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Microsoft Research Showcases TORC Controller for Virtual Reality Object

TORC (TOuch Rigid Controller) is a Microsoft Research product that works in virtual reality to make objects more interactive through haptic feedback.

Microsoft Research’s Palm-Sized Controller Brings Rich ‘Elastic’ Haptics to Virtual Reality

Microsoft's TORC controller lets users squeeze soft objects in virtual reality while allowing for fine fingertip control of objects. The device could one day be implemented in other controllers.

Microsoft Research’s SeeingVR Will Bring New Realities to the Vision Impaired

SeeingVR lets developers easily tie in features like magnifiers, bi-focal lenses, and text-to-speech for a much better experience for the visually impaired.

Microsoft Research Successfully Stores and Retrieves Data on DNA Strands

Microsoft Research has conducted the first successful experiment of storing digital data on a DNA strands and converting it back.

Microsoft Research Has Fun with Caricature Building AI

A new Microsoft Research project has shown how basic AI learning can overlay artistic layers on top of an image to create a caricature.

Microsoft Research Finds It’s Getting Riskier to Talk to Family and Friends Online

Microsoft research revealed an 11% rise in risks from family and friends, with many participants being the subject of harassment for their race, appearance, or gender.

Microsoft Researchers Take No.1 Spot on Four AI Leaderboards

Microsoft researchers have experienced a big win, topping four AI challenges simultaneously thanks to breakthroughs. Some of the improvements will be integrated into the company's products going forward.

Microsoft Research Examines Why There Are so Few Women in STEM

A study commissioned by Microsoft research reveals that role models and parental support are key in garnering girl's interests for STEM fields and that 32% of middle school girls don't feel supported in that regard.

Microsoft Research’s CLAW Controller Lets Users Feel Virtual Reality Objects


Microsoft Research Development Brings 30% More Battery Performance to Mobile Gaming

A new system called RAVEN, created by Microsoft Research, reduces processing on identical frames to focus ease rendering and save battery life.

AI Can Amplify Sexist Bias in Datasets, Warn Microsoft Researchers

As humans, we form assumptions all the time based on experience and existing data. It helps keeps us and others safe. However, it can...

Microsoft Research Develops Learning AI That Keeps Aircraft in the Sky Indefinitely

A new Microsoft Research project is testing how AI can adapt and predict in uncertain situations. It is hoped the technology can be used in autonomous vehicles.

GlassHands: New Microsoft Research Project Extends Phone Touchscreens into Thin Air

GlassHands utilizes sunglasses to extend phone touchscreens beyond their physical boundaries. It works in dark and light scenarios, with possible pen and keyboard support down the line.

Microsoft Research Shows Embedded AI on Bread-Crumb Sized Processor

With the breakthrough, Microsoft Research says AI will be more democratized as it can be embedded onto all sorts of devices.

Microsoft Research Company Creates AI That Perfected Ms. Pac-Man

By using a divide-and-conquer AI system, Microsoft Research achieved the highest possible score on the all-time game classic. Maluuba used a series of AI agents on different tasks to achieve the game victory.

Microsoft Research Launches Path Guide App for Improved Indoor Navigation

The Path Guide app is for indoor navigation and makes it easier for users to create, share, and use online navigate indoor environments.

Microsoft Research is Developing Machine Reading AI That Asks and Answers Questions

A joint project between Microsoft Researchers in Asia and recently-acquired Maluuba is developing machine learning AI that can read and understand text, being able to answer and ask questions on the content.
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Microsoft Research Study Uses Computing Power to Shed New Light on Human Cooperation

Microsoft Research has shown how technology can help transform social science with concise data gathering and analysis. The team conducted the most thorough Prisoner’s Dilemma study every and found some interesting results.

Microsoft Research Open Sources Platform for Training AI to be More Autonomous

Microsoft Research has opened documentation for the Aerial Informatics and Robotics Platform to developers and researchers. The platform contains a simulator to train AI to differentiate and anticipate, and a software library for simpler coding.
Holoportation Demo Microsoft

Microsoft Researcher Demos Holoportation: Video Showing How the Technology Recreates Holographic Representations for Revolutionary...

In a presentation at this year’s UIST’16 ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology, the Holoportation project was detailed by Shahram Izadi.


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