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Four new surface pen colors

Microsoft Patents a Wacky Surface Pen That Doubles as an Earpiece

Microsoft's Surface Pen patent would let it wrap around the ear for a traditional earpiece form-factor while retaining full functionality. The document also hints at a dual-screen foldable.

Microsoft Patent Potentially Solves Folding Screen Creases on Centaurus

A Microsoft patent suggests the company can solve creases in folding screen tech, one of the biggest problems facing early devices.
Microsoft productivity vision magazine

Flexible Display Patent Gives Further Hints at Microsoft’s New Dual Screen Device

A recently published patent details a flexible display and several ways to properly support it. Such methods could minimize durability issues while remaining compact.
Surface Pen Microsoft Official WinBuzzer Collage

Microsoft Patent Describes Surface Pro Stylus Mouse Replacement

A new patent describes a new stylus technology for Surface Pro stylus that will allow the same functionality as a mouse.

Microsoft Patent Gives Hints at USB-C Charging for the Surface Pro 7, New Type...

A newly discovered patent suggests Microsoft is planning to ditch the Connector on the Surface Pro 7, instead opting for USB-C charging. It also details a way to keep the cover closed.

Microsoft Patent Shows Automated Travel Journal System

A new Microsoft Patent describes a system driven by automated AI to help users create travel diaries and link with virtual assistants.

Patent: Microsoft Is Trying to Enhance the Sensitivity of Its Xbox Controllers

A Microsoft patent suggests several ways to mitigate the effect of inconsistent joystick centering on sensitivity regions, with the goal of making input more reliable.

Microsoft Patent Details Concept for a Braille Xbox Controller

Microsoft's Braille Xbox Controller would provide Braille output via a changing display while accepting and voice input and offering haptic feedback.
Surface phone render Bartlomiej Tarnowski

Microsoft Patent Tackles Display Calibration on Dual-Screen Hardware

A new Microsoft patent explains a new method to create a unified viewing experience through calibration on two-display devices.

Google Pixel Watch Looking More Likely as Another Patent Surfaces

A newly published patent reveals several methods Google could utilize for detachable straps on its rumored Pixel Watch.

Microsoft Patent Explains Folding Hinge Assembly for Windows 10 Devices

A new Microsoft Patent showcases a new hinge mechanism for folding screen devices. Another filing details how the company wants to enhance audio on augmented reality devices.

Microsoft Patent Points to New Surface Pro Hinge Mechanism

Microsoft is testing a new kickstand hinge system for Surface Pro and other dual-screen and foldable display products.

Foxconn Says Microsoft is “Falling Behind” in Response to Patent Lawsuit

Foxconn has responded to Microsoft’s recent lawsuit by attacking the company, claiming it has never had a patent agreement with Microsoft.

Microsoft Sues Foxconn For Unpaid Patent Royalties

A 2013 patent licensing agreement between Microsoft and Foxconn has gone south and Microsoft has started legal action for compensation.

Surface Hinge Patent Suggests Method to Increase Stability and Decrease Resistance

A new Surface hinge design would make it harder to accidentally lower while providing little resistance when closing.

Microsoft Patent Wants Cortana to Play Nice with Other Apps

A new Microsoft Patent focused on Cortana wants native voice to be accessible to third-parties, allowing a universal voice command across apps.

Microsoft Patent Shows Folding Screen with “Floating” Connection

A newly discovered Microsoft Patent furthers the company’s development of folding screen technology, including a floating hinge connection.

Microsoft Patent Suggest Surface Devices with Fabric Touch Sensors

Microsoft has an idea to implement fabric in a more useful way on Surface and HoloLens, allowing sensors to sit under a fabric covering.

Microsoft Foldable Patent Unveils Three-mode Smartphone, Phablet, and Tablet

Microsoft describes an RF antenna system that would enable a three-mode foldable, as well as various laptop and tablet form factors.

Dell Patent Points to Dual Folding Screen 2-in-1 Windows PC

Dell is a Windows OEM that continues to join Microsoft in exploring folding and dual-screen hardware. The latest shows a device with two hinged screens.


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