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Telegram Under Pressure in Russia as Terrorists Favored Messaging App

Russian regulators have threatened to block Telegram, while the FSB is demanding access to encrypted messages from the company. CEO Pavel Durov has denied the request as technically impossible.

Graphics Card Prices Continue to Rise with Ethereum Mining Boom

A boom in Ethereum mining has resulted in shortages of graphics card across the world and therefore huge price hikes. Cards like The GTX 1070 are currently selling for up to $700 on Amazon.
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Judge Suggests EU Court Ruling on Intel Antitrust Appeal ‘Sometime next Year’

The Intel antitrust case, totaling a fine of over $1 billion dollars, is expected to stretch into next year. This news follows a statement by an EUCJ court advisor that questioned the harm done to the company's competitor, AMD.
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Source Code from Microsoft’s Windows 10 Leaks, but Publications Disagree on Significance

Though some publications claim the Windows 10 leaks are bigger than that of Windows 2000, an examination reveals code primarily for drivers. Microsoft is yet to confirm a link to the recent arrest of two British men.

British Duo Arrested over Attempts to Hack Microsoft Customer Data

The men allegedly made repeated attempts to hack into Microsoft's network and may be linked to a global cybercriminal organization. British law enforcement is collaborating with Europol and the FBI to uncover more details.

Microsoft Updates Windows 10 Build 16226 Changelog with Mixed Reality Enhancements and Features

The changelog for Windows 10 Build 16226 now includes a new teleportation system in mixed reality, as well as reliability improvements and speech recognition improvements. Meanwhile, Microsoft has highlighted several known issues.

Google Search Leverages LinkedIn and Job Sites for New Employment Feature

Google Search now lets users search for jobs and get listings within the results page. The company uses algorithms to scrape data from companies like LinkedIn and links back to listings on those sites.

Lenovo Now Sells PCs Through Pay-Monthly Subscription

Lenovo has launched its first PC as a Service program, which sells hardware to business customers on a monthly rental scheme. The company has also launched a new WorkStation, which is the smallest on the market.

Sony “Explains” Reasons for Blocking Cross-Play Between Xbox One and PS4

Minecraft was announced as a cross-play title across Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile. Sony’s PS4 was not included as the company believes it needs to protect people on its network.

Google Calls on Apple Chip Chief to Drive Pixel CPU Push

Google wants to make its own chips for future Pixel smartphones and has hired former Apple employee Manu Gulati to become head SoC architect.
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Microsoft Considers Joint Foxconn Bid for Toshiba Chip Business alongside Apple and Dell

Apple, Dell, Cisco, Microsoft, and Google are all considering a consortium bid for Toshiba's chip making business, says Foxconn CEO Terry Gou. The offer faces opposition from Western Digital, who argues that a previous agreement should net it exclusive negotiating rights.

Minecraft Gets Xbox One X 4K Treatment and Complete Cross Play

Complete cross play is no understatement. Gamers across Minecraft mobile, PC, VR, and console will be able to play with and against each other.
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Satya Nadella and Other Tech Leaders Invited to White House to Discuss Modernization of...

Satya Nadella, Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook and more have been invited to attend an American Technology Council meeting but are yet to respond. All three have been vocal critics of the administration's policies.
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Microsoft Consolidates Azure Cloud and AI Businesses

An internally announced reshuffle of Azure, AI, and Data divisions has seen Microsoft introduce several new main groups within the company.

Microsoft Expands Power BI Twitter Solution to 15 Supported Languages

Power BI users of the Twitter solution can now use the analytics tool in four fully supported languages, and an additional 11 in preview.

Microsoft Advertising SDK Now Lets Developers Create Native Ads for UWP Apps

Announced today for Microsoft Advertising SDK, the ability to place Native Ads into apps and games allows developers to get more engagement and monetize their creations further.

Unreleased Hapanero Windows Phone Images Hide Important Secret

While the image of the so-called Hapanero Windows phone handset seems to show an unreleased smartphone for the Chinese market, we think there is something else to the images.
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Apple Confirms Assistance in UK Terror Attack Investigations, Hints at Metadata Disclosure

Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed the company's involvement with UK intelligence in the wake of three terror attacks. While unable to disclose details, the CEO said he believes his company provided 'some valuable information'.

Microsoft’s CShell Leaks and Unifies Windows 10 Across PC and Mobile

Microsoft’s scalable and adaptive CShell for Windows 10 will brings a full PC experience to Windows 10 Mobile. However, despite plenty of exciting possibilities, there are also issues to deal with.
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Microsoft Confirms Skype for Linux Retirement in July

After extending the closure period by four months, Microsoft has confirmed Skype for Linux 4.3 and older will be closed, with users able to use the newer Skype for Linux Beta app.

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