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Microsoft Acquires Israeli Firm Oribi to Boost LinkedIn Marketing

Microsoft has purchased marketing analytics startup Oribi to fold into LinkedIn for a reported $80 million to $90 million fee.
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Israel Government Resigns License Agreement to Use Windows and Office

A contract between Microsoft and Israel for the latter to use Windows and Office software has been renewed, just months after it was put in jeopardy.
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Microsoft Set to Acquire Israel-Based Cloudyn

In an effort to boost Azure functionality, Microsoft is reportedly in talks to acquire Cloudyn for over $50 million. The start-up provides a SaaS for automating monitoring services for customers.

Microsoft Ventures Invests in Israeli Cybersecurity Startup Illusive Networks

Microsoft Ventures has invested an undisclosed amount in Israeli cyber security firm Illusive networks, who deceives attacks with a series of intelligent decoys. The company was created, in part, by Team 8, a previous investment of the Redmond giant.

Amazon Invests $1 Billion to Improve Warehouse Robots

Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund (AIIF) debuts to provide $1 billion towards robots to improve warehouse safety.

Microsoft Confirms Office 365 Password-Spraying Attacks

Over 250 customers of Microsoft Office 365 were targeted with password spraying attacks by a threat group from Iran.

Microsoft Joins Group Seeking to Remove NSO Group Cyber Immunity

Microsoft wants NSO Group to be legally accountable following a spate of hacks coming from its Pegasus spyware product.

Microsoft President Says SolarWinds Malware Attack is a “Moment of Reckoning”

Microsoft’s Brad Smith says the ongoing SolarWinds Orion hack creates “serious technological vulnerability for the United States and the world”.
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Microsoft Has Acquired CyberX to Bolster IoT Security

Microsoft has purchased CyberX, a startup that develops an IoT cybersecurity platform used across several industries.

Microsoft Facial Recognition Tech Won’t be Sold to Police, Says Chief Counsel

Microsoft facial recognition won’t be sold to law enforcement until Washington starts regulating the technology, says Brad Smith.
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Facebook Accuses NSO Group of Targeting Users in New Pegasus Spyware Campaign

Investigators claim NSO Group is behind a campaign to infiltrate Facebook by mimicking the company’s login page.

Microsoft M12 Removes Investment in Facial Recognition Startup AnyVision

Microsoft’s M12 venture company says it has divested its stake in AnyVision because of a change in its policies regarding facial recognition companies.
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Google Confirms Android Zero-Day that Has Been Exploited

Google Project Zero has sent out a warning to Android users about a zero-day flaw that has been exploited across 18 devices.
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New Spyware Tool Steals All Data from Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Facebook Services

You can also throw in major service providers like Amazon into the list of companies affected by spyware developed by NSO Group for government snooping.

WhatsApp Vulnerability Lets Attackers Deploy Spyware via Unanswered Voice Calls

A WhatsApp vulnerability lets sophisticated attackers install malware on target devices with a degree of stealth. The attack reportedly has roots in security firm NSO Group.
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Update WinRAR ‘Right Away’ Warn Security Analysts as New Attacks Surface

A previously discovered WinRAR exploit is still being exploited in the wild, with attackers installing spyware, backdoors, and ransomware when user's extract files.

Microsoft’s Latest Windows 10 20H1 Preview Arrives with SwiftKey Intelligence Expansion

Microsoft has rolled out a new Windows 10 20H1 preview (build 18860) to Insiders on the Skip Ahead branch, while the company also explained when Win10 19H2 previews will begin.

Nvidia Outbids Microsoft for Cloud Chipmaker Mellanox

Giants like Microsoft and Intel bid for cloud and networking company Mellanox, but Nvidia acquired the company with a $6.9 billion bid.

Microsoft Highlights Improved Security Across Services

Microsoft has increased security features across services and ramped up fix schedules to ensure attacks are down when an exploit is found.
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Microsoft M12 Invests in HYAS to Help Catch and Prosecute Cybercriminals

HYAS uses billions of datapoint per day to both track security threats and find their source. Microsoft's investment follows a slew of security-related ones of the past two years.