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Skype Unveils Channels Feature in Partnership with Over 3,500 News Providers

Skype adds "Channels" to become a news hub. Partnering with major publishers and using AI, it curates and lets you share news
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Twitter Is Becoming a 24/7 Video News Provider with Bloomberg Partnership

In an effort to attract a bigger audience, the social media company is joining forces with the global finance news outlet to offer a news streaming service within its social network.
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Microsoft Garage Brings News Pro 3.0 to Android

With the launch of News Pro 3.0 for iOS, Microsoft Garage has introduced the news aggregating service on Android for the first time. However, Windows users continue to be frustrated by lack of Garage support.
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News Pro on iOS Gets Improved Search and Rowe Enhancements

Microsoft Garage’s latest update for News Pro on iOS builds on the wider changes introduced in update 2.0, expanding search functionality and improving the Rowe bot.
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Microsoft Garage Introduces News Pro 2.0 with New Bot Called Rowe

The latest update to News Pro adds a personal news agent called Rowe, an automated bot that will help you find news and perform other tasks within the app.

Facebook Debuts Prompt Feature to Stop Fake News

Facebook is putting the responsibility of stopping the spread of misinformation in the hands of user with a new prompt tool.

Windows 10 to Get Project Newsbar from Microsoft News

Project Newsbar is a new tool that will allow users to see content surfaced from Microsoft News on their Windows desktop.

Mozilla’s New Subscription Will Provide Ad-Free News Consumption for $5 a Month

Mozilla is teaming up with Scroll to introduce a $5/month service that promises ad removal, syncing, and more while returning the profits to publishers.
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Microsoft MSN News gets Improved iOS 9 Support

A new update makes MSN News work better on iOS 9. Microsoft has also solved a problem where the service would crash when a session was resumed.
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Elon Musk’s $50 Billion Pay Package Gains Shareholder Approval

Tesla’s investors have officially sanctioned a $50 billion pay plan for CEO Elon Musk, following the company’s annual gathering. The Verge reports that this...

TikTok’s Influence on News Consumption Grows Among Americans

Americans are increasingly turning to TikTok for their news, according to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center. This rising trend is especially evident...

GitHub Repositories Compromised by OAuth-Based Gitloker Phishing Attacks

GitHub advises users to be wary of links in suspicious notifications and report them, and to avoid authorizing unfamiliar OAuth apps, as these can expose data.

Apple Vision Pro Getting visionOS 2 Update with Improved User Experience

Apple has announced visionOS 2, marking an update for its Vision Pro headset. This version brings a bunch of new features and tweaks aimed...
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Perplexity AI Pages Face Plagiarism Allegations from Major News Outlets

Perplexity's CEO Aravind Srinivas has acknowledged the issues, promising the company is working to improve the feature.

Amazon Project PI Enhances Quality Control with AI and Computer Vision

Amazon has rolled out Project PI (Private Investigator), an artificial intelligence initiative aimed at identifying product defects before they are dispatched. Utilizing generative AI...

Nvidia Unveils Project G AI Game Assistant at Computex 2024

Nvidia has unveiled Project G-Assist, an AI-powered tool designed to offer real-time support to PC gamers. The announcement took place at Computex 2024 and...
AMD Ryzen AI 300 Series Processors official

AMD Introduces AI-Focused Ryzen AI 300 Ryzen CPUs and Fastest Consumer Processor

Ryzen AI 300 Processors are available in two models: the twelve-core Ryzen 9 HX 370, operating between 2.0GHz and 5.1GHz, and the ten-core Ryzen 9 365.

Amazon Fire TV Integrates AI for Improved Content Search

Amazon has unveiled a new AI-powered search feature for its Fire TV devices, aiming to improve the search experience for users. This new functionality...
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Google AI Introduces AGREE to Improve LLM Grounding

Google AI has unveiled a novel machine learning framework named AGREE, aimed at reducing inaccuracies in large language models (LLMs). These inaccuracies, often referred...
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OpenAI to Utilize News Corp Articles for AI Development

This includes current and archived material from outlets like The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, MarketWatch, Investor’s Business Daily, The Times, The Sun, and others.

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