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Is Microsoft Returning to the Surface Phone with Whole New Series of Devices?

Microsoft will supplement a folding Surface Phone with a group of fixed-display Surface smartphones on Android.

Microsoft Surface Phone Patent Shows Device with 3 Displays

Microsoft has detailed a Surface Phone follow-up for the Surface Duo that adds another screen to the dual-screen form factor.

Microsoft Patent Furthers Surface Phone Dual-Screen Technology

Perhaps the Surface Phone is not dead. A new Microsoft Patent shows a mobile device with a hinge system for dual-screen unlocking.
Surface phone render Bartlomiej Tarnowski

Surface Phone Re-emerges in Patent for Smartphone/Tablet Hybrid

A new Microsoft patent shows how the Surface Phone will have a continuous flexible screen that could redefine mobile hardware.
Surface phone render Bartlomiej Tarnowski

Microsoft’s Panos Panay Confirms Surface Phone is Real

Panay said the much-rumored Surface Phone is his “baby” but warned no firm plans are in place for launching such a device.
Surface Pro  Microsoft

Microsoft’s Surface Event Promises New Hardware, but Not Andromeda Surface Phone

Microsoft has confirmed a Surface event for Oct. 2, but the Andromeda devices will not be launched as Microsoft will focus on existing Surface products.
Surface phone render Bartlomiej Tarnowski

Report: Microsoft Kills Surface Phone, Turns Andromeda to Safer Laptop Device

Microsoft has apparently decided against launching the Surface Phone due to a lack of apps. The company will now focus on a less original laptop for the AndromedaOS.

Intel Tiger Rapids Dual-Screen Prototype Evokes Microsoft’s Surface Phone Plans

Tiger Rapids as an Intel prototype showing a mobile computing device that looks like a small dual-screen laptop, similar to Microsoft’s Surface Phone.
Surface phone render Bartlomiej Tarnowski

Dell Working on Surface Phone Inspired Januss Dual Screen Smartphone

Working off Microsoft’s existence and fuelling Surface Phone existence, the Dell Januss seems to have been confirmed through a demo application.
Surface phone render Bartlomiej Tarnowski

Microsoft Solves Two Folding Screen (Surface Phone) Issues with New Patents

Two new patents from Microsoft show how its Surface Phone would overcomes lighting and OC compatibility issues brought by a dual folding construction with hinges.
Surface phone render Bartlomiej Tarnowski

Microsoft Reintroduced Phone APIs to Windows 10, Fueling Surface Phone Rumors

The device that just won’t die, the Surface Phone could still be on Microsoft’s agenda as the company seems to have maintained an interest in mobile development.
Surface phone render Bartlomiej Tarnowski

Microsoft Executive Hints Surface Phone as Patent Development Continues

Microsoft’s Indian president has not ruled out a Surface Phone being released. In the meantime, it seems Microsoft continues to work on the rumored flagship and has solved one design problem.
Lumia Phone X official Microsoft video leak

Microsoft Developing Hardware on Snapdragon 845, but Don’t Expect Surface Phone

While we wait for the Surface Phone, job listing from Microsoft asks for a smartphone expert and points to the company using the Snapdragon 845 in a new device.

Microsoft to Hold Surface Keynote Next Month, Surface Phone Imminent?

A Surface-focused keynote will open Future Decoded next month, according to reports. The Surface Phone is just one of the devices that could be launched at the event.

Did Microsoft’s Surface Phone Just Turn Up on Facebook?

A new graphic from an official Microsoft channel shows a device that could be the Surface Phone. However, call us party-pooper, but we are sceptical.
Surface phone render Bartlomiej Tarnowski

Surface Phone with Windows C-Shell Could be Coming Soon

A new report points to two sources who say the Surface Phone is in deep development and will launch with Microsoft’s C-Shell for Windows.

Microsoft Patent Shows Improved Windows Hello Iris Authentication, Potentially for Surface Phone

A new patent for mobile technology shows a new iris scanning capability for Windows Hello. The added authentication could potentially be used in the Surface Phone.
Surface Book Hinge Windows Blog

Microsoft Could be About to Announce a New Surface Category of Device … Surface...

It is becoming likely that Microsoft will hold a Spring 2017 Hardware event. As the company’s hardware output is now with Surface, what new product will the company be launching? Cue the speculation.
HP Elite x3 Mobile Retail and Mobile Scanning Solution Image 4

Microsoft Surface Phone is the Mobile PC Answer, Not UMPC Devices

The idea of an ultra-mobile PC device has the feel of been there, done that. If Microsoft is going to redefine mobile as a business-baiting sector that touts full PC capabilities, the company’s Windows 10 ARM-based developments and Continuum will be crucial.
Microsoft Lumia  Microsoft

Microsoft is Working on Smartphones in 2017, Surface Phone Coming 2019

A new report points to a new Windows 10 Mobile device coming this year. However, this will not the Surface Phone, which could be delayed until 2019. Does this raise some serious questions about whether the Surface Phone exists?

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