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Phil Spencer: VR for Xbox Scarlett Isn’t a Focus Because “Nobody’s Asking”

VR is not a focus for Xbox Scarlett, says Microsoft's Phil Spencer, with current offerings yet to take off in a major way and little demand from consumers.

Xbox Scarlett: Microsoft to Learn from Mistakes in Terms of Pricing

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer says the Xbox Scarlett will be priced competitively against PS5 to avoid mistakes made with the Xbox One.
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Xbox All Access Bundles Return with Upgrade for Xbox Scarlett

Microsoft has announced Xbox All Access for this holiday season, with an upgrade path for the upcoming Xbox Scarlett thrown in.

Gamescom 2019: Microsoft Says Xbox Scarlett Will Have a Big CPU Upgrade

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has talked up the specs of Xbox Scarlett, hinting at a huge CPU upgrade while promising the removal of loading screens.

Xbox Scarlett Will Not be Available in Streaming Variant Says Microsoft’s Gaming Chief

According to Phil Spencer, head of gaming at Microsoft, the company’s upcoming Xbox Scarlett will not be available in a cloud streaming version.

Xbox Scarlett Focuses on High FPS and Smoothness Says Phil Spencer

Microsoft’s gaming chief says the upcoming Xbox Scarlett ninth-generation console will offer a better gaming experience beyond high resolution.

Microsoft’s Xbox Project Scarlett Will Be One Console, Not the Rumored Two

Microsoft's next-generation 'Lockhart' console appears to have been scrapped for the time being while the company focuses on a single powerful Project Scarlett release. Developers were reportedly struggling to optimize for two consoles.

Xbox Scarlett Will Be Backward Compatible with Current Xbox One Controllers and Accessories

Xbox Scarlett will support the Elite 2 Controller, as well as regular Xbox One controllers and accessories. The move should help cut costs for local co-op scenarios.

Xbox Project Scarlett Announced: Coming 2020 with 8K Resolution and 120fps

Xbox Project Scarlett was announced today, ushering the next generation of console gaming with huge performance gains and streaming support.

Xbox Scarlett Won’t Offer 240fps, Will Be Enterprise-Ready

Brad Sams has poured cold water on the idea that Xbox Scarlett or Anaconda will deliver 240fps performance, and its all because of computing power.
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Microsoft Seeks Xbox Employees for Project Scarlett Development

Microsoft is seemingly looking for engineers to help in the development of Project Scarlett, the next generation Xbox console.

Microsoft Xbox Scarlett to Launch Before Sony’s PlayStation 5

Mooted for a 2020 launch, Xbox Scarlett will give Microsoft a head start on the PS5, but the company will have to execute a smooth launch and avoid angering Xbox One X users.

Details Leak about Microsoft’s ‘Xbox Scarlett’ Game Streaming, with Plans for Two Consoles in...

Microsoft's Xbox Scarlett family of devices will allegedly feature a hardware-based and cloud-based console, with all games of each cross-compatible. The streaming console will reportedly solve the latency issues of competitors, allowing for multiplayer FPS gameplay.

Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett Console Reported to Launch in 2020

The company has confirmed it is working on the next generation console after the Xbox One, codenamed Xbox Scarlett and a report suggests it could be launched in 2020.

Leak: Microsoft Xbox Series S (Lockhart) Appears on Xbox One Controller Pamphlet

Reference to the Xbox Series S has been found on an Xbox Game Pass pamphlet shipping with current Xbox One controllers.

Leak: Xbox Controller Suggests Xbox Series S is Real

A leaked next-generation Xbox controller points to the existence of the Xbox Series S, but a 2020 launch remains unlikely.

Leak: Halo Infinite Will Have Free-to-Play Multiplayer and Run at 120 FPS on Xbox...

A retailer has leaked information about the upcoming Halo Infinite game, and it seems as though the information is accurate.

Xbox Series S (Lockhart) is Perfect for Modern Gaming Say Ex-Sony Engineer

An ex-Sony engineer has said Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Series S (Project Lockhart) will compete with the PS5 Digital Edition despite lower power.

Microsoft’s Project Lockhart Shows Up in Leaked Document

A leaked document shows Microsoft is seemingly still working on Project Lockhart as one of “multiple Project Scarlett” consoles.

Does Sony’s PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Put Microsoft On the Back Foot?

Sony announced the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition this week, putting pressure on Microsoft to launch a digital Xbox Series X.