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Microsoft Survey Shows Online Civility is Declining During the Pandemic

The internet, hardly a place where respect and friendliness are obvious. Microsoft says online civility continues to fall during the pandemic.

Microsoft Store Developer Tools on Windows 11 Include PWABuilder 2 and WebView 2 Support

In a special developer event, Microsoft has explained how the new Microsoft Store on Windows 11 will make it easier for developers to build apps.

Microsoft Says Windows 11 Will Support Android Apps

In Microsoft’s ongoing quest to solve the app gap, the newly launched Windows 11 will support Android applications.

Microsoft Reveals Windows 10 21H2 Update Details

Microsoft says Windows 10 21H2 will bring improvements for Windows Hello, and Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).
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Microsoft and Amazon are the Final Competitors for the JEDI Cloud Defense Project

The Department of Defense has said the JEDI cloud defense contract will go to either Azure or Amazon Web Services.

Microsoft Teams Increases Meeting Participants to 98 Users

A new Microsoft Teams update has increased the number of participants in a meeting to 98, double the previous amount.

Microsoft Brings Visual Studio Code 2019 to Linux Snap

Visual Studio Code is now available as a Snap on Linux, allowing for automatic updates and rollback abilities across distros.

DeepL: New Supercomputer-Powered Translator Beats Google and Microsoft

DeepL Translator has been met with a positive reception by critics, who prefer it's translations three times as much as Google or Microsoft. The results are thanks to the company's 5.1 Petaflop supercomputer and breakthroughs in neural net architecture.

Skype Preview Could Ditch React Native for Electron Framework

A Skype Preview build suggests Microsoft could revert the application back to Electron instead of the React Native framework.

Microsoft Patent Gives Surface Duo and Neo Secure Screen Orientation

A Microsoft patent describes a method to stop the dual screens of the Surface Duo and Surface Neo from randomly changing screen orientation.

Microsoft Debuts SharePoint Server Subscription Edition (SE)

Microsoft is now launching SharePoint Server Subscription Editing (SE) in public preview for on-premises organizations.

Microsoft: Don’t Blow Vape Smoke into Xbox Series X Consoles

Microsoft is warning users not to blow vape smoke into their Xbox Series X following a growing trend of owners doing just that.

Microsoft Confirms Windows 11 LTSC Will Arrive but it Could Take Years

Microsoft says Windows 11 LTSC will be available next after the upcoming Windows 10 21H2-based LTSC release.

Microsoft 365 Life Could Include Windows 10 After All

A new report suggests Microsoft 365 Life, a consumer-fronted version of the bundle, could have Windows 10 with added features

Microsoft Disables Xbox’s Custom Profile Picture Uploads Due to Coronavirus Demand

Xbox users can no longer upload customer gamerpics or background as Microsoft looks to decrease server load.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Updated Causes Windows 10 BSODs

Microsoft’s Windows 10 KB4549951 April Patch Tuesday update is causing several major problems for PCs that have it installed.

Microsoft Opens to Expanding Xbox Game Studios Titles Across Platforms

Matt Booty, the head of Xbox Game Studios, says titles developed by Microsoft could come to other platforms if it “makes sense”.

Major Smartphones Vendors Commit to European Eco Rating

The new Eco Rating rates devices from 12 major mobile companies across the largest networks in Europe based on environmental impact.

Microsoft Purchases CloudKnox Security to Bolster Azure Cloud Security

Microsoft has purchased CIEM leader CloudKnox Security for an undisclosed amount to work within Azure Active Directory.

Microsoft PowerPoint Gets Auto Fix Tool for the Web

Auto Fix on Microsoft PowerPoint will automatically format slides in a presentation, although it is only available on the web.