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Kubernetes Vulnerabilities Expose Windows Nodes to Remote Attacks

The vulnerabilities stem from insufficient input sanitization, particularly in the Windows-specific implementation of the Kubelet.
Microsoft LOVES Linux

Microsoft Introduces Azure Linux for Its Kubernetes Service

Microsoft has announced Azure Linux, its own Linux distro that is available as a container host for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

Microsoft’s AKS Edge Essentials Brings on-Premises Kubernetes to Edge Devices

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Edge Essentials is now generally available for edge and hybrid workloads on Kubernetes.

Microsoft Collaborates with Isovalent to Boost Azure Kubernetes Service

Microsoft and Isovalent are teaming up to bring eBPF integrations into Microsoft’s Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

Microsoft Project Haven Steps Closer to Azure Kubernetes Service on Windows

Microsoft’s new AKS Lite brings Azure Kubernetes Service from Azure to Windows IoT and Windows devices for Windows 11 and Windows 10.

Microsoft’s Project Haven to Bring Kubernetes to Windows Edge Devices

At Build 2022, Microsoft will discuss Project Haven, which is Kubernetes support for Windows devices on edge computing.

Microsoft Discloses Kubernetes Crypto Mining Attack Leveraging the Kubeflow Toolkit

Bad actors are using the Kubeflow machine learning toolkit to compromise Kubernetes clusters for cryptocurrency mining.

Microsoft Expands Azure Kubernetes Service to Five New Regions

Azure Kubernetes Service is now available in ten locations and Microsoft says ten more regions will be added in the coming months.

Microsoft Introduces Managed Kubernetes (AKS) Service in Swipe at Google

Unlike Google, Azure Container Service now hosts a managed Kubernetes service that boasts a competitive pricing model.

Microsoft’s New Draft Tool Allows Easy Developer Access to Kubernetes

Draft is an open source container tool that allows dev’s with no Kubernetes experience deploy applications in clusters automatically.

Microsoft Introduces General Availability of Kubernetes in Azure Container Service

Kubernetes is leaving preview on Azure Container Service, meaning the platform is the only public cloud to offer all three main open source orchestrations.
microsoft azure official

Microsoft Azure: Former Google Engineer and Kubernetes Founder Joins the Team

As of today, Microsoft will be expanding its Azure team's development staff, with the addition of former Google software engineer and Kubernetes (cluster management software) founder Brendan Burns.

February 2024 Patch Tuesday: Microsoft Releases 72 Patches, Two For Actively Exploited Vulnerabilities

Microsoft issues 72 patches for Windows, Office, Azure & more. 2 actively exploited flaws patched, including a "Critical" Exchange bug.
Microsoft Azure vs Azure Stack Portal Dashboard own

Azure Stack HCI 23H2 Update: Microsoft Embraces Hybrid VDI Solutions

Microsoft strengthens its VDI play: Azure Virtual Desktop now runs on-premises with Azure Stack HCI 23H2.

Microsoft Announces Preview of Azure Confidential AI with Nvidia GPUs

Microsoft is partnering with Nvidia to bring confidential AI capabilities to Azure, using encryption technology to protect data and models during execution.

Microsoft Selects Oracle Cloud to Scale and Accelerate Bing Search Performance

Microsoft and Oracle have partnered to enhance Bing's search and Bing Chat capabilities using Oracle's cloud infrastructure.

Microsoft Integrates Azure Management Capacities into Azure Arc-Enabled System Center Virtual Machine Manager

Azure Arc-enabled System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) is now in preview, bringing Azure's management capabilities to on-premises SCVMM environments.
How to manage Windows Security Tamper Protection feature on Windows 10

Azure Cloud VMs at Security Risk as Hackers Rely Heavily on Breached SQL Servers

Microsoft warns of hackers targeting Azure Cloud VMs via SQL servers and offers security recommendations to counter it.

Microsoft September 2023 Patch Tuesday Fixes 2 Zero-Days, 59 Flaws

The latest Microsoft vulnerabilities consist of four remote code execution problems and a privilege elevation issue in Azure Kubernetes.

Google Cloud and NVIDIA Collaborate on A3 Supercomputer

Google Cloud A3 supercomputer expected to offer three times the speed and ten times the networking bandwidth compared to their previous A2

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