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WhatsApp Backtracks on Controversial Facebook Privacy Policy

Facebook wants to tap into WhatsApp user data, but a new privacy policy will only enforce acceptance for commercial messaging.
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WhatsApp Brings Biometric Support to Desktop and Web

Users of WhatsApp o desktop and web can now use biometrics when syncing the app, although not from device stored biometric data.
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WhatsApp on Windows 10 Gets Video and Voice Calls

WhatsApp Desktop is bringing video and voice calling capabilities to Windows 10 for the first time, although in limited preview.
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Evolving Iran-Backed Android Malware Now Spies on Skype, WhatsApp, and Instagram

Malware developed by the state sponsored APT39 group for Android can now spy on activity on Skype, WhatsApp, and intercept SMS.

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages are Now Rolling Out

WhatsApp is bringing its disappearing messages to all users this month, allowing messages to automatically delete.

WhatsApp Debuts New Storage Options to Better Manage Media Files

WhatsApp has released a new storage management system that allows users to see media files and take bulk actions on them.

WhatsApp Debuts Search the Web Tool to Fact Check Fake News

WhatsApp wants Search the Web to act as a fact checker for users by helping them understand if information is correct or not.

Upcoming WhatsApp Update Adds Animated Stickers and 8 Video Call Participants

WhatsApp has confirmed an update that will add numerous new features across platforms, including a Dark Mode and QR code expansion.
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WhatsApp Click to Chat is “Leaking” User Phone Numbers Online

A researcher has found 300,000 WhatsApp user phone numbers through Google Search and says the leak poses a major identity theft risk.

Germany’s Tough Stance Against Zoom and WhatsApp Has Left Users Confused

Regulators in Germany are warning users away from Zoom, WhatsApp, and other communication platforms, while banning some from public offices.

WhatsApp Cracks down on Coronavirus Mass-Forwarding

WhatsApp users can only forward 'double tick' messages to one user at a time, reducing spam as Facebook ramps up its own coronavirus information efforts.

WhatsApp Restricts Double Arrow Messages to Stop COVID-19 Misinformation

WhatsApp says users can only send one double arrow message per chat to avoid the spread of misinformation around COVID-19.

WhatsApp Could Bring Self-Destructing Messages to Individual Chats

WhatsApp seems to be working on bringing its tool for automatically deleting messages to individual chat feeds.
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WhatsApp Desktop Vulnerability Confirmed By Facebook

A WhatsApp Desktop vulnerability could allow attackers to access user system files if they click on a malicious link.

WhatsApp Delete Messages Feature to be Limited to Group Chats

WhatsApp is developing a feature that allows users to set a time frame to delete messages, but it will be locked to group chats.

WhatsApp’s Latest Flaw Could Have Let Attackers Crash Loop the App at Will

A WhatsApp flaw let researchers crash group chat victim's phones, forcing and uninstall and deletion of the entire message history.

Report: The FTC May Stop Facebook’s Instagram Direct, Messenger, and WhatsApp Integration

The FTC is reportedly weighing whether Facebook's integration of its messaging services could hamper its ability to break the company up if needed.

WhatsApp Adds Much-Requested Call Waiting Feature

WhatsApp on Android now has a call waiting feature that alerts users on a call when another call is incoming on the platform.

WhatsApp Gains Productivity Push with Any.do Task Management Integration

WhatsApp users who also subscribe to Any.do can now manage tasks directly in the messaging app thanks to an integrated bot.

WhatsApp Vulnerability Opened Users to Remote Code Execution via a Simple Video File

A WhatsApp vulnerability lets hackers cause a buffer overflow via specially crafted MP4 file, letting them perform an RCE or DoS attack/