How to manage Windows Security Tamper Protection feature on Windows 10

Microsoft Security Describes New Botnet Targeting Windows System

Microsoft Security Intelligence says a new variant of the Sysrv botnet (Sysrv-K) is targeting Windows through a Spring Framework flaw.

Microsoft Edge “Secure Network” VPN Officially Arrives

Microsoft Edge Secure Network is now available on Canary builds as a built-in browser VPN for secure connections.

Microsoft Fixes Windows 11 App Crashing Glitch

The Windows 11 bug was caused by Direct3D 9 and caused certain apps to crash. It was also found on Windows 10 but has now been fixed.
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Valve Steam Monopolization Lawsuit to Go Ahead

A U.S. judge has allowed a portion of a lawsuit alleging Valve monopolizes with Steam to move forward after previously dismissing the claims.

Microsoft’s Project Haven to Bring Kubernetes to Windows Edge Devices

At Build 2022, Microsoft will discuss Project Haven, which is Kubernetes support for Windows devices on edge computing.

Google Maps Gets an AI-Driven “Immersive Mode”

Google Maps Immersive Mode is an artificial intelligence feature that provides more realistic views of places in major cities.

Microsoft Adaptive Accesories Debut to Help Users with Disabilities

Microsoft Adaptive Accessories are the Microsoft Adaptive Mouse, Microsoft Adaptive Hub, and Microsoft Adaptive Buttons.

Microsoft Releases Two Windows 11 22H2 Previews, Splitting Updates Between Insider Channels

Windows 11 22H2 updates will now be split separately between the Dev and Beta channels on the Windows Insider Program.

Microsoft Details Windows 11 22H2 Features

Microsoft says Windows 11 22H2 will get new Focus features, Voice access tools, as Microsoft details features ahead of full release.

Windows 11 Sound Recorder Gets New Design

Microsoft is rebranding Voice Recorder as Sound Recorder with a design overhaul to fit with the Windows 11 aesthetic.

Microsoft Brings Exchange Server Updates to .exe Packages

Microsoft is giving Exchange Server admins the option of manually installing updates vis .exe files to avoid issues.

Windows Package Manager Gets Portable App Support

Although, at the moment the feature is available in preview for Windows Package Manager with some usage limitations.


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