Microsoft Exchange Server Attackers Target KrebsOnSecurity

In an effort to delegitimize noted security researcher KrebsOnSecurity, Microsoft Exchange Server hackers are using domains mimicking the researcher.
Kantar World Panel July

Kantar July 2016 Report: Windows Mobile Sales Share Grows in USA, Falls in UK

Windows Mobile sales share has risen by 0.8% in the USA, while the UK has fallen by 0.3% since June. This marks a large overall decline year-on-year for the OS.

Microsoft May Be a Contender for the First Trillion Dollar Company

Microsoft's value has risen astronomically over the past few years, and analysts don't expect it to stop anytime soon. Morgan Stanely predicts that the company will become a trillion dollar company by 2020, propelled by its cloud business.
Raven for Twitter Windows Store

Raven: Xbox One Gets Better Twitter Support with New Third-Party CIient

The Twitter app offers promises easier handling of the social network than the official Xbox Twitter app.
Xbox  Microsoft Official

Microsoft Releases Xbox 360 Support Update

Microsoft is continuing to support the aging Xbox 360 and has sent out a new update focused on bug fixes and improvements.

New Republican-Led Net Neutrality Bill Wants to Restore Fair Internet Laws

A new bill would remove Net Neutrality decisions from the FCC and restore the repealed law through changes to the Communications Act of 1934.

Windows 10 20H1 Manual Drivers Allows Third-Party Automatic Driver Updates

Microsoft has announced Manual Drivers, a new Windows 10 20H1 feature that allows third-party driver makers issue automatic updates.

Chromium Microsoft Edge Coming to Windows 10 Enterprise and Education Users

Microsoft is bringing its new Microsoft Edge browser experience to enterprise and education users through automatic update.
Windows 10 - PowerShell admin - reinstall all pre-installed apps - auto-installation

Microsoft Launches New PowerShell Crescendo Tool

PowerShell Crescendo is a new developer tool that simplifies native commands in PowerShell by wrapping them in cmdlets.

Dell Issues Patch for BIOS Issue Affecting Millions of Windows PCs

Vulnerabilities in Dell BIOS software have left up to 30 million Windows laptops vulnerable to remote execution code attacks.