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Skype Preview Adds Free Phone Calls to Ukraine and Auto-Translation for Ukrainian Language

Microsoft is making Ukraine-focused changes to the Skype app, including free calls in the country and Ukrainian translation.

Microsoft Skype Test: Can You Solve the Puzzle 10 times to Use the Service?

Microsoft is using an annoying puzzle captcha for Skype on Microsoft Accounts that must be solved 10 times before accessing the app.

Microsoft Expands Skype Together Mode to 1:1 Calls

Skype has had Together mode from Microsoft Teams for some time, but is now expanding the feature to work on 1:1 calls.
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Evolving Iran-Backed Android Malware Now Spies on Skype, WhatsApp, and Instagram

Malware developed by the state sponsored APT39 group for Android can now spy on activity on Skype, WhatsApp, and intercept SMS.

Skype Insiders Get Meet Now in Windows 10

A new Skype Insider update is adding the Meet Now tool to the Windows 10 system tray, while the release also adds Android 11 improvements.

Skype Meet Now Windows 10 Integration Reaches More Users

Microsoft says its Zoom competitor Skype Meet Now is now reaching all Windows 10 users on versions 20H2 and older.

Skype Preview Version 8.65 Arrives With a Host of New Features

Among the new tools in Skype Preview version 8.65 are a new Raise Hand tool, background blur on Android, and Meet Now for Safari.

Microsoft Targets Zoom, Brings Skype Meet Now to Windows 10

Meet Now allows Windows 10 users to access Skype meetings directly within the operating system by clicking an icon link.

Microsoft Skype Switches from React Native to Electron

Microsoft has confirmed Skype is now based on Electron. Version 8.61 is available across platforms with several new features.

Microsoft Teams and Skype Interoperability Goes Live

Microsoft Teams and Skype are now connected as promised by Microsoft in March. Both services are now connected across some features.

Microsoft Sticks with Skype, Issues Major Update with 3X3 Video Call Support

Skype is not giving way to Microsoft Teams just yet. Version 8.60 adds support for nine participants on a video call and many other new features.

Report: Microsoft Teams and Skype Integration Has Been Delayed Until June

A report suggests Microsoft has delayed its Skype and Microsoft Teams integration by another month, despite the roadmap showing a May launch.
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Skype Phishing Attack Targets COVID-19 Remote Workers

A new phishing attack targeting Skype users during the COVID-19 outbreak has been discovered. Researcher describe the attack as detailed.

Skype Receives Microsoft Teams’ Custom Background Feature

Microsoft’s custom background tool for Microsoft Teams is now available in Skype on Windows, Linux, Mac, and web.

Microsoft Forgotten GroupMe App Scores Skype Video Call Integration

Microsoft does not show its GroupMe app much love, but now the app is receiving a direct link to Skype on Android.

Microsoft Promotes Skype Meet Now as Zoom Alternative

Microsoft says the Skype Meet Now is a better alternative than Zoom during the COVID-19 outbreak because it has less requirements.

Skype Preview Updated to Build 8.59 on the Insider

Microsoft’s Skype Preview has received an update focused on new features, including the ability to share files from File Explorer.

Skype Preview Could Ditch React Native for Electron Framework

A Skype Preview build suggests Microsoft could revert the application back to Electron instead of the React Native framework.
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You Can Use Skype for Free, Signup-Less Meetings during Coronavirus Isolation

Skype Meetings let users host free conferences with advanced features at no cost. They could be the perfect solution for smaller businesses affected by coronavirus.

Microsoft Teams and Skype to Become Connected in April

Starting next month, Microsoft Teams and Skype users will be able to call and message each other through a new integration.