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Featured - How to restore the old Volume Mixer in Windows 11

How to Restore the Old Windows 10 Volume Mixer in Windows 11

We show you how to restore the old volume mixer in Windows 11 using the community-made classic volume mixer app.

Mirosoft’s New Windows 11 Volume Mixer Is Now in Testing

Microsoft new volume/audio mixer is now available on Windows 11 in preview, bringing granular controls to the taskbar.

Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome to Get Deeper Volume Mixer Integration on Windows 10

Microsoft is working on an integration with the Windows 10 volume mixer that will allow Microsoft Edge users to control individual browser tabs.

Microsoft Sunsets Mixer, Wants Users to Join Facebook Gaming

In a bizarre deal, Microsoft has decided to shutter Mixer and send streamers and viewers to Facebook Gaming.

Mixer to Host $400,000 Ninja Battles Featuring Fortnite Tournaments

Ninja Battles Featuring Fortnite tournaments will be held on Mixer each week through the end of July and will bring together major streamers.

Microsoft’s Mixer Gives a $100 Coronavirus Bonus to Its Partnered Streamers

Many of Mixer's partner streamers have received a $100 donation as they feel the impact of economic uncertainty caused by coronavirus.

Microsoft Mixer Gets Education Category to Help Educators

Mixer now has an education category focused on learning streams to help students at home during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Microsoft Announces Major Mixer Changes in the Works

Microsoft says several updates are being made to Mixer, including a new homepage experience and the wide release of auto-hosting.
DirectX Microsoft Developers Official

Microsoft’s DirectX Developer Day Goes Ahead On Mixer

Microsoft has announced its DirectX Developer Day is happening amidst the COVID-19 outbreak and will be held on Mixer.

Microsoft Confirms Mixer, Xbox Live, and Office 365 Are Working Again Following Outage

Microsoft suffered an outage across Xbox Live, Mixer, Office 365, and Xbox Live support on Sunday, but all services are back to normal.

Microsoft Mixer Gains StreamElements Integration

Popular stream customization tool StreamElements is now available on Mixer, with Microsoft Mixer users able to access the service directly.

Mixer Clips Gain Important New Tools

Microsoft has updated its Mixer game streaming service with new features for its Clips tools for creators and viewers.

Fortnite Streamer Ewok Abandons Twitch for Microsoft’s Mixer

Another major game streamer has decided to leave market-leading platform Twitch and join Mixer on an exclusivity deal.

As Big Streamers Migrate to Mixer, Microsoft Is Reducing Its Subscription Price

Mixer subs are now priced competitively with its rival, Twitch, but streamers will still get the same percentage.

Streaming Giant Shroud Leaves Twitch for Microsoft’s Mixer

Microsoft has managed to win over prolific Twitch streamer Shroud, who peaked at over 78,000 viewers on Mixer after his announcement.

Microsoft’s Mixer Academy Will Train Users to Be a Successful Streamer or Moderator

Microsoft's Mixer Academy will train streamers, moderators, and general users, covering the features of the platform, social media, networking, and more.

Mixer Co-Founder Matt Salsamendi Exits Microsoft to Pursue a Career in EDM Lighting

Mixer co-founder Matt Salsamendi is leaving Microsoft to work with lasers in the EDM industry. He's been with his company for eight years.

October 2019 Xbox Update Arrives with New Mixer Viewing Experience

Elsewhere in the October 2019 Xbox Update, Microsoft has added notifications for Wish List items and Family Settings improvements.

Microsoft Paid Millions to Ninja for Mixer Exclusivity, and Why that May be Good...

Microsoft may have paid over $10 million to attract Ninja to Mixer, but one analyst believes the decision could pay off.

Microsoft’s Mixer Gets Live Stream Ads, but Creators Are yet to Get a Cut

Mixer will show on ads on creator's live streams, but they won't currently get a cut. The platform says it's exploring ways to pass in revenue but wouldn't make a firm commitment.

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