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Microsoft Showcases Ruggedized Azure Stack

A ruggedized Azure Stack allows organizations take their Azure server solutions anywhere without the need for connectivity.

Microsoft Makes Renewed Enterprise Push with Its Always-Connected PCs

Microsoft is touting its Always Connected PCs and WinHEC, while also revealing its vision for the future of LTE and networks-as-a-service.
Microsoft Logo Wikipedia

Microsoft Announces Record Q1 Revenue Thanks to Azure and Office Surges

Microsoft’s excellent financial performance has continued, with Azure and Office leading record revenue of $29.1 billion.
Microsoft Garage

Microsoft Garage’s Earth Lens Brings AI Enhanced Aerial Imagery to Your iPad

Earth Lens lets developers quickly build AI-driven Aerial imagery apps for use in disaster relief, conservation efforts, and more. The solution was created by a team of interns.
NAB's facial recognition ATM in use

Microsoft and National Austrailia Bank Trial ATM with Facial Recognition

NAB's ATM replaces a card with facial recognition, only requiring the input of a PIN to function. The solution is currently a proof of concept and will be showcased at SIBOS 2018.

Microsoft Edge Suffers Another Blow as Google Enters ARM Race with Chrome

Google is working with Qualcomm to brings ARM capabilities to Chrome. Doing so would dent Microsoft Edge as the browser continues to battle Chrome’s dominance.

GitHub Recovers After Global Outage Caused by Data Storage Failure

GitHub was down for several hours as the company dealt with a data storage problem. The system is now recovering and returning to full operation.

Windows 10 Timeline Web Prototype Is Spotted Online

A website that appears to be a Windows 10 Timeline prototype could mean the features is making its way to the web.

Microsoft Releases .NET Core 2.2 Preview 3 Across Platforms

Microsoft’s .NET Core 2.2 Preview 3 is available alongside Entity Framework 2.2 Preview 3 and ASP.NET Core 2.2 Preview 3.

Adobe XD Leverages Sayspring Acquisition to Develop Voice Support

Adobe XD now lets developers prototype voice applications through a development from the recently acquired Sayspring team.

Microsoft Genomics Announces Major Breakthroughs in Genetics Technologies

Microsoft Genomics is at ASHG 2018 this week and has announced Genome Analysis Toolkit 4 and a new method for analyzing long-read data.
Surface phone render Bartlomiej Tarnowski

Surface Phone Re-emerges in Patent for Smartphone/Tablet Hybrid

A new Microsoft patent shows how the Surface Phone will have a continuous flexible screen that could redefine mobile hardware.
Microsoft Surface Pro  Microsoft Store

Microsoft Firmware Brings Battery Limit Feature to Surface Devices

Battery Limit for the Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4 caps battery charging to 50 percent and will come to other Surface products soon.

Microsoft Ramps up Quantum Computing Efforts with Hire of Former Qualcomm Engineers

Microsoft has reportedly been snapping up Qualcomm employees for months, with several former employees updating their LinkedIn profiles. The move enforces the company's huge bet on a new way to create quantum computers.
Microsoft Azure official Microsoft

Microsoft Announces Strategic Partnership with Grab, a Ride-Sharing Service

Microsoft and Grab's collaboration will increase its efficiency and analytics with Azure while adding features like mobile facial recognition to its app.

Microsoft Is Making Significant Azure Upgrades for Project xCloud Game Streaming

Microsoft's Project xCloud will require upgrades to Azure data centers across the world, while its underlying technology could inform features in other important products.
Project xCloud streams Sea of Thieves to a tablet with a prototype touch overlay.

Project xCloud: Microsoft to Bring Gaming to All with Low Latency Streaming Service

Microsoft's Project xCloud will bring game streaming to PC, Xbox, and mobile, with little latency, high-quality visuals, and bespoke control methods. The company is refining its service in preparation for a huge rollout.

Microsoft Managed Desktop Is Only Available on Surface Devices

Microsoft Managed Desktop (MMD) can only be accessed through Surface devices, although support for more Windows 10 PCs is coming.

Microsoft Open Sources Infer.NET Machine Learning Framework

The popular Infer.NET model-based machine learning framework is now available to everyone through a GitHub project.

Reports: New Nintendo Switch to Hit the Shelves in 2019

Sources aren't clear on the upgrades of the new Nintendo Switch, but say it could feature a higher quality OLED panel and software changes.

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