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Microsoft Defender Updates Windows 11 and Windows 10 Install Image Security Definitions

Microsoft Defender is getting new security definitions to account for outdated Windows 11 and Windows 10 OS installation images.

Microsoft Pulls the Trigger on Windows 10, Ends Feature Support

Microsoft says it will no longer provide new features to Windows 10, with Windows 10 22H2 the final major update for the OS.

Microsoft Issues Intel MMIO Stale Data Vulnerabilities for Windows 10 1507 and Windows Server...

A month after sending out mitigation for Intel MMIO Stale Data Vulnerabilities for Windows 10 and Windows 11, Microsoft is covering older versions.

Microsoft: Windows 10 Is Also Getting VBS Support

It seems that Microsoft is adding VBS on Windows 10 by default, possibly resulting in worse gaming performance on the platform.
How to check device driver versions on Windows 10

How to Check and Update Drivers on Windows 11/Windows 10

We show you how to check a device driver version in Windows 11/Windows 10 using Device Manager and PowerShell.

How to Disable the Windows Key in Windows 11/Windows 10

We show you how to turn off Windows key completely or certain Window key hotkey combinations using Gpedit, Regedit and how to remap the Windows key for other funcitons.
Featured - How to restart Graphics Driver in Windows 11 and 10

How to Restart, Reset or Update the Graphics Driver in Windows 11/Windows 10

We show you how to restart the graphics driver in Windows without rebooting and how to reset or upgrade the graphics driver if it does not work properly.
Featured - How to install fonts in Windows 11 and Windows 10

How to Install Fonts in Windows 11 or Windows 10

We show you how to install fonts in Windows 11 / Windows 10 to use them in applications like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and where you can download fonts for free.
Featured - How to disable automatic updates in Windows 11

How to Turn off Automatic Updates in Windows 11 / Windows 10

We show you how to disable automatic updates in Windows completely, pausing them for up to 35 days, setting your Wi-Fi as a metered connection, or disabling the Windows Update service.

AMD Fixes Windows 11 and Windows 10 Ryzen/Radeon DirectX Performance Flaw

AMD has rolled out a fix to solve performance issues on Windows 11 and 10 that is affecting Radeon GPUs and Ryzen CPUs.

February 2023 Patch Tuesday Brings Fresh Bug to Windows 11 and Windows 10

Microsoft says February 2023 Patch Tuesday is causing DirectX/Direct3D apps to misbehave on Windows 11 and 10.

Microsoft Won’t Stop Windows 10 Download Installs despite Halting Sales

Microsoft will stop selling Windows 10 through official channels next week, but users can still download the OS after that date.
Windows 10 - WinGET GUI

WinGet 1.4 Is Now Available on Windows 11 and Windows 10

Microsoft’s Windows Package Manager – WinGet – for Windows 11 is moving to version 1.4 with new zip extraction support.
Featured - How to Delete Temporary Files in Windows 11 and Windows 10

How to Delete Temporary Files in Windows 10 / Windows 11

We show you two methods on how to delete temp files in Windows 10 and Windows 11 and through File Explorer and Command-Line.

Windows 11 Is Not Offering Major Performance Gains over Windows 10

While Windows 11 still bests Windows 10 in some areas on Intel’s Raptor Lake platform, Windows 10 also wins some performance tests.

Microsoft Confirms Broken Update is Now Installing on Windows 11 22H2 and Windows...

Microsoft has confirmed a buggy patch meant for older Windows builds is now installing on Windows 11 20H2 and Windows 10 22H2.

Valve Makes Windows 10 Improvements on Steam Deck

The Steam Deck handheld gaming device is receiving new Windows 10 drivers from Valve, although not with dual boot.

Microsoft Urges Windows 10 21H1 users to Update to Windows 11

Microsoft is using November Patch Tuesday to point Windows 10 21H1 users in the direction of Windows 11 as EOS looms.

Microsoft: Windows 10 October Patch Tuesday Broke OneDrive

Microsoft says the October Patch Tuesday update for Windows 10 is causing OneDrive to randomly fail and create more syncing problems.

Microsoft Starts Rolling Out Windows 10 22H2

Users can now manually install Windows 10 22H2 (Build 19045.2006), although Microsoft is staying quiet on features.