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Windows Hello Can be Fooled by Fake Camera Images

Hackers can use fake infra-red camera images to bypass Windows Hello authentication, with just two frames needed.

Firefox 69 Blocks Auto-Playing Videos, Adds Expanded Windows Hello Support

Firefox 69 blocks tracking cookies and auto-playing videos by default, while improving Windows 10 performance.

Windows Hello Steps Closer to a Passwordless Future with FIDO2 Certification

Windows Hello's FIDO2 certification verifies it as a secure solution for account and website logins, with a quick verification system coming to Chromium Edge soon.

Mozilla Gives Firefox 66 Windows Hello Support

With the upcoming launch of Mozilla’s Firefox 66, users will be able to use Windows Hello to access compatible services.
Windows Hello official microsoft

Microsoft Readying Windows Hello and Xbox One Webcams

A report suggests Microsoft is building Surface webcams for Windows Hello facial recognition and Xbox One consoles.

Microsoft Edge Gets Fingerprint and Windows Hello Sign-in for Websites in Insider Preview

Microsoft Edge will soon let users sign into websites and purchase products with a look or tap of a finger. The functionality is likely to launch with the next Windows update later this year.
Windows Hello official microsoft

Windows Hello on Older Windows 10 Builds Can Be Bypassed with Photo Printouts

Security firm SySS found that Windows Hello face recognition can be bypassed with a print out of an authorized person’s face.
Surface Pro  Microsoft

Microsoft Restores Windows Hello Functionality for Surface Pro 4 via Driver Update

Two weeks later, Microsoft has resolved webcam issues when trying to use Windows Hello on the Surface Pro 4. It states that the problem was only present on a small number of devices, but users seem to disagree.

Samsung Brings Windows Hello Authentication to Galaxy S8

The company’s latest smartphone flagship now unlocks all Windows 10 Creators Update PCs with Windows Hello support for its native Flow apps.

Microsoft Patent Shows Improved Windows Hello Iris Authentication, Potentially for Surface Phone

A new patent for mobile technology shows a new iris scanning capability for Windows Hello. The added authentication could potentially be used in the Surface Phone.
Windows Hello official microsoft

Microsoft: Windows Hello is on 100 Unique Devices

Companion devices for Windows Hello are increasing, showing the success of the Windows 10 biometric-based authenticator. Microsoft has detailed some of the devices in a new blog post today.

Windows Hello to Get Speed Boost with Release of Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update

Microsoft has reduced the Windows Hello animation by up to a second in Windows 10 Mobile build 15000, via a small animation cut. The change extends to both the camera and fingerprint scanning features.
thinkpad lenovo

Lenovo Refreshes ThinkPad Lineup with Microsoft’s Precision TouchPad and Windows Hello

The company is also updating its renowned line of laptops with the latest 7th generation Intel Core processors and a couple of new authentication features. All 2017 models will come preloaded with an optimized Microsoft Signature Image.
Windows Hello official microsoft

Microsoft Asks for Insider Feedback to Bring Windows Hello Out of Beta

Windows Hello has been integrated into Windows 10 since the platform launched, but only as a beta release. Microsoft wants to fully launch the authenticator that relies on biometrics, but is asking Insiders to offer advice on whether the service is ready.
Windows Hello RSA Demo

Microsoft Confirms Android and iOS as Windows Hello Companions

Microsoft is working Windows Hello solutions for both iOS and Android, including two-factor authentication and fingerprint scanning support.
Bio Key Sideswipe Windows Blog Official

Microsoft Introduces Windows Hello Compatible Fingerprint Scanners

The company’s Windows team talked up the launch of new Windows Hello compatible peripherals from BIO-key International Inc. Three compact USB fingerprint readers make accessing Windows 10 apps and services easier.
Windows Hello Authentication Microsoft Official

Microsoft Passport Features Folding into Windows Hello with Anniversary Update

Windows Hello will become the sole authenticator with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, but the change to end users is only a semantic one of branding.
Microsoft Build  Keynote

Build 2016: Windows Hello Comes to Edge Browser

Microsoft announced that its biometric security software, Windows Hello, will be coming to the Edge web browser as a first of its kind feature for supporting websites.
Windows Hello official microsoft

Microsoft Researching Face Recognition Biometrics for Windows Hello

Redmond used a public gathering in Seattle to help the Windows Hello software improve the way in which it reads faces, with the end goal being the use of facial recognition as a security feature.
Windows Hello official microsoft

Biometrics Login: Firmware Update Adds Windows Hello To Surface Pro 4 And Surface Book

Microsoft has quietly released a firmware update which has enabled “Windows Hello” on both The Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. The update has come right before the official launch of these devices in global market.