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Microsoft to Retire Office Lens App on Windows 10

Microsoft’s photo scanning-digitization tool Office Lens will no longer be available on Windows 10. The app will remain on mobile platforms.

Microsoft Improves OneNote on Android with Office Lens and Sticky Notes

A new update for OneNote on Android has brought improvements to Office Lens, while also adding a Sticky Notes integration.
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Microsoft OneDrive for iOS Gets Office Lens Upgrades

OneDrive for iOS now lets users access Office Lens with a single tap, greatly increasing speed and productivity.

Microsoft Drops Huge Outlook for Mobile Update with Integrations for Microsoft Teams and Office...

Also included in the new Outlook for mobile update are Favorite Notifications and enhancements for the calendar. Microsoft says Outlook is now on 100 million devices.

Office Lens Mobile App Gets Photo Annotation with Inking

The latest Office Lens update for both iOS and Android allow users to annotate photos using the inking tool within the app.

OneNote for Android Updated with Office Lens Integration

As well as integrating with Office Lens, OneNote for Android now allows users to get note-taking features by pressing the app icon.
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Microsoft Updates OneDrive on Android with Office Lens Feature

OneDrive users can now experience an improved scan editing suite that has been borrowed from Microsoft’s Office Lens app.
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Microsoft Updates Office Lens on Android with “Top Requested Feature”

Office Lens on Android now lets users scan multiple images and save them to PDF, Word, and PowerPoint. Microsoft also announced premium features for free accounts.
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Microsoft Rolls out Office Lens Changes: iPad Release, Android and iPhone Updates, Word and...

The updates bring several bug fixes to Android and iOS, as well as improved Learning tools integration, the ability to take Office Lens pictures from Word and Powerpoint, and an iPad app.
Office Lens official Microsoft

Microsoft Updates Office Lens for iOS with Frame Guide and Immersive Reading

The latest version of Office Lens for iOS allows for a much more intuitive reading experience, and also makes it easier for those with vision impairment to line up pictures.
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Microsoft to Integrate Office Lens with OneDrive for Business

The app was previously only integrated with OneDrive. By adding it toOneDrive for Business, Microsoft makes it now available to Office 365 subscribers.
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Microsoft Releases Office Lens to All Windows 10 Devices, Adds Office 365 Support

Microsoft's UWP Office Lens app has been made available on Windows 10 tablets, phones, and desktops, along with support for OneDrive Business and Office 365.
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Microsoft Releases Office Lens UWP Windows 10 App

The Universal Windows Platform has gained a new Windows 10 app in the form of Microsoft’s Office Lens. The service allows users to scan, convert, and share edited whiteboards and documents.
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Microsoft to Provide Unified Speech Service Platform across Windows, Office, Cortana, and HoloLens

The Microsoft Speech Service combines various technologies into a single SDK and API to provide easier access to developers of all skill levels. It includes speech-to-text, translation, and microphone technologies across a number of platforms and programming languages.
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Microsoft’s Chief Envisioning Officer: HoloLens Headset May Not be Needed One Day

Dave Coplin has said that Microsoft is moving quickly with its development of augmented reality. While HoloLens is essential right now, the company is working towards removing the headset for a more intuitive experience.

Microsoft Reaffirms Commitment to HoloLens 2 and Mixed Reality

Microsoft says that HoloLens 2 remains a project it is committed too and is essential or the company’s “Industrial Metaverse”.

HoloLens Competitor Magic Leap Names Microsoft Exec Peggy Johnson as Its New CEO

Peggy Johnson is leaving Microsoft to lead troubled Magic Leap, one of the first competitors of Microsoft’s HoloLens.

Huawei Patent Suggests Three Lens Flip Camera

Huawei is joining the growing tend of flip cameras on smartphones with a patent for a three lens flip module for an upcoming flagship.

Microsoft Confirms Office Mobile Windows Apps Will Leave Support in 2021

Microsoft says its UWP Office Mobile apps will stop receiving security and bug updates from January 12, 2021.
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Microsoft to Livestream Suspected HoloLens 2 Launch Event This Sunday

Microsoft will be live streaming its Mobile World Congress 19 keynote, with teasers pointing to a new and improved HoloLens device.


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