Intel: New Rocket Lake Flagship Beats AMD Ryzen 9 Rival in Benchmark Test

Intel says an internal comparison between its flagship Rocker Lake S chip and the nearest AMD Ryzen 9 shows a 11% performance win for Intel.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ Gets Swappable SSD Kits

With the Microsoft Surface rSSDs, Surface Pro 7+ owners can get a refurbished replacement SDD storage kit for their device.

Microsoft Email Credentials Exposed by FedEx and DHL-Mimicking Phishing Attacks

Security researchers say 10,000 Microsoft email accounts are exposed to a phishing attack pretending to be FedEx or DHL.
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Microsoft Exchange Online Users to Be Throttled When Reaching Upper Mail Limit

Microsoft says it will more strictly police the upper limit of Microsoft Exchange Online emails, with the threshold at 3,600 per hour.
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Microsoft Reconfirms Support for Australian Law Forcing Tech Companies to Pay News Publishers

Facebook and Google have taken a dim view to being forced to pay publishers to link their work, but Microsoft welcomes the law.

Microsoft, BBC, and Adobe Start Coalition to Stop Fake News and Misinformation

Microsoft’s efforts to combat fake news now include the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity, which aims to offer standard source certification.

Microsoft Publishes Demo of New Journal Windows 10 Writing App

Microsoft Journal is an updated version of the app for Windows 10, created by Microsoft Garage with digital pen in mind.

30K Apple M1 Macs Targeted by Silver Sparrow Malware

Researchers are unsure the final payload of Silver Sparrow, a malware found on M1 Macs, but suspect it is an adware attack.

Microsoft Cuts Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC Support from 10 Years to 5 Years

Microsoft wants Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC customers to more to cloud of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC if they require longer support.

Microsoft Introduces Office 2021 and Office LTSC for Commercial

Microsoft’s new Office 2021 will arrive in the fall, although feature details are scarce. Office LTSC provides a non-cloud suite for enterprise.

Microsoft Azure Get Asynchronous Document Translation Tool

Document Translation in Azure Translator can translate batches of documents while maintaining the original layout and format.

Microsoft Debuts .NET 6 Preview 1 with a Host of Changes

.NET 5 ushered in a new era for the .NET experience. Microsoft is now launching .NET 6 Preview 1 as a second generation of that reimagining.


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