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Power BI Paginated reports official

Microsoft Power BI Gets Dynamic Subscriptions for Paginated Reports

Microsoft has previewed dynamic subscriptions for paginated reports in Power BI. The feature aims to distribute a personalized copy of a report to each...

Power BI Enhances PowerPoint with App Chart Sharing

Power BI now lets users embed charts from organizational apps into PowerPoint presentations. This enhances data storytelling, collaboration, and decision-making.

Power BI Dataset Scale-Out Arrives in Preview

Power BI Dataset Scale-Out is a new preview solution for enterprise customers that scaled Power BI tools automatically.
Excel Startup Windows Screenshot

Microsoft Excel Gets Power BI for PivotTable Support on the Web

Microsoft Excel on browsers can now connect Power BI data to PivotTables, while the desktop app also received PivotTables improvements.

Power BI Mobile Receives New Navigation and Share Tools

Microsoft has updated its Power BI Mobile app on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, making several improvements to the service.
Power BI Apps

Microsoft Power BI Receives Extensive Update across Services

Microsoft Power BI updates were announced at the Business Applications Summit, including AI improvements and Excel.

Microsoft Power BI Gets More Efficient Multi-Geo Capacities

Microsoft says it has enhanced performance of Multi-Geos in Power BI, making it easier for users to connect to remote locations.

Microsoft Updates Power BI on iOS and Android with Multi-Select Tool

Microsoft has sent out Power BI mobile update to iOS and Android, while the iOS app also received a new docker for the report footer.
Power Bi Microsoft

Microsoft Debuts Over 50 Power BI Additions

Microsoft has detailed over 50 new tools for Power BI, including new features for the Power BI Dataflows experience.

Microsoft Project Overhauled with New Design and Integration with Teams and Power BI

A new update for Microsoft Project has completely transformed the project management solutions with a new UI and integrations with other Microsoft services.

Microsoft Power BI’s Lineage View Feature Gets a Wider Roll Out

Power BI's lineage view gives customers and quick overview of workspace artifacts and external data source connections.
Power Bi Microsoft

Microsoft Offers Substantial Power Bi Report Server Update

Microsoft has sent out a new update for Power Bi Report Server, including changes to Reporting and Analytics, as well as Data preparation.

Power Bi Mobile App Receives UI Overhaul

Microsoft has changed the design of its Power Bi mobile app, introducing a new home page and tabbed navigation bar.

Power BI Mobile Gains B2B Report Sharing for External Organizations

Power BI Mobile now allows users from outside an organization to view reports and content directly from their mobile device.

Microsoft Power BI Gains Presentation Mode on Windows 10

The Windows 10 app of Power BI now has a Presentation Mode that enhances collaboration and conferencing situations.

Power BI Desktop’s August Update Brings Python Integration, Export to PDF, and More

Power BI's August update introduces a number of important features, from a Spark connector to custom Scatter Chart visuals, theming, bookmark groups, and more.
Power Bi Microsoft

Power BI April Update Adds Q&A Explorer Feature

With Q&A Explorer in Power BI, users have another option for managing and organizing datasets with a feature that answers questions on data.
Power Bi Microsoft

Microsoft Bringing Common Data Service for Analytics to Power BI

With CDS for Analytics in Power BI, customers will get a common data schema, accelerated access to data, and customizable and extensible application support.
Azure Government Hero Microsoft

Microsoft Boosts Azure Government with Power BI Embedded, Azure Stack, and Logic Apps

At the Government Tech Summit, Microsoft announced Azure Government is also expanding to two new Secret Regions and two new ExpressRoute locations.
Power Bi Microsoft

Power BI Premium Now Supports 10 times More Capacity for .PBIX Files

Power BI Premiums now supports 10GB Power BI Desktop (.PBIX) files, giving companies more space to manage data.

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