Microsoft Announces Availability of Office 2019 on Windows and Mac

Office 2019 is out in the wild, currently limited to commercial volume customers before a general roll out in the next few weeks.

Microsoft Debuts Cortana Skills Kit for Enterprise at Ignite

Cortana Skills Kit for Enterprise is Microsoft taking a further step towards Cortana being an enterprise-focused solution.

Microsoft Search Brings Search Transformation to Microsoft Applications

Microsoft Search is a new solution that integrates with Microsoft 365, allowing users to surface results across an organization and apps.

Microsoft Updates OneDrive on iOS with On This Day Feature

With the release of update 10.33.5, Microsoft has also brought iOS 12 support for OneDrive, while also sending out a separate release for fixes.
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Microsoft Outlook Targeted by Virobot New Ransomware Attack

Microsoft Outlook is the client of choice for the Virobot ransomware, a botnet-based attack that is not related to other ransomware families.

Windows 10 Spectre 2 Patch is Disabling Overclocking on Many PCs

A Spectre 2 mitigation released last month is automatically turning off overclocking on PCs running Windows 10 April 2018 Update.
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Mozilla Firefox Bug Has Potential to Crash Whole Windows Systems

A DoS vulnerability in the Firefox web browser can result in users needing to hard reboot their Windows machines.

Microsoft Updates Windows Admin Center with Big Changes

Windows Admin Center is moving to version 1809 with a massive amount of changes across all functions of the service.

Vodafone Leverages Microsoft HoloLens for Holographic 5G Calls

Vodafone showcased how HoloLens devices can be used for mixed reality phone calls and conferencing through holographic output.
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Trend Micro Reveals Zero-Day Remote Code Execution Flaw in Microsoft Jet Database Engine

A zero-day Microsoft Jet Database Engine flaw lets attackers craft files that enable remote code execution when opened affecting all major Windows versions. Microsoft is reportedly working on a fix for the issue.wor

Security Threat: Microsoft Windows 10 Stores Documents and Emails in Unencrypted File

Windows 10 systems with Handwriting Recognition enabled are creating a file which saves emails, documents, and other user data without encryption, even if they are deleted from other files.

Microsoft Could Finally Adopt USB Type-C with New Surface Pro

Ahead of its Surface event next month, a report points to Microsoft using USB Type-C in its Surface Pro and Surface Book devices.