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Xbox Series X Gets Keyboard and Mouse Support for Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge on the new Xbox Series X and Series S consoles now has mouse and keyboard support, and support for Google Stadia.

Xbox Series X Update Makes Game Downloads More Efficient

A new feature for Xbox Series X, Series S, and Xbox One allows users to more efficiently pause games to improve download speeds.

Windows 10 Receives Auto HDR to Match the Xbox Series X

Microsoft is extending its Auto HDR feature from the new Xbox Series X to Windows 10, covering over 1,000 PC games.

Microsoft Puts Xbox Series X Shortage Down to AMD, and What About That Xbox...

Microsoft says the availability of Xbox Series X consoles is down to an AMD component shortage. Also, we will discuss a recent trademark application.

Report: Is Sony’s PS5 Already Beating Microsoft’s Xbox Series X?

Early sings suggest Sony’s PS5 has had a better launch month than the Xbox Series X, with better performance results and maybe better sales.

Microsoft Working with Developers to Ease Xbox Series X Performance Issues

Microsoft says it is aware some games are not performing well on the Xbox Series X compared to Sony’s PlayStation 5.

Microsoft: Xbox Series X Supply May Not Match Demand Until April

Customers waiting to buy an Xbox Series X may have to wait until nearly midway through 2021 to be able to get the popular console.

Microsoft: Don’t Blow Vape Smoke into Xbox Series X Consoles

Microsoft is warning users not to blow vape smoke into their Xbox Series X following a growing trend of owners doing just that.

Microsoft Gets Cool, Debuts New Xbox Series X Fridge

Microsoft has embraced the memes and is “launching” and Xbox Series X fridge that one lucky person could win.

Microsoft Debuts New Xbox Dashboard for Xbox Series X

Microsoft is rolling out a new Xbox Dashboard with major performance gains ahead of the November launch of its new consoles.

Xbox Series X and S Use Auto HDR To Improve Backward Compatible Games

Microsoft has detailed the use of Auto HDR in the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles for better performance on older games.

Report: Xbox Series X Can Run Uncomfortably Hot, but at Least It’s Quiet

Reports suggest Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Series X console can run very hot, although it is surprisingly quiet during gameplay.

Microsoft Promises More Xbox Series X Consoles Following Pre-Order Rush

Pre-order units of the Xbox Series X sold out in quick time. Microsoft now says more units will be available at launch.

Microsoft Showcases Xbox Series X Dashboard Experience

In a video this week, Microsoft has showed the Home Dashboard for the Xbox Series X, with several improvements included.

Leak: Halo Infinite Will Have Free-to-Play Multiplayer and Run at 120 FPS on Xbox...

A retailer has leaked information about the upcoming Halo Infinite game, and it seems as though the information is accurate.

Xbox Series X Supports All Xbox One Titles Apart from Kinect Games

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer says the upcoming Xbox Series X will not support Kinect games, but will have robust Backward Compatibility.

Xbox Series X Smart Delivery Provides Free Xbox One Game Upgrades

Xbox Series X Smart Delivery will allow customers to get a Series X version of a game they bought for the Xbox One, and dev’s can’t charge for it.

Microsoft Confirms Xbox Series X Game Showcase for July 23

As well as highlighting exclusive Xbox Series X games, Microsoft could reveal the Xbox Series S and price details for the consoles.

Microsoft Details Xbox Series X Backward Compatibility: Double FPS and 1000s of Games

Xbox Series X will support titles from Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One and improve the performance of each game.

Microsoft Xbox Series X Price Could Undercut Sony’s PS5 by $100

Some analysts have predicted the Xbox Series X will be priced $100 lower than the PS5 and Microsoft will lose money on the console.