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Leak: Microsoft OneDrive Redesign Shows up Online

A leak for the Windows versions of Microsoft OneDrive shows the app is getting a redesigned Settings section.

Microsoft OneDrive to Get Stories Feature

But unlike Instagram and other platforms, Microsoft OneDrive Stories will be private and only for family and friends.

Craigslist Email System Breach Leads to Infected Microsoft OneDrive Document

Threat actors are targeting Craigslist users after breaching the platform’s email system, redirecting them to a Microsoft OneDrive document.

Microsoft OneDrive for SharePoint Gets New Move/Copy System

Microsoft is updating its OneDrive for SharePoint experience with a refresh for the Copy/Move tools on the app. These changes will be coming to...

Microsoft OneDrive Debuts as PWA for Edge and Chrome

Microsoft OneDrive is now available to install as a Progressive Web App (PWA) on Microsoft Edge and Chrome.

Microsoft Brings Passwordless Option to Outlook and OneDrive

A Passwordless option for singing into Microsoft Accounts has also been added to Microsoft Family Safety and other apps.

Windows 10 Gets 64-Bit Version of OneDrive

Microsoft is now rolling out the 64-bit version of OneDrive to Windows 10 users, four months after announcing it in preview.

Microsoft Brings Universal Print to OneDrive

Universal Print is now integrated with OneDrive for Microsoft 365 users, allowing direct printing from within the app.
Featured - How to Use OneDrive’s “Personal Vault” to Secure Your Files

How to Use OneDrive Personal Vault to Passwort-Protect Your Files

We show you how to set up a OneDrive Personal Vault on Windows 10 so that you can safely store a copy of your passport, ID, or other confidential documents.

Microsoft OneDrive Gets New Share Feature on Windows and Web

Windows and Web users of OneDrive will soon see a new Share Dialogue that allows them easily see who has access to files.

How to Uninstall/Remove OneDrive from Windows 10

We show you how to uninstall or remove OneDrive from Windows 10, for all users or just the user that is currently logged in.

Microsoft OneDrive Gets 64-Bit Version on Windows 10

Nearly three years after a 64-bit variant of Microsoft OneDrive came to macOS, Microsoft is finally bringing it to Windows 10.

Microsoft OneDrive Gets Handy New Group Sharing Tools

Users of OneDrive on the web can now create groups before sharing for family and friends. The tool will come to OneDrive sync next year.
How to OneDrive Folder Sync Any Directory via Mklink

How to OneDrive Folder Sync Any Directory on Your PC via Mklink

We show you how to create a OneDrive mklink so you can OneDrive folder sync any directory and keep your files safe.

Microsoft Confirms End of OneDrive Fetch Files, But We Have Some Alternatives

Microsoft says OneDrive Fetch files is going away, but we have recently highlighted some alternatives to the useful feature.

Microsoft Updates OneDrive for Business, Admin, and Consumer Users

Microsoft has revealed an extensive update for OneDrive that covers Microsoft 365 users across several usage bases.
Windows 10 How to Use OneDrive to fetch files on a PC

Windows 10: How to Use OneDrive or TeamViewer to Fetch Files from a Remote...

We show you how to use OneDrive's fetch files feature or TeamViewer File Transfer to download any file from a remote PC, even if it hasn't been synced to the cloud.

Microsoft OneDrive Document Multi-Scan Tool Now Available for Everyone

Microsoft says the OneDrive document scanning mobile feature from Microsoft 365 is now available for free to all users.

Microsoft OneDrive Differential Sync Reaches All Users and File Types

Differential sync for OneDrive allows only changed parts of files to be re-uploaded, helping to streamline productivity and reduce data costs.
OneDrive Devices Microsoft

OneDrive’s Full Differential Sync for Is Now Available to Business and Personal Customers

OneDrive's Differential Sync feature now supports all file types and is available to all, after three years of development and many roadblocks.