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Microsoft Garage Launches HiveOut in India

The new HiveOut Android app makes it easier for mobile groups running Office 365 to interact with each other in India. The service is focused on schools and colleges.

Microsoft Acquires eSports Company To Further Xbox Division Push

Microsoft has agreed to purchase, a company that allows users to set up their own eSports tournaments and events.

Amazon Integrates Skype into Alexa Powered Echo Devices

As promised, Alexa can now access Skype on Amazon Echo devices as partnership with Microsoft continues to grow.
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Native American Tribe Sues Microsoft for Supercomputer Patent Infringement

The Saint Regis Mohawk tribe is suing Microsoft and Amazon for patent infringement on behalf of SRC Labs LLC, who is allegedly trying to bypass patent review. Neither company has responded to the matter.

Microsoft Project Overhauled with New Design and Integration with Teams and Power BI

A new update for Microsoft Project has completely transformed the project management solutions with a new UI and integrations with other Microsoft services.
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Build 2016: Microsoft Cognitive Services Offers next Gen Tools to Make Apps Smarter

Project Oxford (now Cognitive Services) was announced by Microsoft at last year’s Build 2015 as a group of SDKs and APIs that developers could use to make the apps more useable and intelligent.
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Microsoft Band Returning? Upcoming Surface Band? Microsoft Patent Points to New Fitness Tracker

A new Microsoft Patent suggests the company is returning to the Microsoft Band and could launch a Surface Band device.

Microsoft Software Used for North Korean Malware Warns FBI

Actors working on behalf of North Korean exploited an unsupported version of Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash builds to attack US-based infrastructure.
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Bing Rewards Begins Changeover to Microsoft Rewards, Sends Users Notifications

Microsoft's rebranded reward scheme has now begun rolling out to customers, who have noticed new notifications in their action panel about the service.
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Microsoft Blocks Windows 7, 8.1 Patches on Most Recent AMD, Intel Chips

The company has clarified that users whose computers have a new (7th or later) generation processor should upgrade their OS to Windows 10 in order to receive Windows Updates.

Windows 10 20H1 Preview Scores New Tablet Mode

Windows 10 20H1 preview Build 18970 is live on the Insider with an uninterrupted tablet transition and new tablet mode.

Microsoft Wants Customer Phone Calls to Assess Windows 10 ALT+TAB Feature

Microsoft is urging Insiders to call in and discuss the ALT+TAB feature in Windows 10 during a 5 to 10 minute conversation.

Assistive Technology Users Have Just under a Week to Get Their Free Windows 10...

The Windows 10 assistive technology upgrade will soon be over, cutting out a workaround exploited by many users. As promised, the OS now contains improved accessibility features.

Report: Apple iPhone Sales Impress, But Reliance on Smartphones Puts Company’s Future in Doubt

Apple’s latest iPhone sales figures show consistent year-on-year sales and increased revenue. However, is the company’s over reliance on iPhone as other divisions fail something Apple needs to address as the smartphone market becomes more uncertain?
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Microsoft Releases Project Rome SDK for Android with Plans for Cross Platform App Control

Microsoft's Project Rome SDK plans to bridge the Windows-Android gap through a Xamarin and Java-based preview release. Developers will be able to discover Windows devices on the network and let users launch and control them from Android.

Users of Microsoft’s Live Streaming Service Confused after Botched Mixer Pro Giveaway

Mixer is rewarding users with free Beam Pro membership, but the sudden nature has left many worried about unapproved charges.
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Microsoft releases Policy Analyzer tool for IT professionals

Microsoft has created a Policy Analyzer tool for users to compare and analyze Group Policy Objects, which show the internal inconsistencies, redundant settings and differences between them.

Microsoft Enters Multiyear Cloud/Surface Partnership with GameStop

Gaming retailer GameStop will use Microsoft cloud services, including Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams, along with Surface devices.

Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon XR2 5G Platform for Use in Mixed Reality

The Snapdragon XR2 will offer 2x the GPU performance of the Oculus Quests 835 chip while enabling advanced tracking and low-latency augmented reality.

Microsoft Patent Describes AI-Powered 360-Degree Fisheye Camera

A Microsoft Patent shows how a fisheye camera can be used in conjunction with multiple microphones and AI to improve 360-degree FoV.