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Microsoft Commits to User Privacy and Details Legal Battles with U.S. Government

Microsoft has highlighted three cases where it fought for the right for users to be informed when the U.S. government makes a request for their data.

Google Chrome Updates Privacy Rules to Combat Malicious Web Extensions

Google is next year launching new guidelines for web extensions, including clearer settings on what sites extensions can access

Microsoft Wants Better US Digital Privacy Laws, Consumers Want Companies to Do Better First

While a Microsoft survey found consumers want better digital privacy laws, many want tech companies to get their own houses in order.

LinkedIn, Messenger, Slack Among Messaging Apps Posing Privacy Concerns Through Preview Links

Preview links generated in most popular mobile messaging applications like LinkedIn and Messenger could be leaking information to servers.

Microsoft Clarifies Surface Duo Privacy Settings and Data Collection

Microsoft says the Surface Duo will gather required and optional data from users to enhance the performance of software.

Microsoft Expands Windows 10 Diagnostics to Give Users More Privacy Control

Available in preview for enterprise customers, a new option for Windows 10 diagnostics lets users choose what data they share.

Microsoft Uses Harvard’s OpenDP for New Differential Privacy Platform

Microsoft has announced a differential privacy platform created with Harvard University’s OpenDP, which is available on GitHub.

Microsoft Responds to Researchers Claim That Edge Is the Worst for Privacy

Microsoft says users can turn off the diagnostic collection in settings, and that unlike some other browsers, it lets them delete their data from its servers whenever they wish.

Researchers Say Microsoft Edge’s Telemetry Has the Worst Privacy of Any Major Browser

A research paper suggests the data Microsoft Edge sends to its back-end servers has a persistent hardware-based identifier which could be used to find a user's identity.

The EU’s Privacy Watchdog Is Worried about Google’s Fitbit Acquisition

The European Data Protection Board has raised concerns about Google's plan to acquire wearable-maker Fitbit. The deal, which was confirmed by the search giant...

Facebook Introduces A Trio Of New Privacy-Focused Tools

In an effort to improve privacy, Facebook has introduced three tools, a Privacy Checkup too, Off-Facebook Activity tool, and login notifications.
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COPRA Bills Aims to Give U.S. Similar Privacy Laws to Europe

The COPRA bill was introduced to the Senate and would give the FTC powers to enforce GDPR-like privacy rules on tech companies.

Microsoft Will Support the Privacy-enhancing DNS over HTTPS in Windows 10

DNS over HTTPS will one day be the default for Windows, with a first step already put in place to enhance user privacy.
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Microsoft Will Extend California’s New Privacy Act to All of Its US Customers

Microsoft says it will bring CCPA protections to the entire US, building on its previous GDPR tools.
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U.S. Bill Proposes Jail Time for Tech Executives Involved in Privacy Cases

A proposed bill suggests punishing tech executives with jail time for playing a part in privacy violations and actively lying to regulators.

Google to Pay $200 Million for YouTube Child Privacy Failures

Google has settled with the FTC over an investigation into the way YouTube collects child user data without parental consent.

Lynda.com Library Patrons Are Being Moved to LinkedIn Learning, Creating Privacy Concerns

Users who access Lynda.com via libraries are being forced into creating LinkedIn Learning accounts, which require more user information.

Microsoft Updates Privacy Policy to Confirm Humans are Listening to Cortana Conversations

Microsoft has confirmed that it uses human contractors to listen to users on Cortana and Skype Translator, and will continue to do so.

Dutch Regulatory Says Microsoft Office Online Remains a Privacy Risk

Dutch authorities say Microsoft has not shored up privacy issues on Office Online, Office mobile, or Windows 10 Enterprise.

FTC Settles with Facebook for $5 Billion Over Privacy Failings

Facebook will pay $5 billion for its various privacy transgressions in recent years. Critics say the company got off lightly, while the FTC calls it unprecedented.