Xbox Series X/PS5 Success Behind AMD GPU Shortage, Not Crypto Mining

AMD says the reason its GPUs are in short supply is because of demand for the Xbox Series X and PS5, not because of a crypto focus.

Microsoft Teams to Get Customer Lockbox Feature in 2022

According to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, the Customer Lockbox data protection feature is coming to Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Halts Incompatible Windows 11 Installations with Virtual Machines

Users with incompatible hardware running Windows 11 on virtual machines can no longer access the platform.

Microsoft OneDrive Debuts as PWA for Edge and Chrome

Microsoft OneDrive is now available to install as a Progressive Web App (PWA) on Microsoft Edge and Chrome.

Microsoft Adds More Surface Components to Self-Repair Service

Microsoft Surface owners in enterprise can now access more spare parts as Microsoft expands available components for several devices.

Microsoft Brings Passwordless Option to Outlook and OneDrive

A Passwordless option for singing into Microsoft Accounts has also been added to Microsoft Family Safety and other apps.
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Microsoft Patches Internet Explorer Trident Engine Flaw

A vulnerability in Internet Explorer MSHTML (Trident) has allowed phishing attacks over recent weeks, targeting business networks.

Microsoft Opens Growth and Resilience in Tech Curriculum to Help Drive Diversity

Microsoft’s new Growth and Resilience in Tech toolkit provides users with courses around personal growth and inclusion.

Microsoft Announces $60 Billion Share Buyback

Microsoft is opening a $60 billion share repurchase program, alongside a quarterly dividend up 11% from the previous quarter.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8 May Finally Bring Thunderbolt Support to Surface

Microsoft will launch the Surface Pro 8 this month, with at least one model rumored to offer a Thunderbolt port for the first time.
Microsoft Headquarter free use

Microsoft Study Shows Remote Work Harms Cross-Team Collaboration

Microsoft says when inter-team connection is more like in remote work scenarios, while cross-group collaboration is decreasing.


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