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Microsoft to Enable Copilot in Fabric by Default with Updated Privacy Policies

Microsoft is improving Copilot in Fabric for user privacy and ease of use. They're no longer storing user data and making it automatically activate in May

Microsoft Unveils Privacy-Centric Ad Selection API for Edge Browser

Microsoft unveils privacy-focused ad system (Ad Selection API) for Edge browser. It aims to replace tracking cookies but raises concerns from privacy advocates

Opera Integrates Local Large Language Models for Enhanced Privacy

Opera lets users run AI models directly on their device for a private browsing experience. The browser accesses AI from over 150 models.

Microsoft Expands Priva Portfolio with New Privacy Management Solutions

Microsoft added new data privacy tools to its Priva product. These tools help businesses comply with regulations

Data Privacy Concerns: Over 1,500 Companies Could Be Receiving Your Data from Leading Websites

Popular websites share user data with hundreds of unknown companies for targeted advertising. New transparency measures raise questions about user consent and privacy.
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Microsoft and OpenAI Face Privacy Lawsuit Over AI Data Practices

Lawsuit claims Microsoft and OpenAI's AI development violates privacy by using web scraped data without consent.

Microsoft Enhances Windows 365 with Customer Lockbox Feature for Enhanced Privacy

Microsoft introduced Windows 365 Customer Lockbox, allowing organizations to control data access by Microsoft support.

Microsoft Unveils Ad Selection API for Edge to Preserve Privacy While Supporting Ads

Microsoft ditches third-party cookies in Edge browser, introduces privacy-focused Ad Selection API to deliver relevant ads without user tracking.

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Visitor Notice We will ask you when we need information that personally identifies you (Personal Information) or allows us to contact you. Generally this information...
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Global Actions Spark Against Surveillance Capitalism Aiming to Safeguard User Privacy

US and Europe crack down on how data brokers categorize sensitive information. Even without names or addresses, data can reveal personal details.

European Union Questions TikTok’s Efforts in Protecting Minors and Data Privacy

EU probes TikTok under new law, focusing on child safety, algorithm risks, and ad transparency. Investigation follows EU's review

Data Privacy at Risk in Apple, AMD, and Qualcomm GPUs

Major GPU flaw exposes data in Apple, AMD, & Qualcomm chips. Hackers could steal AI training data & algorithms via "LeftoverLocals" vulnerability.
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Microsoft Steps Up Commitment to European Data Privacy with In-Region Storage Solutions

Microsoft stores all European user data and logs within EU, boosting privacy and complying with GDPR's strict data protection rules.

Google Maps Introduces On-Device Timeline and Enhanced Privacy Features

Timeline data stored on-device, auto-deletion for Location History, enhanced privacy controls for location & activity, plus AI-powered features like Immersive View for Routes.

Signal Introduces Usernames in Staging Environment to Enhance Privacy

Signal is testing a significant new privacy feature that lets users interact without revealing their phone numbers.

Google Chrome to Launch “IP Protection” Feature Enhancing Users’ Online Privacy

Google introduces "IP Protection," a groundbreaking privacy feature for Chrome that safeguards user privacy by masking IP addresses through proxy servers.

Cloudflare and Microsoft Join Forces to Enhance AI and Online Privacy

The Microsoft Cloudshare partnership seeks to allow businesses to operate AI models where they operate best, be it on devices, network edges, or the cloud.
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Google Bard Conversations Indexed in Search Results Raises Privacy Concerns

The recent Bard incident amplifies privacy concerns; users are urged to avoid sharing sensitive information that could be publicly identified with them.

Google Chrome Privacy Sandbox Is Now Available to Majority of Chrome Users

Google Chrome Privacy Sandbox Makes Targeting and Measurement APIs Generally Available.
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Mozilla: All Major Car Brands Fail to Adhere to Most Basic Privacy and Security...

Cars today gather data from a variety of sources including user interactions, connected services, the car's own app, and even third-party services like Sirius XM or Google Maps.

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