Microsoft Exchange Accounts at Risk: Exploitation of Outlook Vulnerability

Russian group Fancybear hacked Microsoft Exchange accounts in US, Europe, and Middle East using a patched Windows Outlook flaw (CVE-2023-23397)
ChatGPT Voice Assistant

ChatGPT Appears to Respond Better When Promised Tips, Test Finds

A programmer named Thebes found that pretending to tip ChatGPT the OpenAI chatbot give better answers.

AI Image Generation Can Consume As Much Energy As 950 Smartphone Charges, Study Finds

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and Hugging Face have measured the carbon footprint of various AI models

CMA’s Authority to Investigate Apple Affirmed by UK Appeals Court

UK court reinstates CMA's authority to investigate Apple's mobile browser and cloud gaming practices, upholding the watchdog's efforts to maintain a competitive mobile ecosystem

TikTok’s Parent Company ByteDance Unveils New AI Chatbot Initiative

ByteDance, the company behind TikTok, unveils an open AI chatbot platform, marking its entry into the generative AI market.

Google Delays Launch of Gemini AI, Citing Multilingual Challenges

Google postpones the launch of its conversational AI, Gemini, due to challenges with multilingual processing, signaling the intensifying competition in the AI sector.
European Flag Flickr Reuse

EU Struggles to Find Common Ground on Generative AI Regulation

EU AI Act regulation is delayed due to disagreements over the oversight of generative AI, including self-regulation versus hard rules.

Windows Server vNext Set to Introduce Hotpatching and Additional Innovations

Microsoft's upcoming Windows Server vNext brings simplified upgrades, flexible licensing, enhanced security, performance improvements, and GPU-P support.
Hackers Cybersecurity Cyberattack Phishing

End-of-Life Microsoft Exchange Servers Pose Significant Cybersecurity Threat

20,000 Microsoft Exchange servers are vulnerable to cyberattacks due to outdated software. Experts recommend upgrading to supported versions

Worldwide PC Shipments to Rebound with 8% Growth in 2024, Says Canalys

The global PC market is projected to return to its 2019 shipment levels by next year, with growth driven by a stronger holiday season forecast

Google Urges UK Regulators to Take Antitrust Measures Against Microsoft in Cloud Dispute

Google has accused Microsoft of anti-competitive practices in the UK cloud market, claiming Microsoft's licensing practices force customers into using Microsoft's Azure cloud services

Researchers Uncover Zoom Rooms Vulnerability Allowing Unauthorized Access

Researchers have discovered a critical vulnerability in Zoom Rooms that could allow attackers to access sensitive data.


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