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Microsoft and Open Source Community official

Microsoft Opens Program to Give Azure Credits to Open Source Projects

Microsoft says it will give free Azure Credits to open source projects with an Open Source Initiative (OSI) license depending on approval.

Microsoft’s GitHub Copilot Met with Backlash from Open Source Copyright Advocates

According to some critics, Microsoft’s recently announced GitHub Copilot breaches copyright by using open source code snippets.

Microsoft Open Source CodeQL Used in Solarigate (SolarWinds Attack) Investigation

Microsoft used a CodeQL to investigate the SolarWinds Solarigate malware across its products and has now open sourced it.
Microsoft and Open Source Community official

Microsoft Joins Tech Giants in Forming the Open Source Security Foundation

Microsoft has joined tech rivals like Google and IBM in creating the Open Source Security Foundation to secure open source software.
Microsoft and Open Source Community official

Microsoft FOSS Fund Arrives to Give Employees Ways to Nominate and Fund Open Source...

Microsoft employees can recommend open source projects to the Microsoft FOSS Fund, which will provide $10,000 to successful candidates.

Microsoft Windows Package Manager Accused of Copying Open Source AppGet Tool

The developers of AppGet says Microsoft’s new Windows Package Manager (winget) copies his tool following a meeting with the company last year.

Former Microsoft Windows Chief Defends Open Source Stance, Builds Windows 8 PC on iPad

Steven Sinofsky, a former head of Microsoft’s Windows division says the company’s former stance on open source was understandable at the time.

Microsoft Open Sources 1983’s GW-BASIC Programming Language

Microsoft GW-BASIC can now be downloaded on GitHub. This is a programming language based on the BASIC/BASICA language.

Build 2020: Microsoft Fluid Framework Coming to Consumers and will be Open Source

Microsoft says its Fluid Framework will be available in public preview for all end users soon. The company is also open sourcing the service.

Microsoft’s In-House QUIC Connections Library is Now Open Source

Microsoft says it has open sourced msQuic, its connections library based on the new QUIC protocol, and has plans for wide use.

Microsoft Open Sources SQL Server 2019 Java Language Extension

Microsoft says the Java language extension in SQL Server 2019 is now open source and helps users integrate the tool into runtimes.

Microsoft Unveils Babylon.js 4.1, a Powerful Open Source Web Rendering Engine

Babylon.js 4.1 introduces a powerful node editor to simplify shader creation while providing large WebXR updates and SSR support.

Microsoft Open Sources BERT for ONNX Runtime

Microsoft says ONNX Runtime now helps to power BERT for open source development on the Bing search platform.

Microsoft’s Rust-Based Project Verona Reaches Open Source on GitHub

Microsoft’s Ruse-based Project Verona is now on GitHub. It aims to deal with memory situations to make other languages safer.

The Now Open Source Microsoft Application Inspector Will Help You Probe Third-Party Components

Microsoft Application Inspector helps developers assess the security impacts of third-party components and points out revisions between versions to identify backdoors.

UNSW Leverages GitHub to Open Source its Office Education Classroom

University of New South Wales is open sourcing its Question bot on GitHub, bringing the Azure-powered AI to all developers.
Microsoft LOVES Linux

Microsoft Loves Linux Needs More Work Argues Open Source Leader

Richard Stallman, an open source leader says Microsoft Loves Linux is moving in the right direction, but work is left to be done.

Microsoft’s ElectionGuard Debuts as an Open Source Solution

Microsoft ElectionGuard election security service is now generally available as an open source solution on GitHub.
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Microsoft Debuts Icecaps, An Open Source AI Conversation Modeling Toolkit

Icecaps is a new open source project from Microsoft Research that improves neural conversational networks, allowing for multiple personas.

Microsoft’s Quantum Development Kit Is Now Entirely Open Source

Microsoft's Quantum Development Kit is now open source for all, with its code available on GitHub for contributions and several new features available to aid developers.


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