has overhauled the Paint service with a new Paint 3D solution. The new suite will be arriving with the Windows 10 Creators Update in 2017.
Microsoft  October Event

Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Creators Update for Spring 2017 Release

At its Windows event today, Microsoft confirmed Windows 10 Creators Update will arrive next year with a focus on making the platform a true creative base for users.
Satya Nadella Microsoft

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: ‘We Clearly Missed the Mobile Phone’

At a conference yesterday, Microsoft's Satya Nadella discussed company culture, self-driving cars, and smart acquisitions.
Skype Preview Windows Store Official

Skype Preview for Windows 10 Updated to Version

The focus of the latest Skype Preview UWP update is brining call receiving improvements for the Lumia 950 XL and all other Lumia x50 devices.
Fragments Hololens Official

Microsoft’s Beihai 3D Platform Could launch in 2017 Across Multiple Services

New details suggest Beihai will be more expansive than first thought. The 3D and augmented reality feature will create a platform of 3D content across Microsoft services as diverse as Skype, Paint, and Office.
OneNote Windows Store Microsoft

Microsoft Updates OneNote for Windows 10

The Universal Windows Platform version of OneNote for Windows 10 now allows users to highlight text and conduct one-click formatting. Individual page sharing is now possible via viewing links and note creation can be conducted on all account types.
Tech Rewards Closure Screenshot

Microsoft to Shut down TechRewards next Year

Microsoft will shut down TechRewards on January 6th, 2017, instead choosing to focus on other services such as Channel 9, IT Pro Cloud Essentials and Microsoft BizSpark.
Phil Spencer Xbox One YouTube Microsoft e

Xbox Head Phil Spencer: We Wanted to Sell 200 Million Xbox One Units, but...

In a revealing interview, Phil Spencer discussed Microsoft’s loft ambitions for the Xbox One at launch, why they failed, and why the company is now more committed to Xbox than ever.
Windows  Hero Microsoft Official e

Microsoft: Windows 10 Is Now on 400 Million Active Devices

Windows 10 usage continues to grow steadily as 100 million active devices began using the operating system since May of this year.
Bluetooth LE Microsoft

Microsoft Encourages Developers to Use New Windows 10 MIDI Enhancements

In a blog post, Microsoft highlighted some of the new MIDI functionality in Windows 10, complete with in-depth tutorials for developers.
Skype UWP Xbox One Windows Central

Skype Preview Surfaces on Xbox One Store, but No Download Yet

Skype Preview has begun to show in user's "ready to download" list, signaling that Microsoft is almost ready to open the app up to Xbox One.
PUSH button home pupoup final

Follow Us: PUSH, Feeds, Social

WinBuzzer PUSH notifications Push notifications can be activated permanently or temporarily. Whenever we publish a new story, you will get notified inside your browser. This...
Office Lens Hero Microsoft Official

Microsoft Releases Office Lens to All Windows 10 Devices, Adds Office 365 Support

Microsoft's UWP Office Lens app has been made available on Windows 10 tablets, phones, and desktops, along with support for OneDrive Business and Office 365.
Xbox E Flickr Reuse

Microsoft Clamps Down on Nintendo Emulator, Removes it from Xbox One

The Universal Emulator allows Sega and Nintendo games to be played on Windows 10. However, it has been removed after an attempt to publish on the Xbox One was denied by Microsoft.
Torrex Screenshot Windows Store Official

Xbox One Getting BitTorrent Client Torrex

Torrex is currently available in a private beta, but will launch soon as the first BitTorrent client for the Xbox One. The service is being developed as a Universal Windows Platform app for Windows 10.

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