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Microsoft Excel Labs Brings Generative AI Capabilities Courtesy of Microsoft Garage

Excel Labs is a new generative AI model that allows users to create and manage their data on a spreadsheet workbook.

Microsoft Garage Debuts Group Transcribe App for Meetings

Functional across all meetings apps, Group Transcribes from Microsoft Garage can transcribe group meetings in real-time.

Surface Duo Gets Microsoft Garage Sketch 360 Application

Sketch 360 is making the journey from Windows 10 to Android for the Surface Duo and other smartphones on the platform.

Microsoft Garage Trove Platform Helps Train AI with User Submitted Images

By using Trove, photographers can submit images to help developers train AI models, while potentially receiving prizes in return.
Microsoft Garage

Microsoft Garage Launches Digital Marketing Center for Automated Digital Advertising

Digital Marketing Center is a new Garage project that aims to streamline digital marketing for small and midsized businesses.

Microsoft Garage’s SketchPal for Surface Aims to Make Windows 10 Drawing Easier

SketchPal is a new Microsoft Garage application that integrates with new Surface devices, including the Surface Pen and Surface Dial.

Microsoft Garage Travel App Outings Graduates, Adds New Destination Search to Bing

Microsoft Garage’s travel search app Outings has ended its experimentation and is now part of the Bing Search family.
Microsoft Garage

Microsoft Garage Debuts Read My World Adult Literacy Software

Read My World is a Microsoft Garage project for Android that identifies objects in content and pronounces them to the user.

Microsoft Garage Launches XAML Studio for Efficient XAML Coding

Developers can use Microsoft Garage’s new XAML Studio to create UWP XAML code and manage it in real time before copying to Visual Studio.

Microsoft Garage Debuts Ear Hockey Hearing-Based Game

Microsoft Garage has released its first ever game. Ear Hockey is a take on air hockey that allows people to play with their hearing.
Microsoft Garage

Microsoft Garage’s Earth Lens Brings AI Enhanced Aerial Imagery to Your iPad

Earth Lens lets developers quickly build AI-driven Aerial imagery apps for use in disaster relief, conservation efforts, and more. The solution was created by a team of interns.

Microsoft Garage Creates Advertising SDK for Mixed Reality Environments

A Microsoft Garage project in India has created a method for implementing sponsored content within virtual and mixed reality.

Microsoft Garage’s Sketch2Code Automates Source Code Creation

Sketch2Code is a Microsoft Garage project that allows dev’s to draw a wire frame sketch for AI to convert into working visual source code.

Microsoft Garage’s ‘Snip Insights’ Is the Google Lens of Windows 10 Screenshots

Snip Insights gives users AI-powered image analysis tools on Windows 10, allowing for landmark and celebrity identification, text editing, and more. It's available open source on GitHub.

Microsoft Garage’s Function Translator Makes Excel Intuitive in 15 Languages

Function Translator brings localized formulas and functions to 15 different languages, allowing for intuitive use of Excel in anywhere in the world.
Microsoft Garage

Microsoft Garage Expands to New Indian Development Center

The Microsoft Garage facility in Hyderabad will feature Reality Rooms for mixed reality development and Hub workshop spaces.

Microsoft Garage Locations Get “Reality Rooms” to Spur XR Creativity

Reality Rooms are new additions to Microsoft Garage locations, giving employees and interns access to Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality solutions and hardware.

Microsoft Garage Debuts Favorite Lock Screen for Android

Favorite Lock Screen allows Android users to see information on their favorite topics and content without needing to open their device.

Microsoft Garage Debuts My Workspace Office 365 Toolbar for Mac

My Workspace acts as an easy access toolbar for Office 365 on Mac. Users can pin important documents, access files, view calendar entries, and open apps directly from the hub.

Microsoft Garage’s Dictate Lets You Type with Your Voice in up to 20 Languages

Dictate utilizes the speech recognition from Cortana and the AI from Microsoft translator to provide a quick, hands-free typing experience. The add-in is available today in Word, Powerpoint, and Outlook.

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