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Microsoft Expands Airband TV White Spaces Project

Microsoft is bringing its Airband internet connectivity technology to parts of Africa and South America in an effort to reach 40 million people.
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Microsoft Partners with RTO Wireless on TV White Spaces Project

RTO Wireless will use TV White Spaces to bring broadband wireless connectivity to 290,000 people in rural Maine and New York.
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Microsoft Partners with Packerland Broadband in TV White Spaces Expansion

Packerland Broadband will use TV White Spaces to bring broadband connectivity to rural areas in the Michigan region.
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Microsoft Airband Trademark Points to TV White Space Internet Expansion

TV White Space technology could get a lift from the recently trademarked Airband solutions, which helps machines connect to white space frequencies.
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Microsoft’s TV White Space Technology Used to Help Hurricane Hit Nations

Microsoft and partners have used TV White Space technology to reconnect residents in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands after recent hurricanes.
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Microsoft Pushes for FCC Approval of TV White Space WiFi in the US

Microsoft is renewing its push for clear rules around the licensed and unlicensed spectrums of TV white space amid a senate committee hearing.

Microsoft’s Whiteboard Collaboration App Lands on Microsoft Store

Whiteboard is available in public preview on the Store, giving users a collaboration space on the Windows 10 platform.
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Microsoft Plans Bring Broadband to 2 Million U.S Citizens via $10 Billion White Spaces...

Microsoft's White Spaces project plans to provide high-speed broadband to rural areas at a fraction of the cost of 4G or WiFi. It has a longer range, better signal penetration, and could cover 12 states by next year.
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India Approves Pilots for Google´s Internet Balloons and Microsoft´S “White Spaces”

The Indian government has approved projects from Microsoft and Google which aim to provide Internet connectivity in remote rural areas with no or limited internet access.
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Microsoft Teams with Watch Communications to Expand Airband Project

Microsoft Airband and Watch Communications have announced a new partnership to expand rural broadband availability through TV White Space technology.
White Spaces Project Micrsoft Spectrum

Microsoft Airband to Bring Rural Internet Access to 125,000 in Illinois, Iowa, and South...

Microsoft Airband will bring internet to underserves communities in the states, making use of unused TV white spaces to deliver high-speed, long-distance connections.
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Microsoft Gives an Airband Update as It Reaches Its Half-Way Point

Airband reached a further 633,000 people since 2019, marking a significant acceleration of growth and hundreds of rural communities with access to broadband.
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Microsoft Extends Airband Project to 9 Million More People with Nextlink Partnership

Microsoft has partnered with Nextlink Internet to bring its Airband technology to 9 million people across six states.
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Microsoft’s Rural Broadband Initiative Now Plans to Serve a Further 1 Million People by...

After a successful year, Microsoft is planning to roll out its rural broadband initiative to a million more people by 2022 and reach 25 states by 2020.

Microsoft Discusses Internet Accessibility Growth with the Affordable Access Initiative

The company has reaffirmed its commitment to using the Affordable Access Initiative to bring accessible internet to more people. The AAI Grant Fund is returning in 2017 and Microsoft has received double the applications from potential partners.
AAI Grant Winners Microsoft

Microsoft Names 12 Grant Recipients of Affordable Access Initiative

Funding will be provided to 12 companies aiming to develop technology to extend internet access through Microsoft’s Affordable Access Initiative.
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Microsoft funds development of low cost internet solutions by partners, pays up to $75,000

Microsoft' Affordable Access Initiative, announced today the funding of companies in undeveloped markets in the effort of providing affordable internet access.

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