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Xbox Series X|S Games and Beyond: Microsoft’s Pledge for Backward Compatibility

Microsoft forms new team to ensure games from past Xbox generations are playable on future consoles, showing commitment to backward compatibility and game preservation in the industry.

Disc-Less Xbox Series X: Leaked Court Files Reveal Microsoft’s Planned 2024 Xbox Refresh

Microsoft is planning a new refresh for the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox controller, with all-digital now across the range.

Microsoft Reportedly Issuing Bans to Xbox Series X and S Users for Running Emulators

Microsoft has reportedly started suspending players who use emulators on Xbox consoles in retail mode.

Xbox Series X Price Increases to $549, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to $15.99

Microsoft announced that it will be increasing the price of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Microsoft Moves on from Xbox One, Focuses on Xbox Series X/S

Microsoft will no longer make games for the Xbox One, and will instead focus on its newer Xbox Series X and S consoles.

Microsoft Bans Emulators on Xbox Series X but Denies Nintendo’s Involvment

Microsoft says emulators are banned on Xbox Series X/S retail consoles, but says the decision is not because of Nintendo threats.

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S Sales Top 18.5 Million Claims Analyst Firm

According to a market research firm, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and S have shifted 18.5 million units, far below Sony’s PS5 sales.

Xbox Series X Slim? Microsoft Reportedly Working on Smaller Console CPU

Microsoft is reportedly working on a smaller CPU for the Xbox Series X, suggesting a future Slim version of the console.

Microsoft Removes Ray Tracing Minecraft Preview from Xbox Series X

According to the company, the preview of ray tracing for Minecraft on Xbox Series X was an error and it has been removed.

Microsoft Selling Refurbished Xbox Series X Consoles to Meet High Demand

However, the deal for getting a refurbished Xbox Series X is not a cheap one and you end up paying more than a new console at MSRP.

Microsoft Previews Minecraft Ray Tracing on Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series S is also getting support for the ray tracing technology for Minecraft, with Microsoft currently testing the feature.

Microsoft Shifts Xbox Cloud Gaming to Xbox Series X Hardware

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X hardware is now powering the Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming platform with 60fps, but not 4K so far.

Xbox Series X/PS5 Success Behind AMD GPU Shortage, Not Crypto Mining

AMD says the reason its GPUs are in short supply is because of demand for the Xbox Series X and PS5, not because of a crypto focus.

Microsoft is Expanding Xbox Series X and S HDMI-CEC Remote Control Support

With new HDMI-CEC features for Xbox Series X and S, users can do more with their remote control, including interact with applications.

Microsoft Announces Xbox Series X Mini Fridge

After winning a marketing award on Twitter, Microsoft has decided to reveal the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge at E3 2021.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Leak Suggests June 15 Launch on Xbox Series X

A leak from a video game retailer shows Microsoft Flight Simulator could be released on the Xbox Series X in a matter of days.

Xbox Series X Gets Keyboard and Mouse Support for Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge on the new Xbox Series X and Series S consoles now has mouse and keyboard support, and support for Google Stadia.

Xbox Series X Update Makes Game Downloads More Efficient

A new feature for Xbox Series X, Series S, and Xbox One allows users to more efficiently pause games to improve download speeds.

Windows 10 Receives Auto HDR to Match the Xbox Series X

Microsoft is extending its Auto HDR feature from the new Xbox Series X to Windows 10, covering over 1,000 PC games.

Microsoft Puts Xbox Series X Shortage Down to AMD, and What About That Xbox...

Microsoft says the availability of Xbox Series X consoles is down to an AMD component shortage. Also, we will discuss a recent trademark application.

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