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Huawei P40 Flagships Introduced Without Google Services

While the new Huawei P40, P40 Pro, and P40 Pro+ have Android, it is an open source version following Google dropping support last year.

US Government Taps Microsoft and Tech Partners for Huawei 5G Standard Competitor

The US government wants Microsoft and partners like AT&T and Dell to compete with Huawei by creating a standard 5G network.

Huawei Patent Suggests Three Lens Flip Camera

Huawei is joining the growing tend of flip cameras on smartphones with a patent for a three lens flip module for an upcoming flagship.
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Huawei to Enter Windows 10 on ARM Market With its Own Hardware

Huawei is reportedly working on its first ever Windows 10 on ARM laptop but won’t use Qualcomm’s ARM processors.

The U.S. Government Is Reportedly Considering Further Huawei Restrictions

Sources say the U.S. is mulling changes that would let it restrict the sale of goods to Huawei from foreign suppliers if they are dependent on American technology or software.
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Microsoft Can Again Roll Out Software to Huawei

The Department of Commerce has allowed Huawei to access Microsoft software again, although only for 90 days.

Huawei Achieves 3.67Gbps 5G Performance Milestone

Huawei has posted a new 5G performance milestone in real-world conditions by leverage C-Band spectrum without using millimeter wave tech.
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Huawei Replaces Windows with Linux on New Laptops

In accordance with the US trade ban, Huawei will stop working with Microsoft Windows and use Linux in its PCs.

Huawei’s Mate 30 Flagship Smartphones Won’t Have Google Services

Huawei has confirmed its upcoming Mate 30 smartphone series won’t have access to Google services like Chrome and Gmail.
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Microsoft Chief Lawyer Slams Trump’s Huawei Trade Ban as “Un-American”

Microsoft President Brad Smith has said the U.S. government and President Trump have been “Un-American” in banning Huawei from trading with tech companies.

Huawei Says New Kirin 990 is World’s Most Powerful 5G CPU

Huawei this week announced the Kirin 990, an upcoming SoC that the company says is the most powerful mobile chip it has ever made.
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Huawei Shows There’s Life After Android by Using Russian OS

Huawei is developing a program with a Russian state-backed operating system called Aurora, for the country’s population census.
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Huawei Developing Map Kit Solution to Rival Google Maps

Huawei is biting back at Google for its Android shutout with Map Kit, a developer-fronted mapping solution to take on Google Maps.

Huawei Unveils Its HarmonyOS Android Competitor, Promises Flexibility and Performance

Huawei's HarmonyOS will take a micro-kernel approach for improved latency and security, but its app support is still up in the air.

The Huawei Mate X Has Been Spotted with an Updated Design

The Huawei Mate X has been spotted in the wild with new carbon fiber-esque elements, a fourth camera, and other important changes.
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Microsoft Confirms Continued Support of Huawei Devices Despite U.S. Ban

Microsoft says it will continue to support Huawei customers with updates, although cannot guarantee support for future hardware.

Chip Giants Lobby to Relax Huawei Sales Ban

Chipmakers such as Intel and Qualcomm are quietly lobbying the U.S. Government to ease its Huawei sales ban.

Huawei Laptops Return to the Microsoft Store despite Executive Order

Microsoft is taking advantage of the ability to legally sell existing inventory to dump its remaining Huawei laptops. The company says this decision was announced after extensive evaluation.
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Facebook Blocks Huawei from Pre-Installing Its Apps as US Ban Intensifies

Huawei will be unable to pre-install Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp on new devices in a largely symbolic move. The social media giant is complying with US legal requirements after Trumps' Huawei ban.
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Microsoft Could Block Huawei from Windows 10 Updates

Google, Intel, and Qualcomm have all said they won’t support Huawei anymore, but Microsoft is staying quiet on its plans.