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Microsoft’s Latest Patent Could Automatically Chronicle Users’ Lives

Microsoft's system would automatically collate relevant information in a narrative as a user creates content or posts to social media.

Microsoft Patent Describes AI-Powered 360-Degree Fisheye Camera

A Microsoft Patent shows how a fisheye camera can be used in conjunction with multiple microphones and AI to improve 360-degree FoV.

Microsoft Patent Describes Methods for Managing Excessive Heat on Devices

A newly discovered Microsoft Patent points to a thermal control system that will prevent devices from getting too hot under heavy use.
Hey Cortana Spying on Windows Phone Users

Microsoft Patent Points to a More Emotional Cortana

A newly discovered Microsoft Patent suggest Cortana will get better at remembering conversations and will offer more emotion-based responses.

Microsoft Patent Suggests a File Sharing System That Bugs Users to Read Documents

Microsoft's file-sharing system would surface unread, important documents contextually depending on the number of users in a group who have replied and a person's habits. Links could appear in the recent files list of Office 365.
Xbox One GamePad Source Pixabay

Microsoft Patent Describes New Xbox Controller with Tighter Analog Stick Controls

A new Xbox controller patent details a new control stick movement space that provides more nuanced analog controls.

Microsoft Patent Proposes Notification Screen for Folding Surface Device

A newly discovered Microsoft patent highlights a notification screen for a folding Surface, using the hinge as a digital panel.

Microsoft Patent Experimental Xbox Controllers for Project xCloud

A developmental controller for Project xCloud will be split into separate parts that connect to a smartphone or tablet.

Samsung Patent Suggests Galaxy Active Smartwatch that Can Read Body Composition

A newly discovered patent points to a Galaxy Active watch with the ability to read the body composition of the wearer.

Microsoft Patent Leverages Hybrid Intelligence to Streamline Collaboration

A newly discovered Microsoft Patent proposes a hybrid intelligence solution that will transform inline editing notes.

Microsoft Patent Proposes a Dual-Screen Device Built for Dawn Simulation

A Microsoft patent suggests using a dual-screen device for dawn simulation, with one screen providing a clock display, while the other shines indirect light until a user wakes up.

Hints at a Foldable Surface Tablet Continue with Microsoft’s Latest Flexible Display Patent

Microsoft's patent describes a non-destructive Surface Book-like hinge for a flexible screen foldable device. The method would let the display stay upright at a number of different angles.

Microsoft Surface Pen Patent Suggests Apple Touch Bar-Style Digital Strip

A new Microsoft patent for a Surface Pen update showcases a digital strip that will allow the pen to act as a standalone computing device.
Four new surface pen colors

Microsoft Patents a Wacky Surface Pen That Doubles as an Earpiece

Microsoft's Surface Pen patent would let it wrap around the ear for a traditional earpiece form-factor while retaining full functionality. The document also hints at a dual-screen foldable.

Microsoft Patent Potentially Solves Folding Screen Creases on Centaurus

A Microsoft patent suggests the company can solve creases in folding screen tech, one of the biggest problems facing early devices.
Microsoft productivity vision magazine

Flexible Display Patent Gives Further Hints at Microsoft’s New Dual Screen Device

A recently published patent details a flexible display and several ways to properly support it. Such methods could minimize durability issues while remaining compact.
Surface Pen Microsoft Official WinBuzzer Collage

Microsoft Patent Describes Surface Pro Stylus Mouse Replacement

A new patent describes a new stylus technology for Surface Pro stylus that will allow the same functionality as a mouse.

Microsoft Patent Gives Hints at USB-C Charging for the Surface Pro 7, New Type...

A newly discovered patent suggests Microsoft is planning to ditch the Connector on the Surface Pro 7, instead opting for USB-C charging. It also details a way to keep the cover closed.

Microsoft Patent Shows Automated Travel Journal System

A new Microsoft Patent describes a system driven by automated AI to help users create travel diaries and link with virtual assistants.

Patent: Microsoft Is Trying to Enhance the Sensitivity of Its Xbox Controllers

A Microsoft patent suggests several ways to mitigate the effect of inconsistent joystick centering on sensitivity regions, with the goal of making input more reliable.


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