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Microsoft Resolves PrintNightmare Issue in Windows 11 2022 Update

Microsoft has fixed the PrintNightmare Windows 11 2022 Update flaw and is lifting the compatibility hold it put on the update.
How to manage Windows Security Tamper Protection feature on Windows 10

Microsoft Confirms Latest PrintNightmare Patch is Breaking Printing for Some Users

Microsoft’s new PrintNightmare patch for Windows Print Spooler is causing printing to not work on some configurations.

Microsoft Confirms PrintNightmare is Back with New Windows Print Spooler Flaw

Microsoft is describing a new PrintNightmare vulnerability in Windows Print Spooler, which gives attackers escalated privileges.

Microsoft Confirms New PrintNightmare Flaws in Windows Print Spooler

Following the recent PrintNightmare vulnerability, Microsoft has found a new flaw in the Windows Print Spooler service.

Microsoft’s PrintNightmare Zero-Day Emergency Patch is Not Working

It seems the emergency patch Microsoft sent out to handle the PrintNightmare zero-day in Windows Print Spooler can be bypassed.

Microsoft Sends Out Emergency Patch for Windows PrintNightmare Flaw

Microsoft has sent out a patch for the PrintNightmare flaw that affects the Windows Print Spooler, including to Windows 7.

Microsoft Confirms PrintNightmare Flaw Affecting Windows Print Spooler

All Windows versions are affected by the PrintNightmare zero-day, which is actively being exploited following an accidental PoC leak.

Microsoft Windows 11 and 10 Overriding User Settings to Install AMD/Nvidia Drivers

Microsoft Windows 11 and 10 are ignoring user choices and forcing the installation of AMD and Nvidia drivers. This has resulted in performance issues and other problems

Microsoft Confirms Broken Update is Now Installing on Windows 11 22H2 and Windows...

Microsoft has confirmed a buggy patch meant for older Windows builds is now installing on Windows 11 20H2 and Windows 10 22H2.

Microsoft Says Windows 11 2022 Update Is Now Breaking the Task Manager

Specifically, the recent KB5020044 release for the Windows 11 2022 Update is breaking the Task Manager in custom color mode.

Microsoft Delivers Windows 11 2022 Update Fix for Gaming Issues

Microsoft is rolling out a preview fix for a gaming performance issue in Windows 11 2022 Update that was affecting some users.

Windows 11 2022 Update Is Freezing When Using IME

Windows 11 2022 is freezing when users are changing modes on Input Method Editor (IME), but mitigation is already available.

Remote Desktop Is Not Working on Windows 11 22H2, but Task Manager Can Help

Microsoft says using Task Manager can thwart a current Remote Desktop issue in Windows 11 22H2, and here we’ll show you how.

Microsoft Confirms 3 New Windows 11 Printer Flaws

Microsoft says three printing problems are affecting Windows 11 and Windows 10, with fixes currently not available.
How to Safely Use the Windows Registry Editor (Regedit) in Windows 10

Windows 10 Registry Vulnerability Could Leave PCs Exposed

A new flaw in Windows Registry on Windows 10 allows low privilege access, but it is unclear which PCs are affected.

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