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Microsoft Is Giving Migrating Samsung Cloud Subscribers a Free Year of OneDrive

Samsung Cloud subscribers can expect free storage for a year, while the free storage of OneDrive is being upped from 5 GB to 15 GB for that period.
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OneDrive Receives Update on Windows 10 and Apple’s iOS

OneDrive on Windows 10 now has an option to toggle Dark Mode, while on iOS the app has an improved shared view experience.

OneDrive on iPadOS Embraces Multiple Windows Features

Microsoft’s OneDrive is on board with the new iPadOS and now supports the platform’s Multiple Windows feature.

Microsoft’s OneDrive Personal Vault Is Now Available to All

OneDrive Personal Vault adds another layer of security to cloud storage for sensitive documents like taxes and passport copies.
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Consumers Can Finally Buy up to 2TB of OneDrive Storage

Office 365 Home and Personal users can now buy more OneDrive storage in 200 GB increments, going as high as an extra terabyte for $9.99.

Windows 10 Photos App to Retire OneDrive Video Sync Feature

Microsoft says it will remove the OneDrive video project sync feature from the Windows 10 Photos application in 2020.
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Microsoft OneDrive New Storage Plans Leaked Online

New OneDrive storage options have been discovered in Microsoft Store listings that are not yet active but should arrive soon.

Microsoft Details July OneDrive Updates, Including New 360° Image Viewer

OneDrive now supports 360-degree images through a native viewer. Microsoft has also expanded the capabilities of its File Card hover tool.
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Microsoft Is Doubling Your Paid OneDrive Storage, Adding a Personal Vault

Personal Vault is rolling out to users, who will note 100GB of storage for the same price as their current $2.99 plan.

Microsoft Is Using Its Other Android Apps to Prompt OneDrive and PowerPoint Installs

Users who have installed Microsoft's Your Phone or Word apps are seeing ads for PowerPoint, Excel, and OneDrive when opening related documents or trying to share most filetypes.

Microsoft Updates OneDrive on Android with Fingerprint Authentication

Android users can now lock and unlock the OneDrive cloud storage application with a fingerprint instead of a PIN.

Microsoft Updates OneDrive with Personal Vault for Encrypted Files

OneDrive now has a personal vault with two-factor authentication, while users can now increase their storage capacity.

Microsoft OneDrive Sees 60% Growth in Hosted Malicious Files

Data from FireEye shows OneDrive hosts 60% more malicious files than it did during the same testing period a year ago.

Microsoft OneDrive February Update Brings Expanded File Hover Card

Microsoft OneDrive will also receive an improved mobile scanning feature this month, as well as the universal Office 365 Navigation Bar.

OneDrive Becomes Default Save Location on Office 365

Microsoft says Office 365 users will now be presented with OneDrive as the default save location to help protect documents.
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OneDrive for Business’ Files on-Demand Debuts on Mac

MacOS Mojave users can now use Files on-Demand in OneDrive for business, allowing fully online editing of files from Finder and SharePoint integration.

OneDrive Mobile to Get MyAnalytics Upgrade, Download Blocking

OneDrive will receive several powerful upgrades by the end of the month, including better analytics on mobile and Camera Upload for business users.

OneDrive for iOS Gets Improvements to PDF Inking After User Feedback

OneDrive for iOS users will now benefit from a smaller brush and better navigation while inking, as well as usability improvements to premium purchasing.
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Insiders Can Finally Share OneDrive Files from Skype

Insiders can finally share OneDrive files directly from Skype, increasing productivity and enabling faster collaboration between users.

Microsoft Brings Mobile Capture to OneDrive in November

Also coming to OneDrive in November is meetings improvements on mobile and Manage Access and Office files improvements for OneDrive.com.


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