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Microsoft Confirms Outlook.com Breach but Undersells Severity as Emails Are Compromised

Microsoft’s Outlook.com has been breached, with reports suggesting the service was exploited for 6 months and hackers had full access to emails.

Hackers Are Reportedly Stealing the Bitcoins of Outlook Hack Victims

Several Outlook users claim attackers stole thousands in cryptocurrency from their accounts. The accusations come weeks after Microsoft admitted to a hack that compromised the emails of some users.
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Microsoft Says Organizations Should Use a Different Computer for Admin Tasks

Microsoft recommends organizations use a different device for admin tasks, ditch passwords, and switch to a roles-based system rather than a username one.
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Facebook Admits Millions of Instagram Passwords Were Stored in Plain Text

Facebook says millions of Instagram users were affected by a bug that stored their passwords in a readable format on internal servers. The company says no abuse was discovered, but employees inadvertently returned the records in their searches.
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Microsoft’s Bitcoin-Based ION Offers a New Solution for Online Identifiers

Microsoft is looking to create a massively scalable Blockchain solution of digital identities. OIN is based on an in-progress protocol that it wants to scale to support millions of users.

A SharePoint Server Vulnerability Is Being Exploited for Academic and Manufacturing Attacks

A SharePoint vulnerability that enables arbitrary code execution is being exploited in Saudi Arabia and Canada, with the latter reporting attacks against industry, academic facilities, and manufacturing. Microsoft has since patched the exploit.
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Hackers Took down The Weather Channel for 90 Minutes

The Weather Channel was compromised by an attack that took its live broadcast down for over an hour, raising questions about the possibility of censorship in the future.

Microsoft 365 Business Receives Data Security Protection Features

Microsoft 365 Business customers will get the data-protection and security features that debuted for Enterprise subscribers last year.
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Former Yahoo Employees Admit to Mass Email Spying for Government, Microsoft Denies Any Involvement

Three former employees have revealed a secret Yahoo program that searched through millions of emails on behalf of the US government.
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Microsoft Expands Office 365 Security Feature to OneDrive

A new update to OneDrive on Windows, iOS, and Android introduces Data Loss Prevention Policy Tips. It is the latest effort from the company to create a more secure and private cloud experience.
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Microsoft Involved in Massive Email Login Credentials Hack

More than 33 million Microsoft email accounts were breached and user credentials stolen, a new report from Hold Security confirms.
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Microsoft and Industry Giants Working to make Emails Safe

Emails have long gone unprotected, but Microsoft and a group of the industry’s biggest email providers are collaborating on a proposal that would finally secure email accounts from hackers.