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How to Safely Use the Windows Registry Editor (Regedit) in Windows 10

Windows 10 Registry Vulnerability Could Leave PCs Exposed

A new flaw in Windows Registry on Windows 10 allows low privilege access, but it is unclear which PCs are affected.

Microsoft Rewards $50,000 to Researcher Who Found Microsoft Account Hijack Vulnerability

A flaw in Microsoft Account authentication for forgotten passwords saw the researcher who discovered it get $50,000 from Microsoft.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on Mac Gets Support for Vulnerability Assessment

The vulnerability assessment tool for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on Windows is now coming to MacOS enterprise machines.

Microsoft Confirms Patch for Xbox Website Vulnerability

Microsoft says it sent out a patch last month for a problem found in the Xbox web portal, allowing attackers to access personal information.

Microsoft Fixes GlueBall Windows 10 Vulnerability it Ignored Since 2018

Last week’s Patch Tuesday fixed the GlueBall Vulnerability in Windows 10, exactly two years after it was first reported to Microsoft.

Windows BootHole Vulnerability Could Give Attackers Near Total System Access

The BootHole vulnerability effects Windows and Linux systems at a Secure Boot level, making it a critical flaw that could give wide system access to attackers.

Zoom Has a Vulnerability That Allows Attackers to Access Windows Login Details

A new Zoom vulnerability that opens Windows credentials comes days after the British Prime Minister sparked security concerns on the platform.
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Microsoft Fixed an Azure Security Vulnerability before Researchers Could Report It

A bug in the Microsoft Azure portal's javascript parsing let security researchers steal the access tokens of an external organization. The tech giant managed to fix the issue before there were any public reports.
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Microsoft Rolls out a Patch for Leaked SMBv3 Vulnerability

Admins are urged to apply the SMBv3 vulnerability patch right away to avoid a potential WannaCry-like crisis.

March Patch Tuesday Leaked Details of a Wormable Server Message Block Vulnerability

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday accidentally leaked details of a bug in Server Message Block (SMB) that has been described as wormable.
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Microsoft Exchange Vulnerability Has Been Targeted by Government-Backed Hackers

Security firm Volexity has confirmed a Microsoft Exchange bug has been exploited by several groups associated with governments.
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WhatsApp Desktop Vulnerability Confirmed By Facebook

A WhatsApp Desktop vulnerability could allow attackers to access user system files if they click on a malicious link.

Google Details Apple Safari Vulnerability That Allows Third-Parties to Spy on Users

Google has found 5 vulnerabilities in Safari Intelligent Tracking Protection that could allow third parties to track browsers.

WhatsApp Vulnerability Opened Users to Remote Code Execution via a Simple Video File

A WhatsApp vulnerability lets hackers cause a buffer overflow via specially crafted MP4 file, letting them perform an RCE or DoS attack/
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Linux Root-Level Vulnerability Leaves Millions of Devices at Risk

A vulnerability in the Linux Sudo utility means bad actors could gains root-level permission and run dangerous commands.

WhatsApp Vulnerability Leaves Android Devices Open to Attack

A vulnerability in WhatsApp could allow attackers to introduce an RCE attack through sending infected GIF files.

Patched LastPass Vulnerability Opened Users to Password Theft from Malicious Sites

A now-resolved LastPass vulnerability let attackers grab a username and password from the extensions cache when they visited a malicious site.

NetCAT Vulnerability Targets All Intel Server-Grade CPUs Since 2012

According to researchers, a NetCAT is a new attack that targets Intel server processors through the Data-Direct I/O Technology (DDIO).
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Facebook Lawsuit Says It Failed to Warn Users of a Known Security Vulnerability

A court filing accuses Facebook of failing to disclose an access token to its users, despite taking steps to protect its employees. The resulting breach affected up to 29 million people.
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Microsoft Decides to Fix Remote Desktop Vulnerability After Finding Connection with Hyper-V

Microsoft previously said it would not patch a Remote Desktop Protocol issue but has since sent out a fix after it emerged the flaw could affect Hyper-V.