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New Microsoft Whiteboard Coming to Windows 10, iOS, and Surface Hub

Following a release on Android, Microsoft Teams, and web, the new Microsoft Whiteboard is expanding to more platforms.
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Microsoft: Windows 10 Team 2020 Update Finally Coming to All Surface Hub Users

Microsoft has updated on its postponed Windows 10 Team 2020 Update latter phases and is now rolling the update out to Surface Hub.

Microsoft Won’t Release Surface Hub 2X This Year

Microsoft has seemingly postponed the Surface Hub 2X again and this time it seems the device will never be released.

Surface Hub 2 Camera and Pen Discovered on Microsoft Store

The Surface Hub 2 Camera and Pen are now listed in the Microsoft Store, although the additional devices don’t come cheap.

Microsoft Announces Surface Hub 2S, a Movable Collaboration Tool

The 55-inch Surface Hub 2S comes with a battery and cart to allow easy movement throughout an enterprise environment.
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Microsoft’s Surface Webcams Are Codenamed Bari and Could Come to Surface Hub 2

Surface webcams are being developed under the name Bari, but at least one is being called Aruba, the codename for Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2.
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Microsoft Announces Surface Hub 2S and 2X Variants, Delays Software to 2020

The Surface Hub 2S will release in 2019, but orginizations will have to wait a little longer for its upgraded brother, the 2X, as well as new software.

Microsoft Teams Arrives on Surface Hub Devices

Users of the Surface Hub can now download the Microsoft Teams application 18 months after the workplace chat service was launched.

Microsoft Unveils Surface Hub 2 with 50.5-Inch 4K+ Display

The Surface Hub 2 features a huge display that can be paired with up to four others for a collaborative meeting environment. The device will launch in 2019 and its specs are currently unknown.
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Microsoft Shuttering Surface Hub Plant at Cost of 124 Jobs

Just weeks after cutting thousands of sales positions, Microsoft says it will cut 124 jobs from its Surface Hub plant in the U.S. However, the company says the device will continue to be made.

Microsoft Windows 10 Team for Surface Hub Receives Creators Update

The Windows 10 Team Creators Update is now rolling out to the Surface Hub. The release brings easier access to Office 365 accounts and cloud-saved content, as well as a smoother Skype experience.

CollaBoard: A Real-Time Virtual UWP Workspace with Surface Hub Support

CollaBoard is a virtual workspace app that can be used among different Windows 10 devices simultaneously. Using it with the Surface Hub allows for more interactive meetings, where all participants can join in with their own devices, bringing their ideas to the big screen.
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Microsoft Announces New Surface Hub Subscription Model for Businesses

Microsoft's Surface Hub subscription model will work similarly to the Surface as Service Program. It's made possible by collaboration with Maverick and aims to meet the growing demand for such models.

Microsoft Confirms Surface Hub Sales Figures

A day after saying the Surface Hub has sold well, Microsoft has clarified the numbers to show some units have yet to be shipped to customers. Still, the device has been a huge success over the last nine months.
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Microsoft Launches Surface Hub Try-And-Buy Program

Coming to Europe and the US this winter, the Surface Hub Try-And-Buy program lets bulk customers use the device for 30 days before buying. Microsoft says the demand for the Hub continues to increase against expectations.

Surface Hub Sales Outweighing Demand Says Microsoft

The business minded large screen Surface Hub has been a huge success for the company. Enterprises have embraced the device Microsoft says.

Leak: Windows 10 Build 14371 for Surface Hub Download Links Appear Online

The leak features altered Start Menu, UI and apps list and includes pretty much everything that Microsoft has introduced with the Surface Hub so far.
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PerceptiveIO: Important Surface Hub and HoloLens Researchers leave Microsoft for new Project

As noted by user Walking Cat on Twitter, a number of researchers behind the development of Microsoft´s HoloLens headset and the Surface Hub Workplace...

Microsoft Debuts New 5G Surface Duo 2 Android Smartphone

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 lands with refreshed design, outside display, and triple camera module to address problems form the first generation.

Microsoft’s GitHub Copilot Met with Backlash from Open Source Copyright Advocates

According to some critics, Microsoft’s recently announced GitHub Copilot breaches copyright by using open source code snippets.