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Windows 10 Subsystem for Linux

Build 2020: Windows Subsystem for Linux Now Runs Linux Applications

Microsoft has updated Windows Subsystem for Linux to support Linux GUI applications, allowing users to run Linux apps on Windows.

Microsoft Word Receives AI-Powered Rewrite Suggestions for Awkward Sentences

Microsoft Word users can now allow the Rewrite Suggestions tool check whole sentences and provide more efficient suggestions.
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Microsoft Takes Summer Internship Program Online During COVID-19 Pandemic

Microsoft says its Summer Internship Program will be virtual this year and welcome over 4,000 students across numerous events.

Windows 10: How to Translate with Cortana Using Voice Commands

The ability to translate with Cortana on Windows 10 makes it much faster to find phrases in other languages. Here’s how to use the voice assistant for translations.

Microsoft Adds Education Section to Minecraft Marketplace

Minecraft users can now head to the Marketplace and pick up Education-focused tools to help children amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

Microsoft Announces CORD-19 Dataset to Collect COVID-19 Articles

CORD-19 is a multi-organization initiative which Microsoft provides indexed data of global articles focused on COVID-19.

Microsoft for Startups Now Offers Participants GitHub Enterprise and Power Platform Access

Microsoft for Startups will bundle more of the giant's software as its participants gear up for over $1 billion in new sales opportunities in...

Upcoming Microsoft Secure Score Preview Is Its “Most Substantial Release” since Launch

The Microsoft Secure Score preview includes an updated user interface, Planner and Teams integration, and leadership metrics.

Windows 10 to Get Project Newsbar from Microsoft News

Project Newsbar is a new tool that will allow users to see content surfaced from Microsoft News on their Windows desktop.

Microsoft’s AI for Good Initiative Invests in 12 New UK Startups

Microsoft's AI for Good initiative will provide expertise and resources to 12 startups who want to revolutionize recycling, webpage accessibility, language learning, and more.

Microsoft News On iOS Receives US Election 2020 Update

Microsoft News has updated to Version 3.2.33 with a focus on the US Election 2020 through notifications and special content.

Microsoft’s Game Stack Chief: We’ll Never Reach Over 100 Million Gamers with Xbox Alone

Chief of Game Stack James Gwertzman spoke with press about the future of gaming, xCloud, Azure, and host of other topics.

Microsoft Azure Certificate Exam Changes Coming by March

Microsoft says several Microsoft Azure tools will receive new certification exams, although the final certificates will remain the same.

Microsoft Learn Chinese Lands on Android Smartphones

Microsoft Learn Chinese is now available on Android for the first time, two years after is launched on Apple’s iOS.
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Microsoft for Startups and Nvidia Inception Announce Integration Partnership

Microsoft for Startups and Nvidia Inception members can now get benefits from each service to help accelerate AI growth.

Ignite 2019: Microsoft Announces Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics is a service that manages data for business intelligence apps, it is available now in preview.

Microsoft Expands Robot Operating System Dev Abilities Across Services

Microsoft has announced improvement for Robot Operating System development on Visual Studio Code, Windows, and Azure.
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Microsoft Azure Gets Native FHIR Support to Aid Healthcare Research

The Azure API for FHIR lets developers and researchers manage healthcare data and quickly provision an enterprise-grade service. It also supports several compliance standards.

Amazon, Microsoft, and Tech Giants Announce the Voice Interoperability Initiative

Over thirty companies are on board the Voice Interoperability Initiative, which aims to standardize voice services and hardware.

LinkedIn Debuts Skills Assessment for Jobs and Recruiter

LinkedIn users can now access Skills Assessment and have experts assess their abilities and award them with a verification badge.

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