YouTube Videos Skipping to End for Ad Blocker Users

Users have reported that YouTube videos are automatically skipping to the end, suggesting a bug rather than a feature. Reports identified by 9to5Google indicate...

Outlook Lite Expands with SMS Features Worldwide

Microsoft has rolled out SMS capabilities for its Outlook Lite app, making it accessible to users worldwide. This update allows for the sending and...

Microsoft’s Phi-3 AI Models Now Fully Compatible with Intel CPUs

Intel has announced comprehensive support for Microsoft’s Phi-3 AI models across its entire range of CPUs and GPUs. This collaboration aims to make advanced...

Huge Google Leak: Documents Expose Hidden Search Ranking Factors

The leaked documentation outlines an extensive array of 2,596 modules with 14,014 attributes connected to various Google services, including YouTube, Assistant, and web documents.

Copilot AI Now Available in Microsoft Launcher Beta

Microsoft has introduced an update to its Microsoft Launcher app for Android, incorporating the Copilot AI and phasing out the previous Bing Chat feature....
Windows Phone Link App Text OCR

Windows Phone Link Gets Text Selection from Images on Android Phones

Phone Link's new feature allows text selection directly within the app, eliminating the need for additional steps.
Microsoft Copilot for Telegram official

Microsoft Integrates Copilot AI with Telegram

The new Telegram chatbot is available outside the European Union, specifically in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Asia.

AI Code Generation: New DevQualityEval Benchmark Reveals Which LLMs Perform Best

DevQualityEval evaluates models on their ability to solve programming tasks with accuracy and efficiency.
Home Bargains website

AI-Powered Face Recognition Mistakenly Tags Innocent as Shoplifter

The company behind the facial recognition technology, Facewatch, has acknowledged the error.
SirLLM Streaming Infinite Retentive LLM

New Streaming AI Model SirLLM Improves Long-Term Memory in Language Models

SirLLM incorporates a decay ratio that allows the model to forget older key information after each dialogue round. to enhance model flexibility.

NVIDIA Reportedly Developing ARM-Based Processor for AI PCs

NVIDIA is reportedly venturing into the development of a new System on Chip (SoC) that could reshape the computing sector. According to VideoCardz, this...

AI Coding Bot JACoB Released as Open-Source Project

Kevin Leneway, principal software engineer at Pioneer Square Labs (PSL), has been exploring the potential of AI in software development. This exploration led to...


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