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Microsoft Teams Native App Could be Coming to Linux Soon

A Microsoft employee has said Microsoft Teams could soon have an application for the open source Linux platform.
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Microsoft to Join Linux Mailing List That Privately Discusses Unpatched Security Issues

Microsoft will join the Linux-distros security list thanks to a recent history of working on Linux bugs, kernel development, and open source software.
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Microsoft Wants to Join Closed Linux List for Bug Reporting

Microsoft is a Linux distributor these days and wants to join a special closed list where bugs in the platform are reported privately.

Microsoft Warns Azure Customers to Update Exim Following Linux Worm Campaign

Azure customers should update Exim to avoid being infected by a worm that has already impacted millions of Linux servers.

Reddit AMA: Microsoft Hints at Linux Chromium Edge, Promises Not to Remove Adblockers

In a Reddit AMA, the Microsoft Edge dev team talked about its plans for its Chromium-focused future, including Linux, privacy features, and more.

Windows Subsystem for Linux Gains OpenSUSE Leap 15.1 Support

OpenSUSE Leap 15.1 is the latest Linux distribution to be made available on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) through the Microsoft Store.
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Microsoft Announces Full Linux Kernel for Windows 10 Through WSL Version 2

Windows 10 will soon receive a full Linux Kernel, which should offer an improved GUI and allow more Linux desktop apps to run on Windows.

Microsoft´s Chromium Edge Now Available for Mac, Might Get Linux Version

Microsoft’s Chromium Edge browser preview is now available for Mac through the Canary channel, with Linux support like to come later.
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Microsoft Announces PowerShell 7 for Linux and Mac

Microsoft’s PowerShell 7 will reach preview on Linux next month, while the company says a new “full replacement” is coming to Windows PowerShell.

Microsoft Brings Visual Studio Code 2019 to Linux Snap

Visual Studio Code is now available as a Snap on Linux, allowing for automatic updates and rollback abilities across distros.

Windows 10 19H1 Build 18342 Brings Linux File Support

Microsoft’s newest Windows 10 19H1 branch preview adds Linux file support to the platform, alongside gaming improvements and a new Chrome extension.
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Microsoft Introduces Two New Windows Subsystem for Linux Distros

Two new Linux distributions are available on Windows Subsystem for Linux with the release of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update.
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Microsoft is Preparing Windows Sysinternals Integration for Linux

Over the weekend, a Microsoft executive confirmed the company is developing a Windows Sysinternals port for Linux.

Microsoft Teams with Canonical to Increase Ubuntu Efficiency for Linux on Windows

A new collaboration with Canonical has brought a new Ubuntu Desktop image to Microsoft’s Hyper-V, improving Linux-based VMs on Windows.

Windows 95 Available on Windows, Mac, and Linux as a Small App

A Slack developer has created an application that allows the classic Windows 95 experience to run on modern PC platforms.
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Steam Play Gains Windows Games Linux Support Courtesy of CodeWeavers

Valve worked with specialist CodeWeavers to bring Windows games to Steam Play on the open Linux platform using a modified Wine distribution.

Missing Microsoft ASLR Mitigation Leaves Windows Apps Vulnerable Across Linux Distros

Leading Linux distributions are leaving Windows apps open to attack due to missing the ASLR mitigation that appears to be in place but is not.
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German State Ditches Linux for Windows 10 Across 13,000 Machines

Lower Saxony is planning a mass migration of its government PCs to Windows 10, leaving behind Linux in favor of Microsoft’s platform.
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Upcoming GitHub CEO Talks about Indepedence as Linux Foundation Praises Acquistion

As concerns about Microsoft's acquisition grow, soon-to-be GitHub CEO Nat Friedman has taken to Reddit to assure developers. The service will remain independent while getting a refined search and more.

Microsoft Gives Developers Free Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Azure Deployments

Red Hat Enterprise Linux can be used with the monthly free credit from a Visual Studio subscription or with an Azure free account. The offer is intended to help developers with testing.


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