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How to Enable Dark Mode in Microsoft Office

How to Enable Office Dark Mode for Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook

We show you how to enable Microsoft Office dark mode for your desktop and online apps of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.
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Microsoft Advises Outlook.com Users to Use Aliases Amid Email Blocking Issues with Gmail

Sending emails from some Outlook.com domains to Gmail is flagging as spam. Microsoft suggests using an alias as a temporary fix.
Featured - How to create and change signatures in Outlook

How to Add or Change a Signature in Outlook

We show you how to create a signature in Outlook using a set of Microsoft-provided templates. We also cover how to change signatures in Outlook if you have one already.

Microsoft Unveils New Outlook for Windows: A Preview Overview

Microsoft plans to replace the classic Outlook with a new, unified app for email and calendar. It's currently in preview for organizations
Featured - How to add BCC or CC in Outlook and Outlook

How to Add BCC or CC in Outlook and Outlook.com

We explain what Cc and Bcc in Outlook are while explaining how to add recipients and what situations to use them in.
Featured - How to change outlook password

How to Change Your Outlook Password

We show you how to change your password in Outlook.com, Outlook 365 and the Outlook app.

Microsoft Rolls Out In-App Teams Meeting Access for Outlook Windows App

Microsoft Teams joins directly in Outlook for Windows update, letting users stay within the app for meetings.
Featured - how to set out of office in outlook

How to Set an Out-of-Office Message in Outlook

We show you how to set up out-of-office in Outlook.com and the Outlook app in our step-by-step tutorial.

Outlook’s New Ad Policy Causes Concern Among Windows Users

New free Outlook app floods users with sneaky ads disguised as emails, sparking fury.

Microsoft Investigates Outlook Connection Issues with Outlook.com Accounts

Microsoft acknowledges widespread issues with connecting Outlook apps to Outlook.com. Various email clients and connection methods are affected

Microsoft 365 Roadmap Introduces Innovative Features to Outlook Coming in March 2024 Update

Outlook revamps UI with cleaner look, drag-and-drop folders, and a hover-activated ellipsis for quicker actions.

Microsoft Exchange Accounts at Risk: Exploitation of Outlook Vulnerability

Russian group Fancybear hacked Microsoft Exchange accounts in US, Europe, and Middle East using a patched Windows Outlook flaw (CVE-2023-23397)

New Outlook for Windows App Now Supports IMAP Account Synchronization

Microsoft's New Outlook for Windows app now enables users to synchronize email data from non-Microsoft accounts, including Gmail and Yahoo.

Microsoft Outlook Introduces Conditional Formatting and OCR Cost Estimation

Microsoft has unveiled two major advancements for Outlook: conditional formatting and OCR cost estimation.

Microsoft Search Now Includes Teams and Outlook Messages

Microsoft Search unveils enhanced features for Microsoft 365 subscribers, including unified search across platforms, Messages and Videos verticals

Microsoft Enhances Outlook with Business Management Tool: Org Explorer

Microsoft Outlook is getting a major upgrade with new features that will turn it into a business management app, including an AI-powered Org Explorer

Microsoft Issues Patch to Disable Unwanted Outlook Prompt

Microsoft's prompt issue was largely due to a default-enabled feature that lacked a straightforward deactivation method for users or administrators.

Microsoft Outlook Web to Get Speech-to-Text Dictation

The latest Outlook feature enables users to draft, reply, and set tone in emails using voice commands.

Microsoft to Introduce Native Translation in Outlook Web

Microsoft's newly introduced native translation feature will allow users to effortlessly translate their email content.

Google Calendar Now Shows Outlook User Display Names in Attendees List

Google has updated its Calendar application to improve compatibility with Microsoft Outlook. This change will now show Outlook user display names.

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